David Archuleta - Numb Lyrics

I think I'll take a second chance
I won't be passing by these waters again
Wanna feel redemption's hand
And see this life only for what it, what it is
I know the river's not too wide
Had to see it for myself with my own eyes
Something out there's on my side
It's not my place to question why

Everybody needs time away
To wake up with the sun on their face
I'm not there yet but I know

I don't wanna feel numb
Falling over all of my shadows
Yeah I'm all done
'Cause none of that ever really mattered
It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
But it's a chance I can take
I won't run run run
'Cause I don't wanna feel numb

So deep inside these hills I run
To a place where I can see 'til kingdom come
See the days one by one
And love this life only for what it, what it is
I hear the whispers in the stars
The words that tell us more of who we are
Someone out there's not that far
Everything I need is here now

Everybody needs time away
To wake up with the sun on their face
I'm not there yet but i know

That I don't wanna feel numb
Falling over all of my shadows
Yeah I'm all done
'Cause none of that ever really mattered
It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
But it's a chance I can take
I won't run run run
'Cause I don't wanna feel numb

A tidal wave brought to life
Rushing over every doubt of mine
Open soul in an open sky
Everything, everything is right

I don't wanna feel numb
Falling over all of my shadows
Yeah I'm all done
'Cause none of that ever really mattered
It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
But it's a chance I can take
I won't run run run, yeah
And no, I won't run run run
'Cause I don't wanna feel numb
'Cause I don't wanna feel numb
'Cause I don't wanna feel numb

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David Archuleta Numb Comments
  1. lyssa lachica

    Your songs will never get old and I will never get tired on listening to it❤️❤️👑

  2. Manny j

    Great song David. Your talent is extraordinary. I'm a little late catching up on your work but I subscribed so that I don't miss a thing. Thank you for being here in this time ❤️

  3. Farnaz Khan

    I struggle with self care. This song reminds me of how important and soul saving self care is, and what a massive role nature plays in it.

  4. Miko

    I can't believe this MV 3 years ago 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Delis Anjani

    Watching this to twice, idk why i'm crying😭😭😭
    David still and one my baby the pure heart, beautiful voice and i love the way his the way❤❤💞

  6. Dinbheer Sareno

    Who's still listening 2020👍👍

  7. Weazy beee

    I love how the close ups of his face slowly gained color.

  8. Jeffery Howard

    I just started bawling to this song its bren over a week since my wife asked me for a divorce and this is really all i feel is numb

  9. Hanny maulidaa


  10. Sheng Koivu

    I pray that he breaks out.... I have been following him for a long time. I’m never disappointed with what he puts out into the world.

  11. Gretchen Cason

    I rather hurt my self. couz ill be. numb. couz David aruchuleta. singing numb. he hurts for me and his wife. we are so in love you

  12. Makay Olsen

    Its obvious that this song is about overcoming depression. I believe that David has a past with depression and anxiety. I feel like I can personally relate to that. This song has a perfect mix of a sad yet a happy motivational twist. Very nice.

  13. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Thank you Jesus 🌹. I found you . I ran in those forests for such a long time.

  14. Nessmza

    Estoy haciendo una maratón de sus canciones xD

  15. Sharlene Bae

    Dec.16,2019 ❤❤❤

  16. Ward Schuh

    i would love to eat his ass.

  17. Teboihi Khawlhring

    Here i am..again..over and over 😎

  18. Tran Victoria

    So beautiful

  19. kyle leigh

    I'm a depressed person and I hated the feelings of the extreme happiness to extreme sadness. So I made myself feel numb for the past 4yrs. I dont want to feel numb anymore. I'm coming back to life slowly. Satan u can't trick me into thinking feeling numb is okay cuz u only sink slowly into darkness if u are numb.

  20. Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

    closet. nuf sed.

  21. MagdaEnGgo

    I love you David 😍

  22. Gabriela Garcia

    Tiene una voz tan hermosa ♥

  23. Chanyeol 찬열Park 팍

    Streaming David Archuleta's

  24. Kaitlin Mathis

    I love him .

  25. Gian Setyadi

    Where did you take a shoot?

