Dave Matthews Band - Dreamgirl Lyrics

Yeah, Ya, Yeah
Yeah, Ya, Yeah Oh.

Yeah... Hey, alright...
(I) I would dig a hole all the way to China
unless of course I was there
and I'd dig my way home.
If by digging I could steal
The wind from the sails of the greedy men who ruled the world.
Still you're my best friend
and after a good, good drunk
you and me wake up and make love
after a deep sleep where I was dreaming
I was dreaming of a

Dreamgirl (Yeah)

I was feeling like a creep as I watched you asleep
face down in the grass in the park in the middle of hot afternoon
Your top was untied and I thought how nice it'd be to follow the sweat down your spine.
You're like my best friend
Oh, after a good good drink
you and me wake up and make love
after a deep sleep where I was dreaming
I was dreaming of a

Dreamgirl (yeah)
Dreamgirl (yeah)

Caught by a wave my back to the ocean.
It knocks me off my feet and
just as I find my footing
here you come again!

Dreamgirl, oh
Dreamgirl (mumble man)
The deep end...

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Dave Matthews Band Dreamgirl Comments
  1. Danielle Harrison

    I would hope that I was someone's "Dream Girl".

  2. Keisha Nicole

    My favourite song of Dave Matthew Band💗

  3. Jimbo

    "I was feeling like a creep as I watched you sleep" best line


    The video really grasps that line.

  4. Keisha Nicole

    My favourite song of Dave Matthews Band and Crash‼️💙💛♥️‼️ my brother and I LOVED it when we it 1st came out and would wear it our and we love the video‼️🖤STILL listening to this day! GREAT song 👌‼️♥️💛💜♥️🖤💚

  5. Rosalinda Delgado

    Aww the saxophonist is there RIP. 😭😭💗💗

  6. witheredandobsolete

    Dat snare.

  7. Erica dalla rosa

    Br 2019

  8. Ismael Martinez

    When music actually made sense💯

  9. Laru George

    That shit seemed romantic at the time, but now it seems creepy.

  10. Dale H.

    I was feeling like a creep as I watched you asleep
    , Face down in the grass in the park in the middle of hot afternoon, Your top was untied and I thought how nice it'd be to follow the sweat down your spine. Love that verse.

  11. Bonniegamerocker

    My father watched these songs everyday on the radio when they came out, he said he listened to them because it relieved him of his stress, it does the same for me, Dave Matthews is a God. 🤟🏽

  12. Vanderlei Moreira da Fonseca

    The Dave do video with Julia Roberts It's not for anyone

  13. tatakai no kaizen

    julia roberts has always been ugly. im just now noticiing

  14. walt686868

    This is horrible.

  15. البنت السحريه

    From 2018

  16. promontorium

    People all commenting this was "back when MTV showed videos" Well, yes and no. They stopped showing videos like 20 years ago. There was MTV 2, but even that faded out the videos, even though their whole mantra was "MTV2 is for videos!" For a few years after they would show a very select few. If you're Dave Matthews, you're one of the select few in the end.

  17. dudeimbig

    Fills my soul with color. Anyone else?

  18. Mythili Dommeti

    i love this music video

  19. Therein lies your first problem

    This is my babes' theme song. She haunts my dreams, from a young age. And Julee, the feeling is all the same.

  20. natethegrea 250

    Love it

  21. Lance Shelton

    20 years and still love Dave Matthews Band!

  22. Therein lies your first problem

    Julia Roberts played a good Julee in this video. My dreamgirl.

  23. dudeimbig

    Wish i could step into this dream. Maybe find an honest women..

  24. mohammed umar

    7 years I've been listening to this song everyday of my life, not getting bored at all....... N no doubt that it's best song to play in the background while making love in early morning......

  25. Tabitha Smith

    Beam me into her dream.

  26. Notgiven Notgiven

    that's why you don't do shrooms

  27. Sher Delva

    Best song omg

  28. Carson White

    I Steal the sails of the greedy men who rule the world .. ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

  29. XxChemicalEmpirexX

    Anyone else watching in 2017?

