David Allan Coe - Don't Bite The Dick Lyrics

Don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
You gotta learn to suck it funny
How those dicks taste all like rubber
Covered with goo
Some cums clear and some cums milky
Some cums thick and some cums silky
Don't bit the dick that fucks you honey
and it'll be good to you.

Momma be proud of your daughter
Think of all the things you taught her
Not to go into the water till she could swim
how to cook and how to sew
what other things you know

You should have taught her about sex
that it was not a sin
you should have said
don't bit the dick that fucks you honey
you gotta learn to suck it funny
how those dicks all taste like rubber
covered with goo
some cums clear and some cums milky
some cums thick and some cums silky
don't bit the dick that fucks you honey
it'll be good to you

you should have taught her how to suck one
if you'da taught her how to fuck one
maybe she'd a never snuck one when you wasn't home
you could have taught her not to fight it
you could have taught her not to bit it
you could have taight her wrong from right
but you left her on her own

You should have said
don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
you gotta learn to suck it funny
how those dicks all taste like rubber
covered with goo
some cums clear and some cums milky
some cums thick and some cums silky
don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
it'll be good to you

don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
you gotta learn to suck it funny
how those dicks all taste like rubber
covered in goo some cums clear and some cums milky
some cums thick and some cums silky
don't bite the dick that fucks you honey
it'll be good to you

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David Allan Coe Don't Bite The Dick Comments
  1. carasnluv

    Also this isn't music this is trash...

  2. carasnluv

    Its funny ppl like this lmfao ignorant

  3. Stevie Seber

    I first found this song when I read Knotted by Pam Godwin and I looked it up out of curiosity and now whenever I need a laugh I turn this song on, it always makes me laugh.

    Akira babe

    That's why I'm here! Reading that part right now Haha

    Stevie Seber

    Yeah, the heroine hummed that song once while she was pleasing the hero ;)

  4. Kerry Bruntz

    Makes sense.

  5. Rondo Hunter

    I first learned of DAC when the radio played "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" and we were drunk so it really fit. Used to listen to original country music, especially of the outlaw variety. Mostly rock now.

  6. M D

    336 people bite dick

  7. thomas bartel

    This is a song every baby should learn

  8. enumrob

    A masterpiece.

  9. Chadwick White

    PERFECT song for my GIRLFRIEND!!!

  10. Shawn Ward

    Dedicated to AOC.

  11. Ellis Mason

    It's sound advice,really.

  12. will M

    Nibble on this dick but bitch no biting the dick 🤪🤪

  13. TheAngryPolack 97

    Shit! She bit it!

  14. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    D.A.C. way 🔫 🎸
    DAVID: *southland king* ☆

    Mag Tinfal

    Goddam right

    Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    @Mag Tinfal
    *LONG LIVE TO D.A.C.* ✊🔫🎸

  15. Alex Wesley

    When I was 8 my grandfather turned on the car and this was playing 😂😂

  16. صلاة الفجر‎

    A veritable ear-worm.

  17. Silver tankist 149

    Why was this in recommended

  18. Portuguese Dudeman

    MGTOW song

  19. Wilfred Heggart

    don't bite my dick Ryan salmond you are hog wild and need trained I am your new master

  20. Dandude Dekan

    Whats up sir

  21. Peyton Skimin

    Terrence P brought most of us here.

    D Sch

    Bad Popp

    Jeremy Gross

    @D Sch Buuuuuutt...

  22. ernestine maloy

    God. FUCKKEN . Damn....

  23. cs 2020

    1:05 best rhythm ever

  24. rbryant100

    I’d like to play this at a MeToo rally or march

    Rondo Hunter

    Did you notice the song titles on the album cover? Lmao!

    Casimir Alexander

    rbryant100 Do it!

  25. Grant Thomas

    This accidentally came on from my Bluetooth in my truck real loud when I started it and I turned it down real quick cause my girlfriend at the time was with me. She asked what was that and made me turn it back on, she listened carefully till the end and had the most disgusted look on her face

    ernestine maloy

    Grant Thomas shit son I was listening to this stuff when I was 12 ....mom would've taken my record player away for good if she ever found out the gods must've been looking out for me cos she died never learning of my quirky taste in music

  26. Tristen Strickland

    What the fuck love it

  27. Something Orother

    that moment you realize you're listening to this song unironically just because it's great

  28. Joshua Weatherly

    Goddamn he was dirty lol

  29. antonio wade

    Bodega Boys sent me.

  30. comment guy

    WTH my friend is retarded lol

  31. Kyle J.

    True fuckin outlaw!!!!

  32. Ryan Hawks

    W-hite T-rash F-abulass

  33. A Nobody

    Good lesson to be learned from this song

  34. Blondie Gurl

    Should be bj tutorial .... just saying

    Shawn Scott

    You could make one. I'm sure there's lots of guys that would be willing to assist in such an endeavor. I know I would.

  35. Gemma Pickett

    Hell yes.

  36. Ricky's Used Stuff

    i still love all david's old nasty songs lol good times!

