David Archuleta - Winter In The Air Lyrics

Footprints in the snow
The world a shining globe
The scent of evergreen is like home
A deep breath cold and clean

Sound of distant bells
The story they foretell
An almost silent night
A sacred stillness brought to life

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

Sparkling on the streets
Red birds hear them sing
All is calm and bright
Underneath the stars that watch the night

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

On this snowy night
The world is pure and right

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

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David Archuleta Winter In The Air Comments
  1. Brenda Mosiman

    Love the melodie and lyrics!

  2. Ikram Bouss

    Why you still not that famous, i was yiur fun 10 years ago and i though your becoming a mega star 😥

  3. Lilly Levy

    So beautiful ❄️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. Kirei Hana

    Beautiful song & music. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Pisey Mean

    Fall in love with your voice since when I was 14_15 year old.
    And till now still love your song, One of My favourite is the song was name CRUSH.

  6. Fahrul Anwar

    Btw... he has such a baby face

  7. RD M

    Magical....Wonderful arrangement and beautiful voice.

  8. Danilo Reys

    shit.. maybe came out a nude 2010.. 2011

  9. Alisa Perez

    Mkay its 100% not my business but this song just makes me so suspicious that be fell in love with someone but only he and the person knows that's what this song is about 👀

  10. john kalonji


  11. onobb

    thank you for still singing with that voice of yours, archie

  12. Ning Z


  13. lapassion24

    He likes nature!! He looks good in it , and I like it too ^ ^

  14. Vincent Reed

    Just perfect!

  15. Fun G

    Beautiful Christmas song ever

  16. Fairangel13

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard❤

  17. Darren Durbin

    2019 who’s watching

  18. Darren Durbin

    Who’s going to his concert this Saturday I’m going I’m soo excited like if your going

  19. Alltrack Owner

    Wow! Thank you, David and thanks to your production team! This is the kind of music that makes life beautiful.

  20. LiLy Barrera

    This song is magical

  21. Lisa Vaughn


  22. King Timothy Daniel Leyba

    I think your eyes are very pretty David Archuleta :) <3.

  23. Priyo Agus

    His voice soothing...

  24. Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal


  25. Journey Welborn

    So magical 😍💕😭🥀♥️

  26. Paulo Del Corro

    You're an amazing singer! Your sounds always touch my heart. Hope to watch you perform live! Love ya!

  27. Windi Hicken

    That voice though! 😯

  28. Jolene Noelle

    Im in love with the aesthetic

  29. Jolene Noelle

    Good for you receiving fame from pure raw talent rather than selling out

  30. Jolene Noelle


  31. Lisa Kaumatu

    Beautiful voice!!!!

  32. Fenix Radio

    Nice video:-) https://onlineradiobox.com/cz/fenix/?cs=cz.fenix&played=1

  33. pedro Aparecido


  34. Việt Phạm

    It's been a year since i knew this song. Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful song~~~~

  35. Kar y Ary

    Your are my angel David, love this song.

  36. Benjo Sandoval

    This song always makes me teary-eyed. 😭

  37. King Timothy Daniel Leyba

    Ooh pretty song :) <3!!! Your voice sounds beautiful in this song David!!! ^_^ <3

  38. dak deng

    His voice reminds me of Shane from Westlife a little to not over it

  39. Dianna Rose Laureto

    I really love him and his voice !!!!

  40. Strawberry Shortcake

    This song totally belongs in a rom-com.. so beautiful!

  41. Elder Infante

    David Archuleta is one of my favorite singer in the world. # winterintheair

  42. Jaime Aird

    One of family members is coming for Christmas

  43. DAN W

    Such artistry illustrating David's wonderful vocal! Beautiful dancing and photography.

  44. Michelle Alexander-Nolin

    ❤God bless you 😇💃

  45. bob smith

    beautiful , hope you can find a nice guy and settle down.

  46. zacharry rully



    He just released a new Christmas video today. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays NSYNC cover. Check it out.

    zacharry rully

    @fpinto2 i have watch it, thanks

  47. Mandela The Man

    One other critique, you should get your eyebrows threaded (aka laced aka touched up, it sounds fem, but it’ll frame your eyes better and let Christ shine more abundantly through you, nothing too crazy, just....yeah) , it’ll enhance your expressions 😊

  48. Mandela The Man

    Tenor power 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  49. Mandela The Man

    I like the creation of these new original Christmas songs. I liked Christmas everyday better, but keep it up 👍

  50. A. Suarez

    He looks so different

  51. Azusena Lopez

    This is sounds different with the microphone in the church of morman. But I think he had his his real voice were not the same .

