Dave Matthews Band - Time Bomb Lyrics

I'm a ticking time bomb
Waiting to blow my top
No one would ever know
Not until I blew up

No one would believe it
He was such a normal guy
Shake their heads and wonder why

If Martians fell from the sky
What would that do to god?
Would we put the weapons down
Or aim it up at the sky

No one would believe it
Except the fucking nut jobs
They laugh and cry we told you so

Baby when I get home
I want to believe in Jesus
Hammer in the final nail
Help me pick up the pieces

When everything starts to fall
So fast that it terrifies you
When will you hit the wall?
Are you gonna learn to fly?

No one would believe it
Except for all the people
Watching as you fly away

Baby when I get home
I want to pick up the pieces
Hammer in the final nail
And lean me up against Jesus

Baby when I get home
I want to believe in Jesus
You can Hammer in the final nail
But help me pick up
the pieces

Baby when I get home
Help me pick up the pieces
You can hammer in the final nail
I wanna believe in Jesus

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Dave Matthews Band Time Bomb Comments
  1. Mike Holmes

    Dave Mathews kills best live band ever seen him 9 times . Absolutely amazing .

    Logan dogan

    They really do rock

  2. dee carter

    Hey... I'm a 'fuckin nut job'...and we are right. And you gotta believe in Jesus!

  3. Christinacd C

    in retrospect this album reminds me of before these crowded streets. it takes me a while to adjust to new dmb albums, once they start to give the songs more of on stage feel.

  4. Andrew

    Put the speed up to 1.25 and the song is 1000x better


    Or stop doing so much blow man.

  5. MrVenado80

    Thumbs up if Pacquiaos Hennesy commercial brought you here, and you were let down ...

  6. Kino K

    You must have bad taste in music then

  7. Kino K

    The song in that commercial is not this tho.

    Soooo....... yah

  8. Amy

    omg cool!

  9. Raphael Massie

    Thumbs up if you came here because you bought this CD and shut yourself from the world for three days to listen to it....Again you came back for a little reunion

  10. efx productions

    Honestly, the similarities are limited. Where this song wanders, the hennessy commercial goes strong with a clear direction and purpose. You guys mistake a few similarities in key for a reinterpretation.

  11. efx productions

    Hah, the RBC. You bitches better stay outta my town!

    Not exactly pleasing pitch on many of the last bar quarters.

  12. Eliza Wagman

    This song was so fucking CRAZY live, holy shiiiiiiiiit

  13. JoNo1328

    Hear it live in concert and I think you'll change your mind. This song goes hard.

  14. ANDRES


  15. Rodrigo Renzo

    No. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND brought me here.

  16. Kyle O'Connor

    When I go to the airport, I make sure this song is my ring tone lol

  17. Anthony Carrera

    Playstation Home brought me here

  18. Kusabi

    @playram1 wow you're a fag.... getting emotional over not playing Playstation and playing WoW instead... get an Xbox and STFU

  19. wickedtraditions

    @repentnow123 an acid dropping bible thumper. doesnt get any better then that eh. lmao.

  20. minamu8

    Best song on their best album.

  21. Dick Krammington

    first time i heard this i was on 2 hits of bomb acid and it blew my mind cuz im a christian. new agers who listen to this please find jesus. you cannot be your own savior.. lord yeshua bless you all!!!! FIND JESUS DAVE!!

    Brewer 91

    Dick Krammington shut your fuckin pie hole dude! Jog on!

  22. Trish Plant

    I love listening to this with headphones, and hearing Dave whisper "relax" at the beginning

  23. Kevin Finley

    Hits me like a rock... This song pretty much describes my thought process

  24. BigShean

    This song is amazing. The lyrics are genius

  25. brian sartain

    @spooninspoon ---yes it is, nice spot

  26. Kevin Bettencourt

    When i heard em play this live my jaw dropped

  27. gomiftw

    Love this tune, reminds me of Halloween

  28. hawleywe

    @KFCFK agreed

  29. Shell Cracker

    *Puts On Flame Shield* First heard this on playstation home

  30. spooninspoon

    dreaming tree part 2 ?

  31. emma leigh

    I hear something familiar in his voice, I want to say Echo and the Bunnymen, Lips Like Sugar. Anyone else?

  32. Ricardo Ramos Olvera

    best moments in Rock last times

  33. Kodiakkia

    I actually laughed out loud to your comment.

  34. Costas Papaconstadinou

    @mhh8997 the jonas brothers cant write music. there music is written by studio producers because there brains dont function the same as other musicians.

  35. Kodiakkia

    Umm no. Why would DMB have JB write a song for them when they have all the means to do it themselves? This song is by Dave Matthews Band no one else.

  36. tyler pinson

    so didnt the jonas brothers actually write this song? dave matthews is so unoriginal. he completely stole this song from them

    Kenneth Koh

    no, just no.

  37. Tyler Mudrick

    I first heard hints of Eddie Vedder as well... Either could easily make this song brilliant i like what dave has done here.

  38. GodzillaThrillaKilla

    the emotion of this song is Eddie Vedderish...so powerful.....it's brilliant...love this song!

  39. Stephen Carmody

    best song on the album, gota love the last verses passion

  40. NintendoCapriSun

    Man, can you just imagine what a video for this song from them would look like? :D

    I'm actually surprised they don't go into the "No one would believe it" segment one more time at the end. The lack of that hook kinda makes the shock of the last part fizzle a bit. But still love the song regardless.

  41. Maverick198904

    yap lol thats how i found it

  42. Awal Aznable

    love this song they always play it at central plaza on playstation's home

  43. mistadobalina29

    um im not quite sure what you meant by that, couldnt really understand it. but i live on my own, you looked pretty young on your profile so im just going to leave this alone.

  44. mistadobalina29

    you must be a huge fan, youve been to one whole show.

  45. Bryan Tecter

    at the end of the song his voice is like electronically mad for the song

  46. romy x

    all the fucking nutjobs!

    Great lyrics, xD

  47. Baene1

    Simply awesome!

  48. smythbrs

    This song is awesome.. I suggest you check out the whole cd and listen to the lyrics..keep listening and you will love it.

  49. Wings for Wheels

    little bit.. I wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't say it but there is a slight similarity but i don't think there is any real similarity

  50. Beaudreau

    this song rocks, get the cock out your ears

  51. walawalawalt

    does anyone think this is pretty similar to indifference by pearl jam?

  52. Kelita007

    ...bowing down to the Googrux King! Loooove this album so far!

  53. Sarah Olschan

    this is my favorite song on the album!

  54. Westernsharpie's RC

    why does everybody get so fucking offended when somebody says they don't like something, if i think this song likes ass thats just my opinion, not every song is good.

  55. Ibrahim Sulaiman

    100% agree

  56. Ryan Mahlan

    i feel like the band has finally broken ground since btcs. i love it.

  57. Bama Drone FPV

    Everyone knows dave rocks...Ignore idiots.

  58. spooninspoon

    Wow... This is hands down my fav. off this album.

  59. spooninspoon

    Dave at his best...

  60. Mike Ferrera

    they get crazy in this song. Great album DMB.

  61. ser1988

    this is just pure awesomeness from DMB once again. Such A Great Album

  62. TurtleMafia

    What can I say? It's my pride and joy.

  63. TurtleMafia

    My fav songs from Big Whiskey:
    Time Bomb
    Alligator Pie
    The other songs like Funny the Way it is and Why I am seem very mainstream. The last half of the album is really good and the songs I mentioned above feel more like DMB.

  64. sigmamike80

    That song is unbelievable. Wow. I can't wait to hear it live at the beacon theater!