Dave Matthews Band - Shake Me Like A Monkey Lyrics

The thing I like about you
The way you do what you do
The thing I like about you
God and the devil alone could not have made you up

Two must have worked as one together
So good just want to eat you up
Let me like the real thing
Lick your sticky fingers boy and sing for your dinner sing

Come on pretty babe make me lose my mind
Everybody get together gonna make love shine

Do you know what it is to feel the light of love inside you?
And all the darkness falls away
If you feel the way I feel then believe we have the answer
I've been searching for tonight
Love me baby love me baby shake me like a monkey
forever I'm yours

I can't stop thinking about you
yeah yeah yeah
why would I want to
I like coffee with toast and jelly
But I'd rather be licking from your back to your belly
I think I'm going to

Do you know what it is to feel the light of love inside you?
And all the darkness falls away
If you feel the way I feel then believe we have the answer
I've been searching for tonight
Love me baby love me baby shake me like a monkey
forever I'm yours

Cigarettes and coffee broken heart and being lonely little girls
And ponies are the things that go together
Yes and no you have to choose Romeo and Juliet the hang man and his noose
You and me would go together

Kiss Kiss make a wish
Hope that it comes true
But I ain't waiting for the world to change
Gonna change the world for you

Come on pretty baby make you ose your mind
Everybody get together gonna make love shine

Do you know what it is to feel the light of love inside you?
And all the darkness falls away
If you feel the way I feel then believe we have the answer
I've been searching for tonight
Love me baby love me baby shake me like a monkey
forever I'm yours

Come on everybody make me lose my mind
Everybody get together gonna make love shine

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Dave Matthews Band Shake Me Like A Monkey Comments
  1. Kaley Dixon

    I love this song "shake me "💖🐒💖🐒💖🐒

  2. Flanexism 01

    Thanks to my dad for playing this whole album every time we were in the car for more than 5 mins while I was growing up. Glad I know I picked up good taste in music. <3

  3. anofi berry

    Vidman 1992,, That Volume, You BRING IT Sun ! Thank You !

  4. Sean McGowan

    Sounds like Word Up by Cameo.

  5. Kam

    Who’s jamming this for Mardi Gras in 2019? NOLA has its paws all over this album.

  6. Ayden Black

    I love this song i always listen to it

  7. Arthur Peters

    “ Do you know what it is , to feel the light of love inside you?”

  8. Joe Bro

    When I first heard this song, the intro made me think it was going to be a cover of Cameo's "Word Up."

  9. Peyton Kasberg

    Dave Matthews band big whiskey

  10. BenjiBean

    This is my favorite album of DMB!

  11. Fast EddieVH

    This song reminds me of the song Word Up by Cameo.


    I was about to say the same thing.

    Joe Bro

    I heard this song last night and thought it was going to be a cover of Word Up.

  12. Charles Wood


  13. Power to Truth

    Dave was so outspoken about apartheid in SA. I'm still waiting for him to speak out against the current day oppression of whites in SA from the anc and other thugs. Not to mention the near genocide being commited against white farmers

  14. GT FROST

    I love it

  15. Moises S. T.

    hey Anna

  16. mokay14

    Playstation Home is how I came to know this song.

    FLOOD Kevin

    haha!! me too!! I wish it was still around.

  17. wllstl

    Rashawn Ross was the perfect addition to the band.

  18. wllstl

    Forever dancing with Groo....

  19. Christinacd C

    one of their best albums

  20. Kaitlyn Kneece

    yeah dave matthews. i'm only 17 yet ive fallen for his touch in the art of music.not many bands have a saxohone and a violinist. my mom would listen to him  in the car all the time. none of his songs get old. i could play his songs over and over and over. keep it up dave.

    _ emarr

    it's not that weird I'm only 13 and did it


    im really happy to see parents still playing it for you guys to hear :D

    Andy Simmons

    I was doing the same thing at age 3!

    Andy Simmons

    Our parents know how to parent apparently

  21. brody johnson

    Why have I not heard this song before today? It's so good!

