David Archuleta - Up All Night Lyrics

I am knocking, standing at your door
Somewhere new I've never been before
Take me in and it feels like home
It's getting late and I don't wanna go

Something simple in the way this feels
Like love is, something pure and real
It's getting late and I have to leave
But tonight your memory is holding me
(I'm wide awake with)

All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
All these feelings inside
(I'm wide awake with)
All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
Pictures that cross my mind
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night

Hear my heart, and there's an answered prayer
Feel the magic in the midnight air
Breathe it in, I wanna pass it on
The strength of fighting somewhere you belong
(I'm wide awake with)

All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
All these feelings inside
(I'm wide awake with)
All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
Pictures that cross my mind
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night

Hands so small but I am safe and sound
Where I stand it feels like solid ground
No where else that I'd rather be
No greater gift than what you've given me

All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
All these feelings inside
(I'm wide awake with)
All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
Pictures that cross my mind
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night

They keeping me up, keeping me up all night

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David Archuleta Up All Night Comments
  1. Nessmza

    Me dio un sentimento como de viaje, como si quisieras escapar, pero al mismo tiempo como si quisieras quedarte y dar una mano a los demás.

  2. Stephanie Kabo

    i like you and your music

  3. KaRyn Sweeney

    I love when im kept up all night ha

  4. Swidjaja Tan

    What a God gifted voice David has! Great Music Video!

  5. sids sids

    We all are somehow able to relate to this music video, I mean dancing infront of others like we don't know how to dance but when nobody's watching we dance like pro😂

  6. Exciter Matronik

    who is writing these horrible songs and horrible videos? Dave buddy u need to be more picky on your material.

  7. Stanley Tan

    Wow. Nice song ... love it from malaysia.

  8. Donna Breaux

    You are gorgeous....😘

  9. RLSDW74

    great voice

  10. Angelo Polley

    love it, nice up beat my kind of music, thanks David

  11. Asif Ali

    Such great talent....u should be on billboard

  12. Lola Murray

    The people that lives by him are so LUCKY!

  13. Herson Leonardo Hernandez M


    Herson Leonardo Hernandez M


  14. DAN W

    What a talent! Voted so many times for him during AI competition. Props to David Cook but Archie was my guy. His voice and personality SOAR and he can dance, too.

  15. Grace MT


  16. K 2

    Soooo cool to see you just cut loose, David!

  17. steve beard

    So good

  18. Gabriela Garcia

    ♥ ♥

  19. Darrell Brown

    He’s the Ricky Martin of 2000’s

  20. Thyren Garcia

    I am your fan since I was 7 and I am 18 years old right now, I love your music, and my favorite is "Crush"

  21. Tete Santos

    Devide achuleta como voce mim encanta ♥♥♥♥♥

  22. Tete Santos

    Davide lindo como e bom ouvir suas musicas voce arebentou nese clipe

  23. Tete Santos

    Como e bom ouvir este lindo mim apaixono com suas musicas lindas te adoro esta musica meixeu comigo te amo

  24. Jurray Magno

    David Archuleta dancing is the cutessssst thing ever!

  25. Elena Rocio Enrique Briceño

    Desearía saber la traducción al español

  26. Scarlet Cálix

    Aún no puedo superar a David bailando. #SoCute

  27. adam karpowich

    i wish he could sign with big artists,not in morman faith

  28. Eldy Nabong

    I feel like dancing up all night!

  29. Kaye Cabides

    Hehehe so cute Archie baby ❤❤❤

  30. Elaine Bohman

    Great voice.

  31. Kenya Hernandez

    I will never not see this video ❤ a smile goes a long way ! And this video is just precious and meaningful love . Love.love. !!!!

  32. Lavender C

    His dancing is cute!!!!

  33. Cconisar Rreylebb

    its keeps me up all night wondering why Davids smiles so contagious

  34. Mylo Nandez

    what a weird and awkward video ... yea like lets just up on a rooftop and randomly start dancing with no music, alcohol etc..

  35. Blaine Mauer

    How does he not have 17 million subscribers

  36. Kaye Cabides


  37. Nirwan Syahputra


  38. Alisha Gurung

    he's dancing omg 😲 which i've never seen why he didn't get popularity like he used to before
    ilove u david❤️💕💕

  39. django1123

    This song needs a billion views

  40. Leonidas Galvão

    Que coisa mais linda ele dançando Mds 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Elaine Chacon

    When David started dancing my little brother did too!! lol

  42. Charlie Joost adventures

    Dance David dance

  43. Mersika Rapsang

    His voice is great ..I love David ...😍😁

  44. Atlas X

    2019 anyone?

