Dave Matthews Band - Lying In The Hands Of God Lyrics

Baby I'll be your soldier. Gladly, I'll do your bidding
Just a taste of what your holding, for just a taste you could only... me.

Save your sermons for someone thats afraid to love.
I'll be right here, lying in the hands of God.

Here it comes, diving in to me.
Now the floor is the ceiling.
If you never flew why would you, cut the wings off a butterfly? Fly.

Save your sermons for someone that's afraid to love.
If you knew what I feel then you couldn't be so sure.
I'll be right here lying in the hands of God.
If you feel angels in your hand, tear drops of joy runs down your face, you will rise.

Fillin' me up, now drain me
Skin begins to grow back slowly,
faster until I'm choking.
Really should call my mother, mother.

Save your sermons for someone that's afraid to love.
If you knew what I feel then you couldn't be so sure.
I'll be right here lying in the hands of God.

I am in love with nothing less.
Tear drops of joy runs off my face,
I will rise for someone that's afraid to love.
If you knew what I feel, then you couldn't be so sure.
I'll be right here lying in the hands of God.

Now the floor is the ceiling.
If you never flew, why would you?
If you never flew, why would you? You.
Why would you?

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Dave Matthews Band Lying In The Hands Of God Comments
  1. Brennan Ledet

    Dave's eyebrows are trying to tell me something.

  2. Marjorie Alvarez

    Alguien leyendo "EL I INFIERNO DE GABRIEL" en 2019?

  3. Brewer 91

    2009, what a wonderful year 👍

  4. Brewer 91


  5. Jeff Viola

    I’ll be right here.

  6. T J

    Seeing comments like "Gabriels Inferno" hello there fellow Gabriel lovers 💕

  7. ndbigeyedfish


  8. ManEatFoot

    what the fuck is gabriels inferno

  9. Marcela Alvarez

    la mayoría vinimos por Gabriel 😂😍🍑

  10. Alan Story

    Most realistic music ever,not pop it drop it . All about our lives,every day situation,

  11. Aixa Amado

    El infierno de Gabriel

  12. Susana Ribeiro

    O inferno de Gabriel trouxe-me aqui.

    Jaqueline Oliveira

    Susana Ribeiro estou nessa parte agrr

    Vania lea

    Susana Ribeiro li há quatro meses e tá dificil ler outro romance 💔#GabrielEmerson❤

    Kassandra Rayane Da Silva Moura

    A mim também ❤ kkkkk

  13. Jéssica Dourado

    Acho que é a terceira ou quarta vez que leio o o Livro Inferno de Gabriel kkkkkk Esse Gabriel é terrível!!!!

  14. Adam Cooke

    Sickest sax solo I have every seen and I am a Coltrane fan.

  15. ynotcougar

    Nothing but soul............

  16. Yulenis V.Mulford

    jajajajaja tambien estoy aquí por el Infierno De Gabriel!! *.*

  17. Maximale Construction


  18. Amanda Carvalho


    Vania lea

    Amanda Carvalho ameei O inferno de Gabriel e tah dificil ler outro romance viu 💔 #GabrieleJulia

  19. Dorene Lopez

    Best song makes you want to cry dance sing make love deeep shit beautiful for the soul indeed

  20. pag3309

    DMB is great the only band that sounds even better live than recorded


    Neil Young kicks it as well..........Especially with Crazy Horse...........

    Brewer 91

    Pearl Jam is great as well 👍

  21. beatriz santos

    Gabriel's inferno ❤❤❤❤

    Amanda Santos

    Now, I am reading Gabriel's julgamento.

  22. Karly ValenzuelA


  23. catarsis aristotélica


  24. drummer jay jr

    if u never flew why would u cut the wings off a butterfly? his ability to write powerful lyrics on top of an awesome band of musicians is just phenomenal


    O inferno de Gabriel... Essa parte é sensacional (Fazendo amor com Julia)

    Unicórnio Colorido *-*

    Gabriel foi perfeito com a sua Júlia, livro lindo, amei!

  26. SUGARPOP73

    Reading Gabriel's inferno ... He he , you know the part I'm talking about ...

    Jaqueline Oliveira

    SUGARPOP73 I'm just in that part right now

  27. Crie & Recrie - Moda

    Gabriel's Inferno <3

  28. Kevin Reed

    Such a great version...would love to see this full show! The mix is very nice!

  29. catocapu

    Someone from Colombia love this song. ;)

  30. Kav Bala

    I should thank sylvain Reynard for promoting them in his book, priceless!

