Dave Matthews Band - Why I Am Lyrics

I grew from monkey into man
then I crushed fifteen million with a wave of my hand
I grew drunk on water turned into wine
Till I was slave and master at the same damn time

It's why I am
why I am
why I am
Still here dancing with the GrooGrux King

Out of my head and into the womb. Hello
A king of men it makes no sense
When I bow to the priest while I worship the witch

But it's why I am
always the one to make you smile
Why I am
still snake in the woodpile
It's Why I am
still here dancing with the GrooGrux King

Out of my head and into the womb
So will my ghost takes me from you
You can remember the fool that I am
Dont cry baby don't cry
The lose and the win of the world
Wrong and right, us and them of the world
It's the you and the me of the world
Only one way out of the world

Its the lose and the win of the world
Wrong and right, us and them of the world
It's the you and the me of the world
Only one way out of the world

[Tim Reynolds solo]

Its why I am
unlikely to agree
Why I am
climbin out of my monkey tree
Why I am
still here dancin with the GrooGrux King
we'll be drinkin Big Whiskey while we dance and sing
and when my story ends its gonna end with him
Heaven or Hell I'm goin there with the GrooGrux King
Its Why I am
the apple of your pretty eye
Why I am
a snake in the woodpile
Why I am
still here dancin with the GrooGrux King

out of my head an into the womb
so will my ghost takes me from you
you can remember the fool that I am
Dont cry baby don't cry

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Dave Matthews Band Why I Am Comments
  1. Brandon Monda

    The drums are too hard sounding and the song sounds not in tune, holding the guitar on note but led into retaining the first out of song pushing on though, revised!

  2. JRBL1A1

    Just saw them live... they opened with this song. What a great act! They sounded great! DMB is one of those groups that NEEDS to put out new material, the music industry is suffering and it needs class acts like them to keep the good stuff going.

  3. Kyle D Bear

    This is Crowley from super natural

  4. boobs gruber

    Dave Carter leroi Stefan Boyd

  5. TheKameraEye

    Long Live the GrooGrux King!

  6. Maxamillion Pegasus

    1.5x speed = cocaine

  7. Caroline Menezes

    Why hes what

  8. Caroline Menezes

    Why hes what

  9. Alec Borden

    Since we have this song about LeRoi Moore, why not one about Boyd Tinsley?

  10. willard fillmore

    Just incredible.. Thank you so much,!!!.

  11. Robert Smith


  12. Keith Woodward

    Cause they are the best!

  13. 559BearDown

    RIP Leroi Moore

  14. Peer Supporter

    WHY ??? BECAUSE !!!

  15. K D

    An amazing song about a fallen friend.

  16. mike jones

    One of my favorite groups of all time for the ages!?!

  17. dee carter

    Love the video!

  18. Filip K

    was at soldier field in 1998 - when dave came out, I never seen 20,000+ people stand all at once and light a joint :)


    Sounded perfect

  20. Graham Whitworth

    Who’s listening in 2018?!

  21. John LaPlaca Jr

    This is such an amazing song. Reminds me of my dogs who have passed. My husky passed away last night and I played this song in his honor. Dakota RIP 04/2005-08-16-18.

    Ivonne Rodriguez

    Baby blue is the song for my dog Max, who passed away 3 years ago.

  22. Richard Wadei

    Rick this is a good song

  23. Shannon

    gosh I LOVE this band!!!! i could listen all day

  24. Priscilla Sutton

    Love Him!!!

  25. anthony costa

    DMB greatest of all time!!!!!

  26. Autumn Meadows

    I love his music

  27. wvparrothead31

    I like this version best.

  28. ShadowManV3

    this song is so fucking catchy

  29. Jamie Vines

    Man can I Identify with his lyrics!!!n

  30. Jamie Vines

    Man can I Identify with his lyrics!!!n

  31. Jamie Vines

    Man can I Identify with his lyrics!!!

  32. Jamie Vines

    Man can I Identify with his lyrics!!!

    Mattes Cog

    But can you REALLY identify with the lyrics? ; ) Just messin' with ya'. This is a great song.

  33. james dotson

    i cant stop listening to this song. i think it is the best!

  34. Ella Cobb

    My song😎

  35. Mike Powell

    Believe it or not Dave played my high school graduation party in 1992.

    john doe

    believe it or not, most famous artists have played many small gatherings before becoming famous. its not hard to believe at all. you're lucky to have attended one!

    John Bowen

    That is just freakin awesome Bro.