  30. Ylaij Santos

    2017 anyone?


    Ylaij Santos

  31. Leonard Chornomaz

    I can't think of a single song by this clown, that I ever liked.

  32. Dale H.

    Some of the best lyrics, sexy but stylish. Always has been my fave song.

  33. Will Pace

    My girlfriend is the little girl believe it or not

  34. wayne moores

    How sweet, how innocent

  35. Adama Tova

    good song - no video necessary.

  36. The Rambler

    wouldn't it be awesome if the first 20 sec of this song was your alarm tone in the morning

    Caroline Landiss

    hell yes

    Bill DeFulvio

    You may just have a way to do that dude! Just installed this app a couple days ago., it lets you pic any youtube song you want and it plays as your alarm...make 'awesome' happen man! i love it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cimleah.easyalarm

    Empire of Dirt

    The Rambler · Years ago, I had an Alarm Clock that played CD's. Had it set to play 'Dreamgirl' every morning before getting ready to go to work. Then played same CD driving to work. Everytime I hear songs from that album, it takes me back to line work assembling anti-lock brake components lol. Strange....how certain things can trigger indescribable 'emotions' (if you will) from experiences in the past.


    No cuz, I'd have to put bad thoughts of waking up for work, into this song

  37. 9thchild

    I was feeling like a creep as I watched you asleep, face down in the grass in the park in the middle of a hot afternoon. Your top was untied and I thought, how nice it would be to follow the sweat down your spine.

  38. Lavender Lilydale



  39. Rockin Robin

    I love the fact that Julia is a huge Dave fan ☺☺

  40. Lnd Clan

    Def Leppard

  41. Lnd Clan

    Def leppard

  42. Sir Arthur Frentzel

    I love tha drums 2 this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. AdamBicycle

    I like that band members got speaking parts in the video

    Brian Donofrio

    Roi! My first time seeing this somehow.

  44. Patryk Koralewski

    still 2016


    love the song

  46. bruce price

    16 yrs for me

  47. Chaosroy

    Still my all time favorite band to this day!

  48. Darth Barbie

    The MAN revoked my white privilege back in 1999 for talking too much trash about Dave Matthews. Now I have to put "other" when asked my race- or the faceless men in the hats come slap me around. No offense to you fans out there, but the stereotype really is true, even if you complain about it. This is the whitest band EVER.

    Midwest Mopars

    Darth Barbie half the people in the band are black.

    Hijabi Mommy

    I can like this band right? I'm black but am I allowed to like this band? Hahaha


    This is one of the most ethnically diverse bands I've seen. Shut your mouth.
    Coldplay is obviously the whitest band. (I still love coldplay).

    Anthony LaFache

    What are you even talking about? Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

    Gabriel Villegas

    Darth Barbie even though hes from Africa? Lol and is the only white guy in the band

  49. Dukiny Gaming

    Dave Matthews is slender man

    Brianna Caswell

    ahh!!! right???

  50. Mistermax30

    This ugly bitch is no dream girl.

    C Jack

    +Mistermax30 You have issues


    +C Jack Yes, I have eyes.

    Luis Jaimes

    Julia Roberts

    A G

    Mistermax30 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... everyone knows that.




  51. Anderson Vilaça

    Julia Roberts Forever...
    Elvis Costello - She
    resemblance? rs

  52. Johnathan G

    10 years on and this song is still awesome


    +Johnathan G So is the video

    Rhianna S.

    Johnathan G It is, isn't it my dear. 😘

  53. William H. Baird

    Great song ... But Live it is best!

  54. flycreeper

    I love this video: feels somehow that the character she plays here gives you a small insight into the Julia Roberts that isn't part of the public eye: something of the wonderfully humble, awkward, girl she must be sometimes away from the cameras that she isn't in her films (even Notting Hill).

    Hopefully that's part of why she appeared in the video, aside from liking DMB.

  55. Gary Pratt

    Boyd was ripped AF

  56. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Run Julia run.

