David, Anthony - Can't Look Down Lyrics

Can't look down
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Verse 1:]
I'm afraid if I look into your eyes girls
Gonna like what I see
I'm afraid if I hold you in my arms girl
It's where I want you to be
I'm afraid if I let you in my heart girl
Gonna change the beat
I'm afraid if I let you in my life girl
You're gonna make it complete

So I can't look
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Verse 2:]
I'm afraid if I kiss you on your lips girl
I might get carried away
I'm afraid if I let you in my dreams girl
Then I'll never awake girl
I'm afraid if I look into my future
That you're gonna be there
Tell you what I'm afraid of the most is
That I won't even care

[Chorus: x2]
So I can't look
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Bridge: x2]
I just might want you girl
I just might need you girl
I just might want you girl
I just might need you girl

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David, Anthony Can't Look Down Comments
  1. Edyce Dorris

    Classic artist a must see live. .........down to earth truly a fan never gets old classic song by far!!!!

  2. Denise Dean

    He is fine and he can saaang but he is underrated by fake cutthroat music industry. Can't play this song enough. It's do soothing

  3. Richelle Miller

    .. This song reminds me of my husband back almost 8 years ago! Then turn around we got married 4 years ago!! This song was played at our first dance as man & wife!! Thank you Anthony for this song, it means so much more ways than 1..

  4. erica buddington


  5. Adaiyah-Zerah Baht Yahudah

    I just heard this song for the first time today (8/13/19). I luv it! You are very handsome, and that voice....captivating.😘

    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    Better Late Than never.

  6. Weathered Strength

    Wonderful lyrics!

    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus


  7. Heatha B

    The song booed up brought me to you WOOOOW you sound great! I need your music in my life

  8. Jai Norman

    Real Music!

  9. Jul Muhammad

    Don't need to🙄The Specialist 😇

  10. Melissa H

    Never heard this until today. 2019. Came here from Words w/ India.Aire ❤❤❤

    Cole B

    I did too

    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    lol at least you knew of him...not everyone is so lucky

  11. Lilli Lou

    This is shit pointless snm

  12. Dee Wade

    Sir! You are an amazing gift to this world. I love the tone and texture of your voice... Not to mention - Your song: "God Said' is a beautiful dose of reality. Please continue to sprinkle the earth with your flavor!! We need it. It tastes good!

  13. DemShotta

    Fire!!!!!! Dude is the truth. Just goes to show that many can't tell the difference between Gold & Brass.

  14. Dark Treasures

    Who is this guy. He's amazing

  15. Giselle Reign

    Chef ahki omg I envy u sis hahahah I love anothy david ❤

  16. Jul Muhammad

    The Specialist😇

  17. Danielle Crawley

    I just love him so. I've seen him live several times and he is the best.

  18. Shahadah Tha God

    Top 5 R&b song 🙌🙌down💯💯💯

  19. Anya May

    Love it! What a voice 😍🔥🔥🔥

  20. Flyer Storm

    My joint!

  21. Candida Ray

    This is definitely a finger popping song! Lovin' it!

  22. Tessie Davis

    I Still Love This Song. He's So Talented....💋

  23. Jose Victoriano

    Amazing how music can change your mood, Def hits ur soul and gets u in a good mood.


    is he implying that she is Beneath him

  25. fatima knippel

    Adorooo! Tks!

  26. Sonya Kingston

    Dang this video fit this song..................love it!!!

  27. Eighties BaBy

    I heard this song over 3 years ago but couldn't find it because I didn't have the artist or song title,y'all don't know how happy I am to have stumbled across it today lol...repeat... repeat..repeat

  28. muchacha25

    Thank Goodness this is a video with Color and not the standard dark and dull video that seems to be the norm for these days. I also love seeing two Black people as the stars of the video!

  29. Mr Pedersen

    Can't get enough! 😊😊

  30. warrior1975ify

    I have loved this song for a few years now. I just saw him, sing this song live for this past weekend in Tampa Florida . It was amazing ! he sounds great live just like he does on the CD he did not disappoint he gave a good show the music was amazing.

  31. Lady Jaiyy

    I stiLL luv this song..

  32. Kenyyatta Jones

    ❤❤❤ this song!!!

  33. Shay

    this man is beautiful!

  34. Nakia Lindsey

    His voice calms my soul Anthony David is the bomb been digging his music for years . Can't wait for his new music♥♥♥♥.

    Nakia Lindsey

    BACK IN 2017 craving new music from you this song is one of a kind and he give me that Tupac vibe ♡♡♡♡.

  35. Allied Federal Electric Corp

    Inspired me to give him his own station and genre on my Pandora.

  36. Nate Rainey

    Real singing

  37. James H

    I'm diggin his music

  38. michael taylor

    very underrated

  39. vertscool

    I have good, positive feelings about this artist.

  40. Sharon Anderson

    so effortlessly he songs from his heart...insane!!!

  41. Simply_Dani44

    My favorite song on this album, by far. It gets me excited while driving. Chef Ahki and Anthony. Dope!! She's so beautiful

  42. Angie Suarez

    love his voice, he's very handsome.

