David Archuleta - You're The Voice Lyrics

We have, the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet
Before we get much older

Oh, we're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You're the voice try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear

This time, you know that
We all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing that we can make this better

Oh, we're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Oh, down the barrel of a gun?

You're the voice try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear

Oh, we're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You're the voice try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear

You're the voice try and understand it
(Make a noise and make it clear)
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear

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David Archuleta You're The Voice Comments
  1. crazyasianman07

    He hit it out of the ball park. Idc what Simon says.

  2. Roger Welsh

    He is really struggling with this. It’s not an easy song. The power and feel good melody of the song will make fans love you. Simon was right, the performance wasn’t good. But he was way off base with his critique of the song itself.

  3. mondler&bechloeBallinger

    I was so obsessed with this back when it aired ❤ I think he crushed it! I miss him!

  4. Adam Frank

    This song was in the funniest scene in the movie Hot Rod. The riot scene, check it out.

  5. Lex Soft

    Actually I just wanted to know which version I ever listened the 1st time or the 1st impressive before I watched Dan Lucas's performance at The Voice Senior (Germany) 2018/2019. After listening Archie's version here, I feel it's not what I mean. Maybe Cold Play, but I didn't find their version.
    I didn't know the original is by John Farnham in 1986. That year I listened much to Air Supply's songs.

  6. Mk Ely

    He is out of tune, probably nerves.


    In one point.

  7. You Are No One

    This was a great song and David sang it well, but in a competition where there are "judges" this happens. They don't know the song so they can't criticize him properly

  8. Rob Peters

    I think if the other judges knew the song they would have probably had a slightly different opinion. They judged it as something they were hearing for the first time as they had nothing or anybody to compare his version against (which in a way is a good thing) whereas those of us who have heard it before automatically compare it to Farnham's or another singers version.

  9. Adolfo Coronado

    OMG 2019 and im still having fun with this performance

  10. Mahmood AL Kiyumi

    Love the song, love this young man's talents. One of the best in my seventy decades!!!
    Another great song ruined by vibrato.

  11. Karina M

    I had the biggest crush on him. Oh my god, but seriously that voice...
    Simon was 100% right. It lacked so much power and the arrangement was very weird.
    Simon was 100% right. It lacked so much power and the arrangement was very weird.

  12. Brooke Bilker

    I always come back and listen to this performance

    Escape from life's misery with music and cats

    You need to listen to the original by John Farnham and then you will see how much David Archuleta struggled and was out of tune and time.

  13. Black Silus

    Aaarrrrrggggh. Please listen to Dan Lucas instead.

  14. Fiona Doran

    Ok for anyone who thinks this guys version of thing song is even ok ... go look up John farnham aria hall of fame performance ... then tell me who's the voice ... oh and the ppl in the audience screaming for john are the best of the aussie music business fan girling over him ... sorry but ur boy here just ain't got the chops to sing a JOHN FARNHAM SONG his AUSTRALIAN music ROYALTY

  15. Nick D

    This may be some "fairytale" to people in the USA but to us Aussies this is a lived reality.

  16. T Slap

    Obviously he's nervous. David did a remake of this song and to me sounds better than the original..

  17. clair ash

    Well fuck you very much Simon. Ghastly song!!!!! You're a ghastly man!!!! No one will ever sing this song like JF but this young man did an excellent job and as an Aussie I highly appreciate anyone that loves our song. Go David!!!

  18. Katrina gaming4563

    John Farnham released this song back in the 80s and nobody ... NOBODY ... N O B O D Y can sing it to the same standard and audience participation like Farnzy can. Watch any live version.

  19. John Osam

    It is 2018 and I just realize that David Archuleta has the most diverse song choice when they were allowed to choose for a week.

  20. Mike Preston-Engel


  21. Escape from life's misery with music and cats

    David struggled with the song- seemed to rush and the arrangement wasn't great.

  22. Melissa K

    He sung this WAY too low..... it needs to be performed in a higher register.

  23. Michael Vanderham

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! He can't sing as well as John Farnham, because NOBODY CAN!!!! Don't even try to sing a John Farnham song if you're not JOHN FARNHAM!!!!!

    Fiona Doran

    Couldn't of put it better myself thank u

    Tony B

    Agreed Fiona your right.