    Mason Herlihy

    That’s sick, I got hooked on Dave in the mid 90’s after he played at a frat house in Chapel Hill, Nc that my sister was at. She went to state but was dating a guy who went to the UNC frat. So I def believe you and that’s so awesome! Many who experienced what y’all did stand by the fact you knew they were gonna be good/famous. Hard not to see them live at that time and not feel that cheers 👍

    Mason Herlihy

    Dave lmao- saw that video and was pissed at those talking lunatics! Like wtf

    Adrian Ezzo

    @Guy it wasn't "blockbuster video" it was a "blockbuster music" bought by "blockbuster video" from "Erol's" but still no respect for the (at the time) relatively unknown artist.

  36. Mike Powell

    Carter is amazing...

  37. Will Renoit

    love the dmb always had all their songs on phone......phone hacked n havent had music....lied about false claims n so many false stories t cover a womans choices n self serving n profit.....but all i can hear n say is.....
    its why i am...

    ..thanks dave its songs like this make me remember i am who i say i am n i try to love. a day at a time.......rest is all insignificant in the soundtrack of life......just a nothing hiding in a story.....but me...its why i am...

    Will Renoit

    By the way other great bands clash who i actually saw...Counting. Crows ..hold steady...n all time great the cure

    Will Renoit

    Im an electrician but its like im learning all over again ya kno.

    Brian Donofrio

    Will Renoit Awesome music you are calling out. The Clash, Counting Crows... I'm sooo with you and backing you up from the back. We can continue talking. Life is worth living. I'm here.

    Will Renoit

    Thanks bro im fond for night gotta be on site 6thrty

    Brian Donofrio

    Will Renoit Tell me that site obe more time. I'll check it out.

  38. Lance Steelflex

    my mom will not stop listening to these guys same songs since 2006!!!!

    Tommy Hartlieb

    thats a bad thing?

    Lance Steelflex

    i get sick of em

    Connor Feezel

    Not me!

  39. Christinacd C

    I think this is a sweet album plus they have some roi in it!

  40. Robin Scully

    This song has become a sort of theme song for myself

  41. Vincent Vega

    I was in raleigh watching them the night after the Gru Grux King died

    Brian Donofrio

    Vincent Vega Long live LeRoi!

    Bulletproof Tiger

    Vincent Vega it was the night after he wrecked

    steven lloyd

    I can’t stop watching “seek up” from that set

    joseph Howell

    Welcome to nc

  42. Zachary Manno

    God how do you play that solo

  43. John Hagan

    If you're at a Dave concert you MUST sing along

    NYC Mamma

    FUnky gibbon

  44. Nir Dekel

    you're band is so good

  45. Samuel Stallcup

    WHY I AM!!!!!

  46. Hank Johnson



    David Gray and Maynard are kings as well

    Joel Schama

    Right after Peter Gabriel, I'd agree.

    Groovy Purp

    Hank Johnson LMAO

    John Bowen

    You just may be right. I've got a couple serious challengers, but ....... Love the Maynard and Gray recognition from Dave.

    John Bowen

    @Guy You nailed it! MAYNARD is insane live. Can't get enough.

  47. L S Frazier

    Thinking about all of my co-workers....what we do...everyday.

    L S Frazier

    @LauretteSusan "Why We Are". We just ARE. Peace. Strength. Respect. Humility. Honour. Human Services.

  48. Joshua Andrews

    Dude, Tim. WOW. 

  49. Sean O'Reilly

    Good Stuff! I have a Dave Matthews cover that's worth a watch as well. Much appreciated.

  50. Nick Broomhall

    "This song is called whaaaam."

  51. johmrmaxine M

    Why not .. ???  That's WHY I AM ... !!!!!

  52. Kevin Knight

    I love this song

  53. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf

    rockin' forever

  54. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf

    I am rockin'

  55. Andrew Schumacher

    Why does Dave's shirt keep changing?

    Hip Chick

    Because he is covered in sweat from kicking ass. Mick Jagger changes all the time.

    Andrew Schumacher

    @Hip Chick No, it's like they cut two different concert footages together.  He starts out wearing  long-sleeve t-shirt, but at other times he's wearing a button-down collared shirt. 

  56. Jim Pawloski

    Great jam

  57. michaelstacey zwernemann

    I'm not saying any band member is better than another one, but i think the music along with the lyrics is something special. Especially the video WOW it's so moving.