  37. normal störd

    real County

  38. Rob Arcarola

    I'm pretty sure he made this album to fuck over his ex wife who was getting album royalties

  39. Kevin Bridges

    Someone should blast this at a feminist convention!!!!

    D Sch

    Ok let me know when and where in madison wi the next one will be


    Your stupid. This is a song. Freedom of speech. Fuck you

    Trendkiller 138

    Hell Yeah!

    Ikaros Fox

    @asmith9188 Found the snowflake!

    Andrew Callaway

    Fuck those bitches!!!!😛😛😛😛

  40. Justin Hickam

    I play the song for my girlfriend she pushed me in the dick

  41. 5 Mile Macc

    How does he know dicks taste like rubber covered with goo? hmmm

  42. cajunaries

    Not sure why it took so long for my dear friends to introduce this to me. I've missed out on many years of the experience!

  43. Joel Jones

    cool beans

  44. Paul Sumner.

    the lyrics are beutifall

  45. Fred Wilkerson

    Black man's song for white women , , , , 90 percent of mixed race people have white mothers, , , , that says it all right there, , , , , , white women would fuck a bucket of shit, , , if they thought it had a big dick, , , , , especially if the bucket was black.

  46. bradly roegner

    Sticky pussy an rubber dicky

  47. tha vien

    Haaaa nice!

  48. wilfred heggart

    dont bite the dick brandon berry

  49. darrell davis

    black crow hard to handle

  50. jestin durler

    great musix

  51. Tim Sherrill

    Heard all these songs hanging out at the MC club with my old man when i was a kid back in the 80's

  52. Jeremy Hands

    What ?????? The [email protected]#k

  53. nickthedipper 10

    Every man should play this song for every girl gets with. It would help explain it to the fresh mouth girls 😂😂

  54. dakota rash


  55. Tony Brisson

    You have to love it....

  56. David Shaw

    Hi thanks 🙏 for this track David is a great singer of songs country he’s the true outlaw of all songs thanks 🙏 Dave.

  57. Shane Hall

    that's a good thing to teach your daughters don't you think?

  58. Blink Torch


  59. catnip

    This is fire

  60. Crystal Merrill

    Funny song

  61. appletreetheatre land

    how come this never hit the charts is there a video with it , has it been on top of the pops

  62. Hilda Stan

    dicks taste like rubber

  63. Garrett Camper

    I accidentally started playing this in class because my headphones weren't fully plugged in

    peyton devoss

    Garrett Camper friend unplugged mine got Friday night school😂🤦‍♂️


    I would love to see someone play this in a women’s studies class. It would be the most important lesson of the semester, that’s for sure.


    If I see a feminist I’ll call play this on speakers 😂😂


    U did on accident?

    jimmy simmons


  64. Hunter Fagan

    I first heard of this song when I was going through the ring tones on zedge, and I thought right away the only person that could be singing that song is David Allan Coe, and I was right. yes!!

    Clay Armontrout

    Hunter Fagan look up wheeler walker Jr lmao

    The Technical Wizard's World

    Looool same

  65. Sub_Uber

    I love real shit. I love old country.

    Gregory Odrosky

    Thought you might need reminded on the proper procedure.

  66. RanDumb Jest3R

    because of this song I will hum it while giving my bf head

    SuperSonic2324 YT

    RanDumb Jest3R 😂


    You know how to treat a man! 👍

    Cincinnati Brutality0

    You deserve some cookies n milk.

    Brenden Hall

    Marry me😍

    Stan Man93

    RanDumb Jest3R KMSL 🤣 😂

  67. Jeremy Raw

    that's what old country is what about to bad there isn't more David Allen coes out there making New music!

    Eli Shalmiev

    Check out Wheeler Walker Jr. He makes country similar to David Allen Coe


    Borat Sagdiyev Rebel Son is the new David Allan Coe.


    Jeremy Raw I

    Taylor Aston

    Jeremy Raw Wheeler walker Jr! He’s great

  68. Robert Curtis

    I love country music now,fkn hilarious🇨🇦🇨🇦🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷😁😂😁😂😁😂

  69. Colin

    When I had a gf I showed her this song she said she won't bite it 😂

    Wilfred Heggart

    has she ever yet?


    "had" 🤔


    So you had only one. Lol you sure bite ur own dick

    Cocaine Hernandez

    Im doing this but not with the context lol well maybe not but it would be funny

  70. countyfireman4658

    I laugh my ass off

  71. GunXMetal37

    lmfao !!!!

  72. John Gutsch

    well shit. I learned more from this album than I did from my high school sex ed!

    SuperSonic2324 YT

    John Gutsch same

  73. Trizzay334

    LMFAO! Been crying for like 8 min. I cant stop sending this to ppl.

    Sarah Cooke

    Trizzay334 I just found his inappropriate songs last night, I've been crying from laughing so hard😂😂😂

    Joshua Weatherly

    Look up 18 x rated hits

    Greg Hubbard

    @Sarah Cooke the songs have been around since 1982

  74. Sammy Nodine

    Oh God 😂😂😂