  24. Joseph Wisniewski

    The judge who called it a "theme park performance" nailed it. Talk about sucking all the life out of a really powerful song. You want to hear it done right, Chris Thompson (one of the cowriters) sings it with the Alan Parsons Live Project. John Farnham's popular cover is also powerful. Heck, even Heart's cover has 100x more heart.


    Is the Chris Thompson you are talking about the same Chris Thompson who I think is a Kiwi but sang with Manfred Manns Earth Band. If it is I'd love to hear his version, the man has an amazing voice. Check out his performance of I Came For You and Redemption Song on MMEB's Live in Budapest album.

    Joseph Wisniewski

    dingodancer yes, the same Chris Thompson who sang the lead on "Blinded by the Light".


    Joseph Wisniewski John Farnham was not a cover version he recorded it on n 1986 before Alan parsons Live Project in 1995

    Katrina gaming4563

    John Farnham released this song first and nobody ... NOBODY ... N O B O D Y can sing it to the same standard and audience participation like Farnzy can.

  25. Tailhook MD

    I can't believe people criticized this. No one will ever sing it like John Farnham. He's a legend.

  26. Hasan A.

    You need some grit and stridency in your voice to sing this song. No doubt it's a great song, but doesn't work for David.

  27. Christine Guttilla

    Wow, was Simon kidding??? Here it is, 2017 and I still listen to David Archuleta's version of that song. I've had the Studio version of David's for years. He's fabulous in this song... floored with this critique.


    Christine Guttilla no he didn’t do it justice, all those oohs and shit also sung with no passion

    Escape from life's misery with music and cats

    James C
    - I agree. David really struggled and was out of step with the whole song.

    Fiona Doran

    Do me a favor.... go listen to john farnham sing this live or recorded ... then tell me he did this justice ... oh and simon knows this song that's y he said it was a shit version of it ... sorry DONT MESS WITH AN AUSTRALIAN ANTHEM AND AN AUSSIE LEDGEND

    Black Silus

    Try Dan Lucas and see how it should be done

  28. Pa_07

    Campy 💁🏻‍♂️

  29. SGDevotee

    This was like 10 years ago. Wowwww. I'm old af.

  30. Monica Valera

    listen to his music

  31. TristanandIsolt

    They all thought it was a bad song choice. I thought it was a beautiful meaningful song. Simon is way too cynical.


    TristanandIsolt yeah but he absolutely fucked it up, on of the worst covers of the song I’ve heard

  32. Adam g

    i like it !

  33. subscribed

    aye,he is from icarly! 👏

  34. Rudolf B

    1.John Farnham......2.......3........4.........5..........6...........12.677.845 David Archuleta

  35. Trevor Collins

    David's version is better, nuff said

    Christian Wadsworth

    Trevor Collins cringe

    Kory G

    Trevor Collins the recorded version he does is awesome. Did he struggle a bit live? Sure, so does Farnham though lol.

  36. Roberto Dallossi

    Algumas músicas tem um grande "problema": alguém já a interpretou antes de forma tão magistral, que complica muito para quem ouse interpretar depois. O "problema" desta aí chama-se John Farnham, he, he!

  37. kawaii july

    so good.

  38. Kasino80

    Simon was 100% right. It lacked so much power and the arrangement was very weird.

    Roger Burtnick

    totally agreed. all the drama and power is missing from the song. not to mention it seems to sound like yet another country bastardization of a rock song.

  39. Kory G

    Nerves more than anything in his faulters. Kid is awesome. Farnham is obvy better at his own song though fir sure.

  40. Adrian Austin

    Yeah, this isn't doing Whispering Jack justice. Then again, trying to follow HIS voice is just about impossible.

  41. Ezza 5678

    Simon clearly doesn't understand how much us Aussies love this song, it's not some "fairytale" song listen to the words you stupid man

    Fiona Doran

    Not what he was saying ... he was talking about this guys version of the song coz he couldn't sing it properly ... dude simon new who john farnham was ofcourse he knows the real version... its randy and Paula who need to shut it

    Pierre B

    Simon knows the song because you're the voice and whispering Jack album was in the top 5 in the u. K back in 1986

  42. Ezza 5678

    I'm a proud Aussie and this song is one of those nation wide Aussie anthems like Khe Sahn! I love this song and speaking honestly he doesn't do this song justice simple fact is Johnny sings it best and I'm yet to see someone who sings it just as well but at least someone from overseas likes the songs too! The voice is one of those songs that can't be done unless you're Jonny

    Michael Vanderham

    Too bloody right mate!


