Dave Matthews Band - Beach Ball Lyrics

All the world is like a beach ball
Out in space, between the waves
In the hands of laughing babies
All the world is gumball-shaped

Hello moon
Hello stars and sky
Heaven, won't you
Answer me why?

I ring the bell till someone listens
Look upon this burning city
Victory, smiles the wicked man
Does he feel the weight of every finger
Hanging off his heavy hands?
I ring the bell till someone listens

Bring me gold and bring me wisdom
Give me scars to bring me grace
A wicked wit and when I use it
Dash the hopes of those who hate me
Give me love, big as a mountain

I ring the bell till someone listens
Melt your words right to my skin
And your smile, my flesh and bones
From the mountains I will sing you
Through your veins my river flows
I ring the bell till someone listens

Bring me gold and bring me wisdom
Give me scars to bring me grace
A wicked wit and when I use it
Dash the hopes of those who hate me
Give me love, big as a mountain

Ring the bells till someone listens

Bring me gold and bring me wisdom
Give me scars to bring me grace
A wicked wit and when I use it
Dash the hopes of those who hate me
Give me love, big as a beach ball
Give me love, big as a beach ball

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Dave Matthews Band Beach Ball Comments
  1. Kevin Bonin

    "In the hands of laughing babies, all the world is gumball shaped." Dave a flat earther, who knew?

  2. ཀཔཧ།ོང ཀ༠པཧཛ

    One of my Favorites

  3. dpduke69

    Time for jammed out full band versions again

  4. miroeight

    The horn part is cool af

  5. Starr MEdia Designs, LLC.

    tonight's opener! welcome to #dmb2018

  6. N Bee

    I don't like this song. It's beyond boring. It sounds folky or like something the pioneers would've listened to. Yuck!

    Brian Lapp

    Try listening to what he is saying....Really listening........if you are able to

  7. Tina Koulisheva

    Tina Tina Is the best in the world

    M McCuistion

    Im gonna have to disagree

  8. Jake DeMatteo

    Is there any way to download this song in higher quality?

  9. Glen Duarte

    How this didn't make the cut for BW is beyond me...would have been the best song on that album, hands down!!!

  10. Dan A

    I enjoyed this tune so much more when I was lonely.

  11. Matthew Stryker

    I hear a little "I'll Back You Up" in the chorus.

  12. Ronaldo Henrique

    Can't believe they haven't put this on the regular album. Can't stop listening! This is one of the best DMB songs ever!

  13. David Morse

    I have been listening to DMB practically since birth. My parents would play #41 to get me to sleep, and there are family videos that have the first three albums going on in the background. I love this band, and hope they have a longer career then the Stones or Aerosmith

  14. Lucas Dziezanowski

    If you appreciate EVERY ASPECT of it after one listen then you must be god. There is always something to notice next time :)

  15. rockin2wylde subl1me89vision

    @Mrdmb4heels and you are a moron :)

  16. Lucas Dziezanowski

    But to REALLY appreciate... :)

  17. Patrick Egan

    Time bomb is a great song but i still think beach ball should have made it over it!

  18. rockin2wylde subl1me89vision

    Im pretty sure it's only on a special boxset version of the album. I don't got it neither :( Listen to #27

  19. rockin2wylde subl1me89vision

    You're ridiculous.

  20. Dan A

    and don't burn the day away ;)

  21. Ellen B

    Time Bomb was the first track that really hit me from that album. I was psyched to get to Fenway that day and get it live. There are better songs on that album, but that TB does not suck at all. I also love when they do a Time Bomb intro to Two Step.

    Going toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

  22. David Ferguson

    Time Bomb is terrible

  23. Kevin Koerbel

    I disagree, The Stone is one of the all-time classics among DMB faithful. Beachball is right up ther among the favorites of the following

  24. Timothy Littmann

    1 person's beach ball got popped.