  22. stuart


  23. Thiago Sant Ana

    They should be called "Dave Matthews and his Super Band"

  24. Chris Wolff


  25. Chris Wolff

    You have no soul.

  26. Carlos Vizarreta

    ohhhh yeah

  27. Sean O'Reilly

    Great video! If anyone has a moment, please check out the Dave Matthews cover on my channel. Thank ya!

    William Howard

    Uh none of us care

    Kate Lawson

    Don't listen to that person I've seen your videos and you're really good:) keep it up!

  28. thelastholdout

    You have the best marching band ever.

  29. Glenn Kallasingh


  30. istanbulsakini

    i love these two lines:
    "god and the devil alone could not have made you up
    two must have worked as one together"

  31. Paul Ladendorf

    Damn this song kicks!

  32. Traci Culler

    saw this concert in the Gorge. It was amazing.

  33. Mark Ormandy

    I can't think of a single DMB song that doesn't involve pussy

  34. Mark Ormandy

    Best DMB album ever, even better than These Crowded Streets, which is a solid #2 for me.

  35. Josh Vinson

    For the 32 people that disliked this, you need to see a doctor

    strobe light

    Wyldfire lol I love this song I love Dave Matthews yea take my soul in another place

  36. Thomas DaSilva

    powerful powerful performances on this album. they really infused their energy into this, probably for leroi. i always say they missed the guy so much they brought in 4 new instruments to fill his place

    anofi berry

    Perfectly Stated Thomas... Beautiful.

  37. Vojtěch Ryšavý

    Im sitting on my legs now...is shaking of my head enough or am I dead aswel?

  38. stacy Davis

    fills my soul

  39. Ibrahim Saadat

    then you are

  40. Jane Doe

    Its dave matthews. Of course its about sex :)

    Barbara Profazi

    and strangely no booze mentioned this time 😏

  41. Johann Schmidt

    It's quite obviously about sex... It's just poetically written.

  42. Jane Doe

    If this song sucks, im a homosexual blackman on welfare.

  43. 32rgreene

    The intro is ridiculous! Those horns are crazy!!!

  44. Brian Cabrera

    Jk it's okay

  45. Brian Cabrera

    This song sucks

    Jason Elsey

    Brian Cabrera you suck for saying this song sucks. Move along...

  46. zlWeLsHy

    This song is a memorial to the groo grux king, whereas the album as a whole is about the grieving process for his loss. If you don't like it then dont listen to it. Disrespectful pricks.

  47. Samuel Milton


  48. Jaghepe

    thumbs up for the man shouting at the end!! haha!

  49. Fly Jones

    Carter is a pack of HELL.

    Andy Simmons

    Good way or bad way?

  50. J 24


  51. TheRealAmsterdam

    This song makes no sense. Like, I can try to comprehend, but I just cannot

  52. Tyler Martin

    Carter Beauford is my favorite drummer alive.

  53. John Lewis

    Awesome stuff!

  54. Lunch73box

    Your clothes melt off! Thats a steaming hot review! Even hotter if you look anything remotely like Miranda Kerr!! Phew!

  55. Michelle Sophia

    my all time favorite song!! DMB is the hottest band and this song is the best song they've ever done. <3 My clothes melt off when I hear it.. ;)

  56. Ryan

    3:57 YEAH!

  57. funshinebear1

    18 people don't know music.

  58. Lunch73box

    Such amazingly talented songwriters and musicians. These guys sparkle a warm fuss that invigorates my spirit. Albums like this make life special.

  59. Bilb Ono

    i remember this was on ps home and we would do the line, while i drank heavily.

  60. THERONanna moppetboulda

    thank you for your kind words stranger, all the best of this world to you also :)

  61. dancingnancy09

    I'm so happy for you- i truly hope that hapiness lasts for the bulk of your life!

  62. emofunk13

    Bartender please! Make mine a double...