    You guys fucking love this song, it blows me away haha.

  43. Ashley Noelle

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Heart version. You should go check it out if you really wanna be blown away.

  44. Jack Smith

    This was a very odd song choice....

    Carla Kosky

    That's what I was singing this would would've been a good song for a Idol
    back when Australian Idol, was on our tv screens, it wasn't that bad , but this song was written for John Farnham who's got a strong male voice and can sing both ballads and pop rock, David in this video was still young , if he was to sing this song now he probably would've killed it   

  45. shwonsh

    Archuleta did a good job. Sure it was probably his worst performance on Idol. I listened a little of Jon Farnham sing it live. The song just sucks simple as that. 

    goto takahashi

    It's a great song

  46. Abel Csabai

    this is TERRIBLE. all capitals. Jesus. Is this serious?

  47. Brian Hagaman

    Simon doesn't know he's talking about 


    Brian Hagaman you sir are utterly wrong

    Matt Murdock

    Brian Hagaman lmao you are gone def. Simon knows what he’s talking about

  48. TheDissmaster10

    He is a good singer.
    But he struggles a lot with this song.
    That shows us how good Jon Farnham is with this song.

    Tony B

    I agree with Fiona, kory whatever you are a joke.

    Angry Bird

    @Kory G the reason why he gets his audience to sing it is because he knows they like the song.

    Kory G

    @Angry Bird no, is because it's a hard song to sing and he's human.

    I see I triggered a bunch of Aussies with my comment two years ago though 🤣

    Kory G

    @Fiona Doran 🤣🤣. Fkn deluded twat.

    Angry Bird

    @Kory G , it may be a hard song to sing but John Farnham does it fine.

  49. Luis Cornejo

    Faltó fuerza y conviccion de lo que se canta. Aquí se cayó American "ilol".

  50. Gamer24Hours

    Better then David Cook

  51. Craig

    He's not that good though.

  52. Matt Buckler

    ...yeah... no though...

  53. rizzen7

    Another great song ruined by vibrato.

  54. Tara Richards

    Love him but it wasnt a good performance

  55. youloveelindsey

    I had the biggest crush on him. Oh my god, but seriously that voice...

  56. Emily K

    I was so set on marrying him when I was thirteen.

  57. Rich Terio

    Love the song, love this young man's talents. One of the best in my seventy decades!!!


    Wow a 700 year old man!

  58. Jaidan Feitosa

    i carly


    So, if it was also released in 1990 then technically it is a 'song from the year he was born'. If you think about it. :)

    Jarrad Molloy

    It was actually released in late 1985 as a single but was then added to John Farnham's 1986 album "Whispering Jack"

  60. Laurens Romeijn

    why do they love him when he sings the phonebook? his voice is avarage and low. i AGREE with simon

  61. Laurens Romeijn

    i disagree.. ive seen Alan parsons project do it.. i dont know who the singer was at that concert tho.. a guest.. it was on liberty concert of 1995 in Holland (arnhem)

  62. Lydia Kelso

    terrible performance of a great song

  63. TristanandIsolt

    The Judges didn't like this song because it wasn't well known. This song was a great choice in it was very meaningful to David and it really showed off his voice.

  64. Jay Rodger

    "Songs from the year you were born" David is born in 1990. Song is from 1986. 1990 was the US re-release after Farnham made the charts for Two Strong Hearts.

  65. belle

    LOOOOL. "I don't know the song though.." "Its John Farnham" "He's a great singer yeah" omg -.-

  66. Bellexx


  67. Hana Ⓥ

    one of the best Performances on the show <3

  68. FooksThat

    Not a good singer in my book! An Iconic song by John Farnham but an ULTIMATE FAIL! a Karaoke night out asking the Karaoke DJ, "Can you you key this down by atleast 5 if not 8 " Thats how it felt to me!