  25. dmbdork

    give me scars to bring me grace, a wicked wit & when I use it dash the hopes of those who hate me, give me love big as a mountain... <3 LoVE

  26. Ben James

    this is such a great song

  27. cbstone85

    this is awesome but so is every song on Big Whiskey. Wish they;d just gone ahead and added this and Write a Song

  28. Nuwanda


    I'll have to disagree on that one :P When I first heard the stone I couldn't even get past the violin intro, now it's my absolute favorite Dave song.

  29. Nuwanda

    this has got to be the best song from the big whiskey sessions. I love these guys, I miss you LeRoi. You changed my life. As did you, Boyd, Stefan, Dave and Carter. God bless you

  30. erumker

    I have never heard this song before and i am a HUGE dave fan but this is f**king amazing!!! I wish he would collect the songs that didnt make it to an album and make on. i bet it would be a kick ass album! newhere to download this one?

  31. wwrjd1523

    @dmb718 squirm would fit fine on btcs

  32. snugglebear97653

    @OysterLava holy crap, who hasnt listened to DMB before?!

  33. joey Snuzzysnizz

    @hitronica Stone is just absurdly amazing...always loved it just as a DMB fan but when I saw him play it solo on Charlie Rose it just blew me away. Just outsanding, amazing. Such talent.....never get tired of it.

  34. dmb718

    @hitronica I am deeply saddened that you just compared Time Bomb to The Stone. Furthermore, the only song that is any bit acceptable to compare to a BTCS track is Lying in the Hands of God.

  35. Max Kapur

    this sound like get in line, oh my god if they have more unreleased songs like this i want them

  36. dmbandgroove

    One of Daves best songs, this should have been on the album and not the (red bird) special edition.

  37. Murilo Macul

    WTF does this song have? I can't stop listening to it...since yesterday...it's been my 4545298731982479827523 time listening to it. hahah!

    DMB fuckn rule!

  38. Fly Jones

    Man,that beat! It goes off the track in my head

  39. Stan McMullen

    how about throwing crazy/easy, good good time and sugar will on there too!

  40. MattHunterSez

    I really like this song, and it's a shame it wasn't on the official CD. You had to buy the super-expensive special vinyl version to get it at the time. This, along with "Cornbread", "Little Red Bird", and "Write A Song" are really good songs...so much so that I wish they would have made the standard "Big Whiskey" CD a double-disc just to include them. They could have filled it out with "Idea of You" and some other stuff that has only been done live in the past.

  41. Pk Johnson

    @smcmu1len I agree,,the big man can blow the trumpet..:)...I'd miss him as much as i miss Leroi and Butch..:(

  42. Dnt132

    I think they should put in cornbread lol i dunno why they didnt

  43. Stan McMullen

    Rasshawn has really impressed me. He has become a staple in all these songs.

  44. ryman1230

    put write a song on the album instead of dive in and put beach ball on instead of baby blue and i think the album would be absolutely perfect.

  45. Ash Hayward

    This and Red little bird are by far superior than those of the latest album. This band never puts their best stuff on the official albums any more. At least since BTCS..

  46. Joe Savalle

    Disc #2 in the limited Edition

  47. Kevin Evans

    i agree, this song is 100x better than time bomb..i think time bomb could have been so much better from the sounds of it on those scenes from big whiskey vids where they are working on it in the studio

  48. somemonkey3444

    It's because they are gonna' release a box set for $60 with all these songs an' special art at some point.

  49. fansofbands

    does anyone think they should of put the idea of you on big whiskey and the groogurx king instead of cornbread? and also i LOVE this song. Ohh the world is like a beach ball. those are some intreging lyrics

  50. Kevin Evans

    Can you please put the #27 from the studio on here please?

  51. Steve Shimmin

    are you kidding me? Time Bomb is one of the best songs on BWGGK. I love #27 and Beachball too.... but I would give Time Bomb another good 10 listens before writing it off.

    Nothing personal... think of it like Stone... kinda different, takes some time to really appreciate it... but an amazing song.

  52. TheLurMan1

    I think the track version is much better than the live versions. I love Beach Ball, its got an UTTAD feeling to it!