  43. Naulege

    Nice song...beautiful lady! Who is she?!!


    +Naulege Is this her? http://gochefahki.com/

  44. jamie johnson

    I want my Alpha😘

  45. Jocelyn Chavez

    My husband sang this sonnng to me lol... Love it

    Steph E.

    Jocelyn Chavez you are sp Blessed. You heard? 😍

  46. MD Adam

    I love this song thank

  47. jamie johnson

    im luving this...

  48. Shukrani Gray

    I love this song so hard. I keep playing it thinking, "ok, I just need to hear it one more time"... smh. Needless to say, I keep pressing play. #'Hooked.



  49. donte sanchez

    That woman is beautiful

  50. raj neesh

    3 year old!!!!  I'm just hearing this tonight.  diggin' this!!!

  51. Michael Watkins

    this dude is badddddddd!!!!!  I got er album he has made.  Oh man Let it ride 4$sho

  52. TruthBTold

    wow Anthony what a beautiful man. No make up or props just your sunshine smile and honey velvet tones. I love it!

  53. Regina Cee

    I love this song He has a very soulful tone.

  54. erica murphy

    😍😕💘😍💍😍😛😒💍😊😅💘📱😊📱😍😊💋:-) 😣:-) 😐🐈😒📱👕😛😍💋😤😤😇😉👖😣💋😛😛😍💍😒😅😊💘💘😭😕💙😆😄😭:-) 😃💘🐈💘💍😛😅:-) 😍💍😒😅📱👕😊💘😛😣💋💍🐈😄:-) 🐈💘💍💘😍😇😛😣💋😅😕:-) 🐈💘💙😭😆😕😐😄😃

  55. erica murphy

    Loves it!!!😍

  56. erica murphy

    I love this song so so very super duper much!!!😍

  57. Faith Rivers

    Really cool song enjoyed it from jump. Very sweet this song and artist should get more props

    Michael Watkins

    Yes Faith i agree he has many albums out i just listen to believe me what lyrical content

  58. Cassandra Vincent

    Is that Chef Ahki?

    S Rowe

    Yes!! I'm looking like, oh snap! Don't i know that face!!?????

  59. soulfulheart81

    Nice ...makes me want to dance

    Lilli Lou

    My feet start tap lol after I call the song shit my feet likes the song!!!

  60. jonathan travies

    this is sweet

  61. thahappygyrl

    I agree Anthony David is fly!

  62. Shon Wayne

    Great music.

  63. charon banks

    I love him!!

  64. ivana mentolka

    pecka 11111

  65. Cleires Oliveira

    Bom b mais

  66. Catoshia Pelayo

    Constantly on repeat, love this song, feels really good

  67. PUSH Radio

    A PUSH fave!

  68. Damita ಠ_ಠ Jo

    I can't look down

  69. Dorothy Bostic

    Feel good music. ..beautiful view, so I'm gonna look down.

  70. Srta.TacoMal

    I don't even really like R&B, but I truly enjoy this song! :)

  71. sherrie sullivan

    Very nice

  72. jvnice

    love it :)

  73. sgmilw

    Love this song!!!

  74. Lynn Camp

    Love these lyrics & video!

  75. Andre Johnson

    How could I miss this one. I fell asleep on this.

  76. adjforreal

    Sounds just as good today as it did the first time I heard it on KJLA in Cali over a year ago!  Rarely do I connect with a song the first time I hear it and start googling  radio station playlists to find out who the artist singing it is.  Love it!

  77. amenra bey

    This is my joint.

  78. DanniDefined

    Love the lyrics

  79. D' Boi Cardiyae

    I was lock up n see this video on Bounce T.V and it was stuck in my head ever since then until now 

  80. dbelieve30

        I don't know what's wrong with music, today.  This dude should be a mega star.  He consistently releases good music.  He should be as big as Beyonce.

  81. Kemesha Hall

    I love this song

  82. Brittany O.

    Love it

  83. SightseerLounge

    They're sleeping on Anthony David! Totally Sleeping!


    they are in HIBERNATION

    Jose Victoriano

    SightseerLounge Damn I'm just now hearing this thru Pandora!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Ernie Mapp

    Thank You.

  85. Rainey Davidson

    Love this Cat saw him b4 he blew up he made Htown rock

  86. Melanie Ullah


  87. Karnella Kirkwood

    Loving it!

  88. Jraub Icekold

    He's so underrated. He needs more views. He has so much talent that people don't realize it. I support!

  89. bebo bebo

    Bally's Atlantic City

  90. Antoinette Javonna

    Love this!!!!!!!!

  91. Shahida4God

    Ooo So LOVELY!!!!!

  92. amber fords

    Love that voice of his

  93. Eric Lacy

    Got a nyce rhythm n beat. Almost quiet storm-like.....smooth.

  94. perez r'nez

    i need a deep house beat to this....

  95. Mira Raye Smith

    Nothing like true artistry! #bliss

  96. perez r'nez

    so sweet


    Very pretty song....reminds me of my current situation..... Tha beat is fly too!