  31. Kav Bala

    their live versions are even more better! total genius...

    Lydia Carter

    +Kav Bala Always!

  32. Eva Lemos


  33. Kendall Bowman

    "Love the blackwater on {the space between} reminds me of Georgetown near Myrtle Beach.

  34. TheRedOctoberProject

    7:05-7:35 For Carter going bonkers

  35. drummer jay jr

    wow the cd version is nice but Jeff freaking snapped on this performance

  36. Chris Doyle

    feel so sorry for boyd as he has to stand awkwardly on stage and watch :(

  37. Davis Waters

    I'm planning on playing this for an open mic night at my local coffee house

  38. Gillian Du Plooy

    Gabriel Inferno

  39. eviksmile

    I can't find any words...only just...I am in love with nothing less, teardrops of joy run off my face, I will rise...I love DMB :-*

  40. Eva Czerwonka

    Must learn how to play this ASAP. Beautiful. No one does it like Dave Matthews. And I must say, Mr. Beauford is definitely my favourite drummer! 

  41. Lawrence

    I'd be cool with this being the last song I listened to before I died.

  42. drummer jay jr

    what amazes me is they do their cd/studio versions of their songs but when they perform them "live" they kick it up another gear...

    Graeme Leach

    drummer jay jr they are close to jazz that's why live is so real


    Any album is only a blue print for playing live

  43. drummer jay jr

    wow i had i had a brain freak out when they started jamming about the 6:00 mark...    this is an awesome band!!

  44. Davor Belosapkin

    Just Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  45. Claire Walker

    Lol I can't believe it was a book that introduced me to DMB but god I love them. Will be travelling thousands of miles to see them next year - can't wait!

    Ronja Sebastian

    Claire Walker which book?? 💫💗

  46. Angelica Rose Sagum

    Gabriel's Inferno <3

  47. yabeardisgood

    This isn't one of their popular songs but honestly this is probably one of their best live performances ever. They were so tight and and built the song perfectly. Even Jeff Coffin played well on this song


    does Jeff coffin not play well on songs?


    He plays well don't get me wrong. He's very talented. I just don't like the way he plays a lot of the time. Especially when songs get to the very high/intense parts. His sound just kind of irritates me and makes me not enjoy it. I think Roi's sound fit in much better with the band and Jeff isn't as innovative as Roi was. 

  48. TheRealAdamT

    wher's the rest of the concert?

  49. Andrés Ech

    best band of all times!

  50. TheTheMV

    7:11 "The Dave-dance" :-)

  51. Kailey Davis

    my fav dmb song;)

  52. Valentina Golfari

    tanto odio per il fuori sincro :(

  53. drummer jay jr

    what i dig most about this band is that they make great sounding "studio" albums, but then, they create a whole new element of energy when then they perform their same songs LIVE... its almost like experiencing a whole new song..... they absolutely KILLED this song.... Jeff is phenomenal on this!!!!!

  54. will3192

    Incredible mixing too, props to the sound guys.

  55. Dick Van Dyke

    he could get a cowbell

  56. Bimo Murti


  57. foolintherain100

    I kinda feel bad for Boyd in songs like this, especially when they extend them to double the length. He has nothing to do, lol.

  58. 2019 Hunter Pence Showcase Team

    You hear Roi in this song so much....RIP Grux

  59. Yougimpytube

    Oh, Austin City Limits. I'm dumb.

  60. Patrick Ibbotson

    DMB is in my opinion most likely the only act of our generation that will still be performing live in 20yrs. It seems so rare these days that every member of a band is individually just as talented as the band is talented as a whole. This is just pure AWESOMENESS!!!

  61. Yougimpytube

    Wait, what show/venue was this from?

  62. Lynn b

    when will people grow up and stop ruining a positive thing ! negitivity sucks.... dont have kids..whoever you are! or grow some maturity and stop wasting your comments on nasty comments. leave us alone and give us our right to enjoy simply what we enjoy even if you dont agree. idont agree with dumb stuff but i leave u alone and hope your not our future!!!!!

  63. ethan strauss

    I wish they came to Michigan :/

  64. Margaret and James Rivera

    so I was a goth...yes a goth many many years ago....and then one day my brother turned me on to DMB.......man how things have changed since then.....thanks to my brither for the one and only thing he has ever done for me,,,,lol I love ya freddy funny thing is DMB id the the only thing we have in common.......and probably will always be the 1 single thing we have in common.......mags

  65. nomad2894

    I just listened to this like 10X in a row...