  45. El Matthew German Muralla


  46. Tim Brown

    David, thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit. You inspire me to be a better person.

  47. Mariel Rey

    2019 😍😍

  48. Jaime Taggart

    I went to one of his concerts and I just love his amazing and kind personality! He is just the best!!!!!!

  49. Jaime Taggart

    I also loved when he stared dancing!!! :)

  50. Jaime Taggart

    you are my all time favorite singer!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Paola Gonzalez

    Preatty good

  52. stephieg

    This song gives me great joy.

  53. ซัน ซัน


  54. Fegi Mariyansah

    Im still sad cause my bf, lose and go on from my heart😭😭

  55. FLOWER flower

    I love You David. You raise my heart with your músic. You ARE LIGHT THAT BRIGHTS . WELL DONE!!! . ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.

  56. What's Up Everybody


  57. Kazuto Kirigaya

    I'm going to make sure I watch this 100 million more times

    Chloe Sassy

    It's actually a bop!

  58. Senti Nongrum

    Such a beautiful composition. A catchy tune with soul, spirit, hope and purpose, which we so need these days.. not the empty beats we hear everywhere. Keep making fabulous music David🙏☺✊❤

  59. essie dahmm

    A great role model for young men!!!

  60. Mtr swag

    Mí alma sé deleita con sus canciones 🤗 Gracias

  61. Hind Farah

    I love this song..thanx David 😙😙

  62. Bobby Younger

    very enjoyable uplifting pop song !

  63. Ryszard Czerner

    Dawid omej filmik sexy amilika

  64. Nakul Vs

    This man is far better than zays putbull and those mens....

  65. Joe Framo

    I love David I followed him since American Idol yeah David's a good man wish you all the best from Atlanta Georgia

  66. Fegi Mariyansah

    Love david, love voice😍

  67. Britney Rivera Aguirre

    Who else loves David archuleta❤

  68. Kaosheengh Herr

    This video is very powerful. The message that comes across is simply encouraging ♥️ Much love, David from California

  69. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    This is a great song to listen to when you're literally "up all night." #Benzoadepine withdrawal:)-
    It's so soothing.

  70. Ruby anne Fresnoza MAMA

    beautiful people look crazy beautiful vioce mr archuleta wow voice in world class beautiful vioce good man personalty mr archuleta

  71. Yuli TripleS

    I like your dance

  72. school work

    No where else I'd rather be than in the presence of God with wonderful brethren in Christ and friends, just having pure fun in Jesus name! Love everybody, have mercy, have compassion! Everyone needs it!

  73. Suely Silva

    Ficou chow essa música , gosto de vê-lo dançando David Archuleta

  74. Suely Silva


  75. Clint Avila

    David is so humble and sexy with his words and way of life.. And his dance moves. I'm forever a fan of this great and loving guy. #therealdeal

  76. Pai Min

    this song is such a relief <3

  77. Family isbest

    Aww cute love u brother filipino

  78. Paola Leo


  79. Samya Ramalho

    I love this song 🇧🇷❤

  80. Aesthetic Lyrics

    Imissyou very much david! Love, from philippines💛

  81. Arnold Mtonga

    Crush by David Archuleta👌🏼

  82. Justus Nguyo

    I'm so happy to listen to this

  83. Hope DreamHowl

    Imagine if David collab with Kygo 😍 this kinda has Kygo vibes and sounds amazing

  84. Aleena Shaikh

    This song is beautiful and everytime I hear it it soothes my heart.

  85. Asia Bisnis

    He give a something fresh, a hope and a joy n happines in his songs.

  86. Victoria Sara

    I wish I could sing with David before I die <3
    He is my Idol.

  87. Scott The Artist

    I forgot just how good this song is. came here from his new single

  88. Ngun Hnem Sui

    miss you so much david😔

  89. Da Goddess

    The way i want to BJ david 00:33

  90. ohla300

    Hey David again I say, you still melt my heart with your singing. Still my vote for music entertainment💝💝

  91. Maria estefani Gongora

    Deberías cantarla en español 😍

  92. SUNshine 4Ever

    Dancing to this in march 2019!

  93. M Mac

    love your simple dance, David
    just amazing

  94. sonnyp7

    Awesome David

  95. Angel Saíd Ferreira

    what does this song talk about? what pictures?

  96. Jagger Wong


  97. Farah Nabilla

    dancing david is my new favourite. love this!! <3