  57. Cool Guy

    Just keep hitting 7

    You can thank me later

  58. wokzilla

    Julia Roberts? f that

  59. Sean O'Reilly

    Good Stuff! I have a Dave Matthews cover that's worth a watch as well. Much appreciated.

    carlo brewer

    Bk up hurl 9o

  60. picknlick84

    Such a wonderful tune

  61. Julie Long

    I love this video for all that it is worth, the band, julia roberts, the fun, so sensual, love it..!!!!

  62. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    dam this used to be mtv

  63. Suzanne Bailuk

    Damn I love the sound of his voice. 

  64. Prostě SaB


  65. Stephen L

    When MTV Showed music

  66. Jon C Wolf

    My nick name for David Matthews is "The path of least resistance" with regard to music. melody and rhythm in their "constant state of flux" [is that an oxymoron?] flow right through him. But he is a humorist as well. Kudos too, to the videographer['s] who are able to capture the seriousness of the humorousness,,I mean the humorousness of the seriousness of his lyrics in so many of his songs like "dreamgirl". Kudos too to!!

  67. Jonah Salen

    Before there was slender man there was this.


    You've won the internet.

  68. bobby cabrera

    Cool songs tinking of a nice time in my life this song is meanning fulll to me

  69. Ross Yakubik

    When MTV actually played Music Videos RIP MTV

  70. Icey U

    love this 

  71. Lunatula

    i love this song

  72. madison rethlake

    This song makes me cry

  73. Crimson Kng

    This song takes me back to a very confused romantic exciting time in life. Happy and sad memories. I love this song


    @uannoyme74 I do as well.

    Silly Goose

    @MikoxBig6930 then the two of you can get a room together, play this song, and wipe each other's tears away


    Awe you don't want to join?

  74. Alaina Rhodes

    A lot of people didn't like Julia Roberts hair for this music video. Personally, I really like it. I think it's different and she definitely pulls it off. I kind of want to dread/twist my hair now haha

  75. Jane Pap

    ha,ha!agree but you should say thought..who the fuck doesn't love dmb!:)

  76. wkusig0004

    The live version of this song is 100xs better!

  77. hinc1mike

    Wow amazing song

  78. logan gene

    who the fuck doesnt love this. DRUMS!!!!!!!!

  79. queensmith21

    Sooo... apparently I like Dave Matthews Band now o.o

  80. Brn2Snap1

    Love this song and video. This video was how I got turned on to DMB :)

  81. Grace Campbell

    DREAM RAPE more like!

  82. MelodyLAL

    That look of disappointment on Dave's face when she wakes up before they kiss gets me everytime.

  83. hotman718

    Julia Roberts is not my dream girl.

  84. djwarat

    Average song. Best video clip though

  85. Ethan Van Liew

    i feel bad for dave at the end

    Björn Segerberg

    Ethan Van Liew ... But good for Fonzie!

  86. Breaking Away from The Herd

    wow...that was cool.

  87. George Keotahlian

    -_______- you are a dumb fuck lol

  88. iamnevins

    Worst Dave song

  89. Priscilla Sloan

    this is one of my favorite music videos!

  90. William Carlisle

    I just heard this watching a concert from '05 and the live version was even better. Really, good tune.

  91. Alexandre Melo

    Julia Roberts <3

  92. Danny Dunn

    finally realized my obsession with dave...I woke this morning with a smile from a dream...forgot the dream, started thinking I may have been bottling my emotions lately given that nostalgic feeling from my dream...listened to time bomb...listened to a few more songs...clicked on this video and realized my dream had been about a girl kissing me on the neck...dave writes songs that can tie 3 hours of my life together emotionally...I'm still sad I woke up, but glad I have dave and music in my life

  93. James

    Slenderman occupied your dreams girl

  94. Lucas Oliveira

    he looks a little like Tom Hanks here, doesnt he?

  95. Jessie Schnieder-Kelly

    Leroi!! (1:20) ^_^