  66. xdeser2

    who the fuck cares?

    not EVERYONE agrees with military jingoism

  67. MrFastel

    I know everybody likes to talk about that great Sax-Solo .... but... that bass is so... what was the word? Great? Georgous? Tight? Groovy? Badass?... amazing! That waas ist. Its perfectly bass player music. *replay*

  68. redchocolate692003

    OMG JEFF!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Perry Ritter

    And Dave looked back at the right time, saw it, and laughed to himself.

  70. Lacey Bullard

    Tim - I'm totally blushing by the way. It was good for me. . .

  71. Lacey Bullard

    A life changer. I love the song, and Dave.

  72. chickenmarbles1

    tim reynolds owned that solo

  73. Tim Evans

    Epic solo by Tim Reynolds!

  74. Michael Branham

    Actually Dallas was a good show. Agreed, lot of stuff would have rather heard...AATW to close...heard too many times. But Two Step and Save Me were incredible...

  75. Page Plant

    look up the setlist for this past weekend..I almost threw up......hope he changes it when he gets to atlanta and charlotte

  76. MySkippyJones

    I have this on my DVR, this will never be erased. This song is sick, especially at the 5 minute mark.

  77. Sean Hickey

    4 minutes is when this starts to get juicy

  78. Isabeliux Q.

    Me encanta esta banda :)

  79. Paul C

    How can people look at this guy and not be disgusted by a man who fled his country to avoid military service? I'll never understand how a coward like this would be given a free pass simply because he's an ok singer..

    G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    RonBurgundy239 jesus, gandhi, and martin luther king jr. didnt believe in violence either, dickhead

  80. Michael Branham

    Can't wait for Dallas next month!!! New songs??? You know it!!! But hope for this one, Blackjack...Seek Up...

  81. dachipmunk05

    Man! AND Rashawn Ross on backup vocals!

  82. Kyle

    Wow this version is superb. Carter and Stefan kill this.

  83. krazykyfan

    This is the type of stuff you could listen to all day and not get tired of it. The whole band just blends together so well. Props to Carter man he just flows and doesn't overpower everyone else in the band.....imo one of the best in the world on the sticks. This is what music truly is.

  84. LeoTadde

    He surely can, but he surely can do 1/10 of what carter can do too... They play different styles ecc. ecc. so theorically they can't even be compared, but I think in this case hey are incomparable simply because carter is 2342542352345435 times better than dave...

  85. n8pants

    Holy crap Jeff Coffin!

  86. jay07ag

    @jay07ag Sorry, forgot to show Timmy some love!

  87. jay07ag

    I would say boyd probably isnt in the top 20. I honestly dont think he is that skilled of a voilin/fiddle player (although I do love his jam style and unique sound). But certainly Dave, Stefan, and Carter are absolute beasts when it comes to technicality...Love me some DMB!

  88. Przemek

    Lessard also!!!

  89. pciochetto

    They all are. Coffin, Tinsley, Ross, Beauford, and Reynolds are all probably in the top 20 on th e planet at their skill. Dave learned it early. Yea, you gotta be good...but surround yourself with complements. Ironically hes probably the least talented musically. Ok voice, very good guitar player. However, phenomenal song writer and lyricist and probably the most likeable person ive ever heard in concert. Hes funny, entertaining, spontaneous, original, creative...never condescending

  90. David Nascimento

    I Love It! SWU 2010 Brazil ! :D

  91. 2cute2pollute

    Well now I can get through the rest of my day, just fabulous!

  92. DMBtomp

    Tim is really nice on this - this is the way that i like him. Not overpowering, subtle and jazzy. Beautiful.

  93. Choille7

    5:54 he's definetely feeling this

  94. jakedizzle

    Damn, they can jam for days.

  95. Jeannine A. Sturm

    @wavzunltdmusicdesign Well said!

  96. mcnuggetter

    Carter's setup is absolutely absurd

  97. Net Hoser

    I didnt know Ari Gold had a band...

  98. Wavz Unlimited Videos

    Friends ask me . Are you a dmb fan ? What do you think of them ? And i answer the way i have for the last 16 years . I love a lot of new acts out there today . Some are very talented . But nobody touches the dmb . In all areas of a written song , and of a stage performance . They have been the best of their contemporarys for years .

  99. Juan Carlos Giron Jr.

    This video is further confirmation that the Dave Matthews Band is unmatched in terms of talent and musical and lyrical genius.