  26. Gian Setyadi

    Best singer i have ever known

  27. Alejandra Andrade

    ME ENCANTA! 2019 <3

  28. Abish Salvatierra Guzman

    lo mejor forever my crush

  29. Sukanya Barooah

    The video and the song is so soothing, hopeful... It speaks to my soul.

    kapil kumar vishwakarma

    Music is for mood
    Lyrics are what we felt of..

  30. Luz Bazualdo

    Hermoso! David cantas excelente :D

  31. I am Pau Mojica

    Love you, David! 😍😅

  32. Sariah CASTELLANOS


  33. Jessica Harris

    Great song and video 👏

  34. Andrea Delikat

    I love you David Archuleta

  35. Sonia Beramendi


  36. M Mac

    My songs of the week Numb and Paralyzed. Just lovin it.

  37. Randall Ketcher





  38. Putri Kusuma Ramadhani

    2019 September

  39. Patricia Ulisses

    I love you

  40. robert ahue


  41. Kaye Cabides

    DAVID ❤❤❤

  42. Rasheedah Raheem

    What a great song David! May God bless you as always

  43. Lionardo Shalvador

    My idola ..always my idol...David Archuleta..

  44. Tomisul Sul

    Selalu suka lagu nya david,tinggal jejak akhhh 02.15 , 15 agustus 2019 indonesia

  45. Dricsel Moises

    Thank you David Archuleta God bless you

  46. Dricsel Moises

    It's my month and year. I feel bad for him. But anyway thanks for making good songs as always

  47. Front Office

    my idol im wating for your new music video. why just now

  48. Samantha Wells

    I do not know

  49. vivine Bakrie


  50. Tim Brown

    You’ve done it again young man. So much talent and willingness to create and share great messages.

  51. suttygal

    Every time I watch this vid I’m reminded of how much I love this song, how utterly beautiful the filming and concept was for the video and how grateful I am that David went to “that” writing session and created #Numb ❤️🙏🏼

  52. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    These lyrics are profound.

  53. pedro Aparecido


  54. Madhavi Singh

    July 2019 ❤️ ❤️

  55. Ahmad Rasikh Ilmi

    When are u getting marry?

  56. Jav

    Beautiful voice, brings me to tears the lyrics, it is so nice to hear lyrics you can relate to xx

  57. singingfan

    I wish that a wider audience who first embraced David came back. It’s hard to come back from an absence. Still here David ❤️

  58. tom holland


  59. Sai Aik Tun [Official]

    Love his Voice!!! 💕

  60. Aroa Vega

    Que el padre celestial te acompañe simpre...para que sigas haciendo honor a el por esa voz tan hermosa que te dio.

  61. justjelipicent

    You're great!!!!!!

  62. Rachel Villarosa

    I'm still your super avid Fan from the start.. 👑

  63. John Namendoh

    love this song 💗.... any one watching in

    Kellan Sager

    Yeah, I love this song so much !!!

    Faith Carolann

    In october tho...?

  64. Bobby Younger

    Such a personal and meaningful song 'Postcards in the sky ' brought me here , which I love. I am getting this cd today !

  65. Ginger Bower

    i like you

    Ginger Bower

    i ment by i love your songs

  66. Sharyln Ching

    🌤✨May God keep His Divine blessings flowing through you David! 💕

  67. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    (2:15) "It hurts to live, so wide awake, ooh/But it's a chance I can take/I won't run, run, run.../'Cause I don't wanna feel numb..." :)

  68. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    "Somewhere Only We Know" (played by Renee Dominique on the uke--sorry, I don't know how to do the accent mark on your name, Renee;)-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCHRBn2hoOk

  69. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    "If We Love Him" (youth music video for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--2019 Mutual Theme): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWz1wjqvqvc

  70. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    #Vanessacarlton, "A Thousand Miles": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwkej79U3ek (This video always makes me laugh;)-

  71. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    Miracles work against depression, time, and space...It doesn't matter how long you've been hurting, He can ALWAYS heal you.

  72. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    No one wants to feel "numb," but (if we do our best), miracles are real (and so is His ever-abounding love). We can feel it in our hearts every day-- no one is exempt. You just have to ALWAYS do your best:)

  73. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    Want to be UPLIFTED? :)- Check this out:)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdKdvDuvYqA

  74. lyn gomez


  75. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Such a beautiful song David!!! I love the Forest. I went deep into Nature with God. Time away with God only to heal. I was hurting so bad for years. God is my rock. Thank you Jesus for always being my saving grace. I never will lose my Faith . Thank you Jesus 🙏🌹Thank you for your Music. I listen to you so much

  76. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    Sorry for writing a lot. I don't have any other social media accounts. I'm basically just going around commenting on every song that ever helped me get through a hard time. There's so many of them. Music has so much power to uplift.