  58. amaledmbfan

    W-O-W! LMAO Stevie! While I too miss Butch smackin the ivories, I would never suggest getting rid of Tim Reynolds. I actually always wondered what took them so long to add Timmy to the band full time. I mean, I know TR3 was really cute and all, but c'mon. lol Maybe he is there b/c it has been rumored that Jim Hendrix heard Timmy play solo and literally spun around in his grave 6 times. (i.e., There is no other human being alive today, capable of playing the guitar like Timmy Reynolds can,

  59. Dolph Lungrin

    Agreed. Crazy rain/encore

  60. 4313Irish

    The instrumental for this song was created while LeRoi was still alive, Dave said that when they were recording the album that Roi really loved the way this song sounded, so it now dedicated to him.

  61. Hunter Witherspoon

    RIP Roy. 5th anniversary. I'm still here dancing with the groogrux king

  62. thomas mason

    still dancing to the Groo Grux King..

  63. AlPal

    Where my story ends, it’s gonna end with him
    Heaven or hell, I’m going down with the GrooGrux King

  64. mmalovr57

    Jam it up upstairs LeRoi. Paradise has got one hell of a sax player. Peace brother!

  65. Spaceghost

    R.I.P. LeRoi. Forever and always the Groo Grux King.

  66. van davis

    its good everytime

  67. van davis

    thank someone for dave

  68. soccernut212

    Going Wednesday to see him in Raleigh with the lumineers! Can't wait!

  69. Alex Leight

    NO ONE can be unhappy listening to them!

  70. Earl Robb

    Dave ROCKS

  71. shroomer41

    LeRoi. The Groo Grux King.

  72. PKG20C

    @3:32 Dave rocking the s**t out of that guitar :)

  73. calebguillaume333

    Does anyone know how to find full videos of Carter Beauford (drummer) on these live performances? that would make my day....

  74. weezer619

    just relized iv never really seen dave with an electric guitar, and iv seen this video like 20 times...where the hell was I?

  75. Fuopod TechVideos

    well i beg to differ I'm 14 and i went to a dmb concert on the 29th of june in hershey pa and right in front of me their was a couple but the girl was so wasted and was climbing all over him and she said "i want to have sex right now" i swear we all had a wtf moment and the boyfriend acted vary pissed so he left with her. that my friend is a well encountered drunk/high girl/dmb fan best dmb concert ever!

  76. Gina M

    The new saxophonist does not hold a candle to LeRoi. He will always be the true Groo Grux King.

    RIP Grux...

  77. Mike Smith

    Sure is,,, Cheers to the king. Time to poor a big whiskey and enjoy.

  78. erin

    weird i always thought it was "i bow to the east while i worship the west" but i guess its really "i bow to the priest while i worship the witch"?

  79. Kelkiiii

    On loop.

  80. tddraper52

    ESPN brought me here in 2009 and still listening in 2012

  81. matt angotti

    @corbin: yes, leroi would often joke about a being called the gru grux king and he and the band would drink big whiskey together and tell stories about him. It was kind of an inside joke amongst the band until his death. Dave thought it would be fitting to name the album after that to tribute leroi

  82. EmilyK

    same here rap is shit

  83. Rattlehead7211

    @metalh3ad546 hopefully when you grow up a bit more you'll still love bands like DMB, and learn not to hate , rather, understand other types of music

  84. Frannie White

    @CorbinDoughty94 Yes it is

  85. Corbin Doughty

    I'm trying to figure out.. Is this a tribute to LeRoi? If it is, what a rocking send off.

  86. BioDiver

    If you think this is good you need to check out Dave's duets and duels with Tim Reynolds.

  87. julian guevara

    i wish they still made guitar hero games, i would LOVE to strum out that solo on xbox

  88. julian guevara

    carter beauford > every other drummer in the world

  89. Josh Hana

    1:32 YEAHHHHH

  90. MrPuddlesTheDog

    368,519 views? funny the view counter is only counting my views

  91. keepntyme

    This song has SACK !~!

  92. MickeyFam

    You rock Tim!!!

  93. paulie3jobs

    I thought that's what it might be. Thanks. TheRarecats, I just got back from Hershey, this song was playing in the park the other night. Very cool.

  94. patdocsteeler38

    @paulie3jobs lyrics for carter

  95. paulie3jobs

    What's on the video monitor in the drum set?

  96. TheRarecats

    Dave loves hershey's chocolate! When he preforms at hershey he spends the day with his daughters at chocolate world and hershey park! Some times he throws hershey's chocolate syrup in the crowd

  97. Corbin Doughty

    @Johnnymay86 funny.. your comment was posted 11 months ago, and.. they're still together. NOT TRUE! :D