  63. Random G


  64. MeghanB

    we are doing this song in my marcching band

  65. THERONanna moppetboulda

    i've been a fan for years but i just gotta share this... i love everything about this band.. their music, the fact that the band is multi-racial, their both honesty and modesty, their attitude, the fact that they've been together (except for LeRoi.. RIP) since the beginning of the band, the way they take care of each other.. not to mention Dave's ever so sexy lyrics and singing..without them my world would have been so much poorer... thank you DMB for the energy you have brought into my life :)

  66. THERONanna moppetboulda

    half my life I've been dreaming of meeting a man that would make me feel like this song goes and... he's just materialized :)

  67. Iosif Dzhugashvili

    PSHome... ahhh, the good old days voting for this song and dancing on the plaza! Hell yes.

  68. crimsonkng1

    If you're not tapping your foot to this song, then you'd better check your pulse because you're obviously dead.

  69. M i s h k a

    I wanna know who was on PSHome back then when Dave Matthews was rockin' the damn dancefloor in Central Plaza. Good Ol' Days! Had so much fun back then, now PSHome is ruined by Fam's, trolls, and internet thugs...dammit.

  70. Holly

    This is going to be the first dance song at my wedding <3 Because we roll like that.

  71. fr9die

    same here. :-)

  72. MarlinManjaro

    2012 tour!!!!

  73. Duncan Webb


  74. dustin shifflett

    2012 tour!!!

  75. Combatcorncob

    does anyone else hear the very sexual undertone in this song even in just the title of it

  76. Mediocre Gentleman

    Greatest song ever.

  77. Condo700

    me haces falta tiiiiii!

  78. Troye_Bill_Andy

    ok i have a story dave mathew post his first song in 1990.this year he didnt reallymean to get caught drounding his toar bus.he got put in prisen for a day.but he is fine and nice!

  79. Melanie S

    does anyone else hear the "yeah!" at the end of the song?

  80. Denton Smith

    for real dude respect i cant not be happy when this song comes on :) theyre coming to chicago this summer dog, seein this live would put me into another galaxy dog for real hahaha

  81. Denton Smith

    everyone says they love dave matthews band but the hardcore fans listen to this song!!!! all the mainstream fans listen to you and me, but this song is the best dave matthews song EVER!!! THIS SONG IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! hahahha so good

  82. thekingchris1

    atlantic city caravan......best weekend of my life!! great people, great music AMAZING memories!!!

  83. Alexa Zupcic

    don't know why they aren't more popular... UGH.

  84. crimsonkng1

    Seriously, I do not understand how there can be 17 dislikes. This is a PHENOMINAL song.

  85. JaidThaMaid

    @sdecker95 What is happening next year?!

  86. J Bro

    anyone know any drummers that could teach u how to drum like that? lol

  87. yetposh

    I'm shaking so much, I'm practically convulsing. Mindblowing song.

  88. snowboarder952

    @sdecker95 I KNOW. haha. I seriously was kind of depressed because i had such a fucking awesome time there. Best weekend of my life hands down.

  89. snowboarder952

    @sdecker95 Sarcasm ,man. I just got back from DMB Caravan at the Gorge, which by the way was fucking incredible. But yeah I hate the Jonas Brothers. Dave is one of my favorite groups

  90. Trent Lilly

    @Pharaoh43 we all know that the Jonas brothers aren't old enough to drink the amount of whiskey to do what dave does....it's just fact!

  91. Richard Hoover

    the horn parts = <3

  92. lazyfelix

    2:40 - John Mayer diss

  93. GunsNAeroStones

    I'm playing this at my wedding.

  94. XxBloodyCrumpet23xX

    @AngelsOfSilence6 but stil on a totally diffent continent, dick

  95. XxBloodyCrumpet23xX

    @AngelsOfSilence6 Yes...i'll make sure to toast your Queen while i'm at it, Foreigner

  96. TehShaqtus

    This might be the most badass song the world has ever seen

  97. fizzgigify

    how would your girlfriend react if you told her you went together like the hangman and his noose? just curious.

  98. XxBloodyCrumpet23xX

    "i like my coffee with toast and jelly...but i'd rather be lickin' you from your back to your belly..." How f*ing kinky is that?!?!...GOD i <3 Dave Matthews.