David Allan Coe - Face To Face Lyrics

Face to face toe to toe
Where we'll stop heaven knows
Arm in arm cheek to cheek
Whose to blame?
Hand in hand heart to heart
We never should have let this start
But its to late, we shared it all
So we'll just have to share the blame!

I can feel your body tremble
As I hold you in my arms
For you know another woman has my name
Now she knows its you and me
But she don't want to set me free
We've shared it all now its time to share the blame!

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David Allan Coe Face To Face Comments
  1. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    L💖VE ya David !!
    ( southland king ❌ )
    *a man amoung men*

  2. harrydean bentzel

    You here that people? Share the blame

  3. harrydean bentzel

    The piano rules

  4. xljunky-88

    Never gets old

  5. Hard boiled

    Thank you David Allen Coe!!!!

  6. Karie babcock

    why wasn't this one a big hit, i think it is anyways

    brian pomodoro

    My EX, all I got ta say,,,

  7. Tough luck

    Ain't sharing no blame can't blame me cause you run off with whoever how many times and I got tired of sitting home doing without while you out doing whoever so no don't blame me I wouldn't blame you if the shoe had been on the other foot and you know I'm telling the truth you just don't wants to hear it but it don't matter to me cause I'm done ducking with you period

  8. Weston Perry

    grew up in the wrong time

  9. Pittsburgh HODLr

    They don't make em like this anymore.

    Jason Amos

    ilove countrymusic1993
    No they absolutely don’t

  10. kelly elaine shelton

    Looking in the Mir for david Allen Coe

  11. Nancy Schmidt

    That's a Tavern song, "Back In the Day' when I was in the early stage of learning, ins,&outs of the rules for kids with drinking parents or parent.
    I really like his voice range & I feel every steel guitar note & it is one of the
    "BEST" slow dance David A COE was the best choice, next Hank Sr &, Hank Jr
    Faron Young Willie Nelson & Patsy Cline?

  12. Trevor Young

    dac is the best and no other country singer can compete hes the best song writer

  13. ruford hamilton

    Never cheated in 20 years.DAMN GOOD SONG

    angel liner

    ruford hamilton wish I could say that! I live with a cheater 26 years.

    Nathan Kluttz

    No but you thought about it though, which is the same.

  14. Remington Riders

    I totally love this one, one of my fave DAC songs. When I first discovered it some decades ago, I listened to it over and over for days.

  15. Brent Farmer

    Wow .. 20years and he is my favorite

  16. jcraigb

    Damn ive lived this song several times i guess alot a good ole boys have, i loved every minute of it though,even though i regret loosing the best women i ever had ah hell gimmie another drink

  17. 78BROWNB

    Killer country.

  18. rebboy58

    The best one he ever done.

  19. frannylmb

    Love this song !!