  52. Sciacca Kerry

    David Foster should work with him. So much talent.

  53. J Town

    his voice remains to make me a great fan! Beautiful voice!

  54. Jayden Weeden

    Icarly who? 😂 this is good.

  55. James Bandes

    I get goose bumps. The voice is that of an angle. The talent is mind blowing. I hope he accepts himself and is happy. Feeling like that comes from deep down and inside. I feel that I know where it comes from. Be happy David and be well. Many years of health love and happiness to you. I hope we have you for many years so you can shower is with that beautiful voice for a long time

  56. Totus Tuus

    David is trying to show us the beauty and innocence in life that we can choose to see and have in our lives without having to resort to so many other things that leave us empty.

  57. TheFamilitchiChannel

    So peaceful and shooting

  58. Kar y Ary

    I love every song of David.

  59. FemMechanic 18

    I truly hope he stays young forever. Such a soft and vibrant voice! Much love here. 🖤

  60. Gilbert Rom

    he has a good voice with a beautiful face as always.. i wish you will have more subscribers.. im your fan here in Philippines

  61. Gloria Rivas

    I love this song! 😍❤

  62. Thomas Ruggiero

    The world is a better place because you’re in it David! Thank you

  63. Thomas Ruggiero

    I love this❤️❤️


    La mas dulce cancion que he escuchado en estos ultimos tiempos, con una letra llena de esperanza y luz acerca del amor....hermosa composicion musical...felicitaciones ...

  65. michael mabong

    You are a great singer. I'm your big fan. Keep up the good work Bro Archie.

  66. Lisannette Delgado

    Te amo!

  67. I am Pau Mojica

    Love you, David! 😍😅

  68. Jester Capute

    i really miss your voice david...i hope you can come back again here in the philippines...

  69. Donie Alvon Mañosa

    i am always listening to this song. since last year til now. :)

  70. Seven Archons


  71. Fairangel13

    A singing icon . What a voice, what a song!

  72. Ryan L

    Ezra dancing to David is awesome :D if only they danced together...

  73. aly JSmit zainuddin

    love his voice and attitude more🙏so much love from indonesia😘

  74. LuFer C.P

    I like your music !! Continue make more songs!!

  75. Julian Waite

    Think Not. His name should be David Angeleta


    Sounds like a girl version of David

  76. Sug4 R

    His music style so peaceful and healing thank you david

  77. Emma Garn

    This is like the 100th time I have listened to this song and I still love it 😂

  78. farida pearl

    You always my cute

  79. noviana hanny

    I miss your voice..😍

  80. acchan 99

    His smile always has a special place in my heart

  81. Happy Life

    Sincerest and angelic voice ever. Keep on creating this kinds of music Mr. David. Your songs touches the soul.

  82. Broken Cupid101

    I really love his innocent voice.. ❤❤❤ How angelic😇

  83. Mystery NightShadow

    You are very good at touching peoples hearts with music. 👍

  84. Riham Alruwaily

    You have the most angelic voice 💗

  85. Riham Alruwaily

    I’ll be your fan forever 💗

  86. Rhea Flor Olivar

    everytime i hear your voice...it feels like im too brave to face all my problems.. thank you!

  87. jab bravo

    Bravo!! Bravo!! You deserve more david, it's so touching and makes me stun, godbless and more power to your career,

  88. Nudra Syafini


  89. izumi miko

    I'm from wakanda

  90. Gianella Rumiche

    Está para una película, un soundtrack, me encanta cuando subes de tono...like music, like magic, nada se compara a ese momento contigo, winter in the air...

  91. Lori Ong

    I didn't quite like this song when I first listened to it, but after hearing him sing this live, it melted my heart <3 brought me to tears

  92. Serafina Sari Bella Pandiangan

    Still loving you David until now.
    First time i hear your voice when i was Junior High School 2008 or 2007 you bringing &singing When you believe song ..
    David i know you are a good man,religious, handsome, you have a beautiful voice, sweet smile and dimples..😂😅😍😘😍😍❤❤ #i hope you always being positive impact to your families, friends, and others people David!! I always support you. God bless u
    #love from Indonesia

  93. Reneboy Alcantara

    Love u all the time david from philippines pan .

  94. John Spor

    I love this song. He has an excellent voice.

  95. doobeedoo2

    einaudi w words

  96. Kaep Jjang

    He is still soo cute...😘😘