David Allan Coe - Divers Do It Deeper Lyrics

It was too cold to stay
In the north and la
Seemed the most likely place I could stay
Those malibu nights
And those hollywood lights
Were blinding me
I long for a lover
To help me discover
The key to unlock love's door
While diving the reef's for
She changed my beliefs
As we made love on the ocean's floor

Divers do it deeper
Jockeys do it shorter
Brick layers always make just a little bit stronger
Sailors do it wetter
Soldiers do it better
But cowboys stay in the saddle just a little bit longer

I moved from la
For a good job with pay
Riding range for the double bar j
Till' the rodeo came
And I put in my name
For the bull riding contest that day
The judges were watching
But they never noticed the girl
Standing close to my chute
She picked me to win
I could tell by her grin
As she reached out
And patted my boot

Divers do it deeper
Pilots do it higher
Brick layers always make it just a little bit stronger
Doctors do it cleaner
Bikers do it meaner
Cowboys stay in the saddle just a little bit longer

Divers do it deeper
Jockeys do it shorter
Brick layers always make it just a little bit stronger
Sailors do it wetter
Soldiers do it better
Cowboys stay in the saddle just a little bit longer

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David Allan Coe Divers Do It Deeper Comments
  1. douglas hagan

    Electrician conduit with a better ground

  2. douglas hagan

    Painters do it smoother

  3. Nancy Messina

    So glad I married a BRICKLAYER 🧱😉

  4. Chad Weaver

    I don't see any brick layers on here.... I'm here to tell ya we do make it stronger.lol

  5. Fred Garvin

    Jimmy now rides around in a Rolls-Royce.
    In the back seat, a passenger with a paid butler/driver.
    A California mansion.
    A yuppie dream!

    Curt Ekstrom

    And at 80 years old DAC is a Homeless Singer.

  6. Fred Garvin

    Jimmy Buffett lives in Beverly Hills.

  7. Dan mcgreedy

    He looks like che Guevara in that picture ! Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture.

    Michael White

    Sounds like he's one of your heros.

  8. ShaddyCrunchum

    Well I'll be damned

    It does sound like jimmy buffet.
    Sure was dumb there was drama over something so unimportant lol. DAC is cool

  9. Jason Dilworth

    the music to this song is very similar if not the same as "does your dad own a brewery"

  10. wil king

    DAC is a song writing machine. Belongs in hall of fame Please sign petition. https://www.change.org/p/country-music-hall-of-fame-put-david-allan-coe-in-country-hall-of-fame

  11. Blake music carter

    I’m a cowboy who’s a certified scuba diver ;)

  12. Roswitha H.

    schöne zeit

  13. Frank Smith

    David Allen Coe ROCKS!

  14. Andrew R

    Oh man, this is like a bad Jimmy buffett rip off!

    Blake music carter

    Boo this man!!! ^^^

  15. David Snyder

    when I lived in big pine key I met him at the no-name bar in no-name key

  16. James Dawson

    Sailors do it wetter. And sailors do it better. Just sayin

  17. Tyler Begley

    Jimmy buffet he dont live in key west anymore

    Matthew Boren

    Fuck Jimmy Buffett. David Allan Coe is the real McCoy and a real badass

  18. Fridgerator Sam

    His intro has the same melody as the chorus to changes in lattitudes. Coe's lyrics are much better.

    Joseph Bradley

    Jimmy Buffett was going to sue but he said he didn't want Coe to get his name in the paper!

  19. Preston Mcalhany

    Sounds just like changes in latitudes 😤

  20. Aaron Cope

    And David sings changes in latitudes alittle bit better ;)

  21. robert summers

    Welders do it in all positions ;-)

  22. Logan Fronatt

    This song cost me $1000. I had to show it to my girlfriend and I had to pull it up of YouTube, which wouldn’t load so I did it while driving, which resulted in my side-swiping a bridge because I wasn’t paying attention. Better fucking be worth it, David.


    Logan Fronatt are you mad at old David?

    Logan Fronatt

    I mean I was putting my phone down when I hit the bridge, but hey you're probably better at life than me, crappyatlife.

    Michelle Violette

    Logan Fronatt ...you can bet your ass it is!! country girl from Vermont

  23. Ronny Sterling

    DAC is from Albion, MI so why does he sound all southern like? He’s a bluebelly boy

    jeff hartung

    Ronny Sterling hes from ohio

    Magne Høiberg

    he's got the song for it, i'm an Ohio boy...


    Ronny Sterling hes from Ohio momo boy

    Chewy Pritchett

    Ronny Sterling he was born in Akron Ohio



    Fuckin yankee lol

  24. trackertrucker8916

    King of country music right here

  25. ShitinWithNoBathroom

    Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West anymore. So fuck off.