  69. Vitória Campos

    he sounds amazayn .. yeah david is a good guy and besides that he is handsome :)

  70. nitemareb4christmas

    He has a great voice just too weak for this song

  71. The Hamster

    He's a good singer, but this song is very hard to pull off. You have to belt A LOT. Requires a lot of energy.

    Alex Stelling

    The Hamster he just doesn’t connect with the song. I like and respect he gave it a go to an audience who doesn’t know this amazing song. You have to sing this one with a lot of passion and energy, almost out of anger at the way society has become. He would have done well singing a John Farnham ballad, like Burn For You, Angels, or Please Don’t Ask Me.

  72. isurelybelieve

    something went wrong at 3:27-28

  73. yoona yoomna

    david always sings amazing,, whatever the song is

  74. Hugo2811

    I like.. david is so handsome..

  75. superalyssarenee

    this is good... if you've never heard the original

  76. Adrian Solomons

    I am sorry but you shouldn't have tried this the original is better!

  77. Dan Murphy

    @IRoosterManI Try Kate Miller Heidke's version of the song.

  78. dominic ojile

    Not his best performance, but I still love him!!

  79. Kyle Dessent

    Dropping this song 5 semitones from the original key does it no justice!


    wow those judges shat all over the song!....

    this is an icredble song, and extremly hard to pull off... John is the only one that does it justice, they should listen to his version before calling it a theme park song!!

  81. Stefan Franz

    Thats not good!!!!!!

  82. Alex Grande

    Touché my friend! Touché!

  83. AlphaGinga

    @MrAlekBoy I actually knew this comment was going to be here before I looked. How does it feel to be so insufferably predictable? If you were being hunted, you would stand no chance. Lets pray your society never gets invaded.

  84. Mob01971

    Anyone who attempts this song is kidding themselves

  85. Michelle Stewart

    lol I suppose you have to have grown up with it to appreciate it... As an Aussie I get all patriotic whenever I hear it (definitely better when sung either by John Farnham himself in front of a massive crowd, or at 2am after several drinks with your mates).

  86. MusicIsHealing

    @joshrb1986 You don't think you're being at all unfair? Sure, some Americans are arrogant, some Australians are. It's has less to do with where you're from than who you are. Also, you said it yourself, this song was hugely successful in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, not the United States. So here, it is unknown to most people.

    What I'm really trying to say here is, don't judge an entire nation based on the comments of a few people.

  87. Johnny5sWorld

    What is this shit? have you heard the original? This sounds like some bad karaoke? That was some weak shit!

  88. Nicole Singleton

    Simon is stupid, that was awesome!!!

  89. Rachel Meletis

    As an Australian I find it quite sad that these 'famous' American artists that are supposed to be the be all and end all don't even know one of the most talented artists in the world! And Paula, John Farnham crapped ALL OVER your American composers.
    I'm not saying I don't like American's, I love you guys! I'm just saying that it's disappointing when the country that has the largest music industry in the world doesn't know real talent.

  90. Ansley McDonald

    @BlueBoxGirl42 haha i agree 100%

  91. Ryan Pray

    @joshrb1986 you dislike americans because of a few peoples ignorance?... hmmmm, you aren't ignorant at all

  92. kyriepajamas

    It would've been majorly improved by Bradley James and Colin Morgan lip-syncing in the background...

    Just sayin'.

  93. akjoda

    Ghastly song? So i guess the millions the song made and continue to make mean nothing? Toss! Oh, and Paula Abdul has such an awful way of talking.

  94. Barbara Weber

    Telling American's we suck does not do very much to promote the message of this song. I am on a couple of forums and it took me a bit to recognize that not all people are as nationalistic as Americans. I actually wish this show had a different name, um, Idol of the Nations? : D

  95. kaxx000

    Hey, hey not all Americans are like that to be honest, yes most of us are myopic and think we are all that, but at least some of us Americans are not stupid. Some of us actually think instead of jumping to conclusions and flip out when someone thinks otherwise, but who cares its just the internet :3

  96. schpoogie

    to everyone who's hateing on 'americans', Simon is Brittish

  97. verticalsmurf

    He had the song but he didn't sing it from his gut. This sounded muted. If he had let go and sang it from his gut he would have done well.

  98. Scorpions824

    If you look in the dictionary under music you'll most likely gonna find John Farnhams name.