  77. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    I still don't understand how "Shine a Light" ever came into being! It just goes to show, sometimes no one can tell what you're going through (if all you're ever focused on is serving and selflessness).

  78. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    "It hurts to live so wide awake, oh/But it's a chance I can take..." There was a time in my life when, even though I valued my life, I didn't think I had it in me to wait for the hard time to pass. It was SOOOO scary. But I'm stronger now. Now I'm "made out of titanium." That's what my mom calls it:) It's freeing to be made out of metal, but it can also make you feel more isolated. Trauma is real. I found myself telling my life's story to a therapist the other day, then came out of it all feeling "human again." ("When we're nick-knacks and what-nots no more..." Why waste words, when you can say it all in a Disney song?:) Still, it has a way of creeping back when you want it the least. I've learned it doesn't define me, though. The power of prayer can break through any concrete ceiling and lift you out of the tunnel.

  79. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    Thank you for being so honest. No one wants to feel numb. No one wants to feel isolated or in constant physical or emotional turmoil. But He has felt every bit of it, and there's always a purpose. Miracles are real and so is joy. There is too much negativity in this world. I really don't understand people whose sole focus in life is to get attention, instead of chasing after their purpose. His love is real. There are some things we just don't understand, but one day they'll be explained. Faith can move mountains. Our life on earth is a mere sliver of our eternal story. I have to remember this sometimes, because I've had a debilitating mental health condition that is only just now in the light. No one knew what I was going through; I kept it all inside. No one wants to feel vulnerable, yet no one wants to feel pitied. No one wants to lose their childhood either, something which I can't remember that well. The harder the trial, the more you can be assured that God trusts you and come to realize strength you never knew you had.

  80. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    The Sun upon my face.🙏🌹☀️

  81. The Shortfellows - speak softly and play the piano

    So powerful. I like the part where everything changes, and you feel like your flying. I feel like it's saying that you always have a say, no matter how hard things get, because we're never given trials that are too hard for us to bear. I don't want to feel numb. I just want to grow. This song is so introspective.

  82. Jay Bih

    love you


    There is something supernatural and DIVINE in this video clip that very few people will be able to see. Pay attention to something passing behind the trees, a figure, in the form of a man, seems to have wings, an angel, almost invisible, as if it were an image of a man out of focus. at this time (3:10 / 3: 15). I love this video


    Tem algo sobrenatural e DIVINO nesse video clip que pouquíssimas pessoas conseguirão ver. Preste atenção em algo passando la atrás entre as árvores, um vulto , em forma de homem, parece ate ter asas, um anjo, quase invisível, como se fosse uma imagem de homem desfocado. nesse tempo ( 3:10 /3:15). eu amo esse video

  85. Norman Mangubat

    Who’s still listening in 2019.

    Roy Berridge


  86. VĘRZØ _Oficial

    super song

  87. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    NATURE and GOD.

  88. Diana BL


  89. Menggambar Pemandangan

    Siapa di sini orang Indonesia selain saya yang lagi nonton???

  90. Hoang Tran

    I love this song, but I just know it in 2019. I don't know why it just has 1,9 mil view! It deserves more than that!

  91. CarlosFernando95

    I love you David

  92. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    The Moon, The Stars, The Sun... Galaxy.... Infinity..GOD!

  93. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Time away with the Sun upon my face. Thank you Jesus 🙏.

  94. ohla300

    Daivd you have matured into a hot, smart, insightful man. 🔥✨🔥

  95. M Mac

    First time ive heard this song "numb" 2 years ago. I was amaze by your talents David. You really have that gift to be able to connect thru music. ive being listening now to Numb. Its the best song ever for me. keep up the good work and stay true as an artist.

  96. Ninis Khoirunnisa

    wouw i really like this song 💞💞💞👏👍. from Indonesia , so proud you David

  97. Hotel Diradja Jakarta

    love bit