  26. John B

    Total ripoff of Jimmy Buffett's "Changes in Latitudes." Coe is an amazing talent but he sunk to low level on this one.

  27. Bryan Mitchell

    Anyone considered that maybe he knew we would think it sounded just like it and he was just fucking with jimmy buffett?

  28. Andrew Johansen

    Son of a son of a son of a bitch. what's all that bullshit for Jimmy Buffet, he don't live in Key West anymore..

  29. Mike Walsh

    Great Song!

  30. Rachel Houtchens

    Any comments Alison?

  31. slm2500

    the best country and western artist that ever lived. anyone who doesn't agree can suck start a pistol

    brian pomodoro

    Suck start a pistol. luv it. Mind if I use that darlin?


    brian pomodoro own it

    Magne Høiberg

    Got my vote with that comment :) cheers mate ;)

    curtis grupe

    agreed this guy is the best

  32. Ernie Irvine

    I call bull shit if u don't like to bad [email protected] off... David allen coe was a great telant. amd all u none telant pieces of crap can go dry hump your pets

    Ernie Irvine

    Tommy peterson

    Bob Smith

    Yes. So how's graduate school going, Ernie?

    Franklin Anders

    Hey Ernie, How does it feel to be a poster boy for affirmative action in employment?

  33. Mark Brooks

    Changes in Latitudes sucked but this song is awsome.


    Nah bro DAC just got lazy and stole a popular song. The only reason he didn't get sued is because he wasn't famous enough for jimmy buffet to care. The lawsuit would have only helped DAC record sales

    Ernie Irvine

    +Shoostful oh really the only reason he didnt get sued..... what did Jimmy really ever have....... oh 1 hit ha

  34. Tommy Petersen

    how can anyone not hear "changes in latitudes" here!? I don't mind Coe's music but there is a reason Jimmy tried to sue him, David Allen Coe was well known for taking false credit and telling tall tales. His prison experiences have a million different versions....all from him. Still Nashville misses characters like him.

    Robert Stiles

    I heard this song back in the early 80's in jr high - didn't latitudes come out in 1998? don't know could only find a reference to divers in 1978 in a movie. so who stole from who? not sure don't care but just because Buffet was heard before Coe or vice versa doesn't mean Coe stole the music. maybe someone should post release dates on both songs.

    Nathan Anschutz

    And this is better anyway

    joel lapeyrouse

    Jimmy’s song never crossed my mind until I read about it here. ain’t nobody got nothing on DAC

    Kris Rosenberger

    Ur retarded

    joel lapeyrouse

    Kris Rosenberger I know you are but what am I you moron

  35. Buck

    I'm a diver in my sisters pussy :)


    Getter done, buck!

  36. Fireicewitch

    Doctors do it cleaner.. bikers do it meaner... but cowboy's stay in the saddle just a little bit longer!! Haha love this tune.

    Shirley Ford

    Don't know about Drs. But I'm married to a biker turned rancher. Trust me darling. I got the best of both worlds.

    Denise Smith

    @Shirley Ford

  37. Hollis Brown

    It is the same melody as Changes in latitudes. Not to say it's a bad song.

    Joseph Bradley

    Jimmy accused him of plagiarism, but didn't sue because he said he didn't want Coe to get his name in the paper!

  38. RaginCountryBoy

    Love Jimmy Buffet and David Allan Coe. This reminds me of a crazy time in the worst place on the Coast of California.. Pismo Beach!

    Donald Stump

    RaginCountryBoy pismo isn't that bad

    Cain G

    RaginCountryBoy at Harrys bar in pismo, lol

  39. rebecca hess

    yes we do yehaw ride that sadle

  40. Patriot Cane

    I know that's right.. Follow me @trotlinedesigns on twitter.

  41. Grins

    Hey Brandywine 271!

  42. RaginCountryBoy

    I did!

  43. TheCheddarBandit

    This sounds nothing like Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude


    You are clearly deaf.

  44. Jesse S

    hey bob

  45. Apathesis0

    Your reading comprehension skills leave much to be desired. People claim this sounds like a Jimmy Buffet tune. I was just disagreeing with them.

  46. BrandyWine271

    big girls do it better

  47. BrandyWine271

    thats not jimmy buffet dumbass

    Michelle Violette

    BrandyWine271 small girls are fun size ;)

  48. Jeff Yuppy

    only you seeing there is a dislike.

  49. Apathesis0

    Sounds nothing like that shitty Jimmy Buffet tune.

  50. Robert Woodard

    OMG! He DID plagiarize Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes!