Dave Mason - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Lyrics

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

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Dave Mason Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Comments
  1. John-Del

    Heard the Shirelles singing this on the car radio, and my mind started playing Dave's track over it. I haven't heard Dave's version in maybe 30 years, but my brain had it burned to the hard drive. Came to the 'tube and found it. Better than I remembered and that's saying a lot. Wow.

  2. Eve, eve, little evil !

    Great cover, brings back lots of memories from my youth! Roberta Flacks' version is also super!

  3. Artie Rossi

    Heard Mr.Mason preform this a few years ago(2013? not sure) at The Strand Theatre in Lakewood New Jersey, fantastic! Trying to put together his unique take on it as I write this comment. He's a good guy, big Veterans advocate. Rock on Sir!

  4. David Rauchmiller

    He has a great voice. That's what this song needs.

  5. abingtondan

    I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the 20th anniversary of Earth Day in Philadelphia in 1990. I was part of the security team for the event, including the main concert. Among the performers was Dave. I got to experience his performance in "the pit" right in front of the stage and I was also part of the security backstage.. I have attended many concerts over the years, but this one will forever be my favorite by far. What an incredible experience and what an incredible musician.

  6. 古川隆治


  7. Laurie Kendrick

    Of the 764,000 versions of this song recorded to date, this has to be my favorite . Roberta Flack’s slow rendition comes in a distant second .

  8. surrepeight

    I have a few of this man's albums, including his lovely album with, hold onto your seat, Mama Cass Elliot! but I had no idea he had ever covered this song and never saw this album. Guess I'd better go hunting for more music again.

  9. Chris Wulff

    The beginning reminds me of 'Summer Rain' by Johnny Rivers

  10. MattHatter

    If that's not one of the most beautiful, tear jerking endings to a song ever, then I don't what is.

  11. Azfun6

    Great arrangement.

  12. midnight rider71


  13. Oscar Cano

    La mejor version, excelente ,que tema.

  14. John Edwards

    LOVE THIS ALBUM. I went to a Dave Mason concert many years ago (I was in my 30's) and waited for him to come out after the show to the stage. He signed my album and I have always thought of him and his humbleness. I love his remake of this song. His vocals and arrangement will stay in my heart and memory forever.

  15. Brian Smith

    This was featured in an episode of a great gone too soon show Studio60 on the Sunset strip...

  16. k1j2f30

    Loved this album and this song back in the day, and still do!!! Along with "We just disagree," what a great, great album. No one does it like Dave Mason, he has a ton of class!

  17. UFOROX

    What an underrated artist, So many great songs .

  18. Christopher Green

    Haven't heard this one since the 70s!

  19. Roy Richards

    I melt at the beauty of Dave’s version. Sorry, Carol, He does your song more than justice, truly produced, orchestrated and sung in the strongest yet most GRACEFUL version of this - HANDS DOWN!

    midnight rider71

    Roy Richards I agree with you!!

  20. Dr Evil

    👍Dave nails this one, no one does it better!

  21. jayteadesigns

    This verson rocks!

  22. Vick Bandiola

    Hi Jimmy Mulligan, good morning it's me again Vicky E., Will you still love me tomorrow, l love also this song

  23. Vick Bandiola

    Hi Jimmy Mulligan good morning , I play your song for me, Will you still love me tomorrow.

  24. Vick Bandiola

    Good morning Jimmy Mulligan its me again Vicky Escober

  25. Deidre Newton


  26. Vick Bandiola

    Good evening Jimmy Mulluligan from Vick E., I play your favorite song, will you still love me tomorrow.

  27. Vick Bandiola

    Hi Jimmy Mulligan, good evening, will you still love me tomorrow, yes-------its me Vicky E.

  28. Vick Bandiola

    Hi Jimmy Mulligan, good morning, Dave Mason song Will You Still Love Me
    Tomorrow is great, from V.E

  29. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #39 on the pop charts in 1978!!!

  30. Reene Keenie

    🎶Ooh ooh ooh ooh...🎶
    Gets me every time. ❤

  31. Jerry Adams

    Best version of all time

  32. Hankola Smith

    Say cheese!

  33. marlene margot

    Dave Mason, for me one of the legends that fly's under the radar, and this song by him, brilliant, never tire of listening to it

  34. Sandy Tonkin

    Oh yesss... I’ve loved this man since my early 20’s and have this album too. Love you Dave and thank you for your gift to us.. we love you. And Merry Christmas 🎄🎁❤️

  35. tiffelaneous

    Re-watching old episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And again I hear this amazing rendition, which plays right before the closing credit of one of the episodes. I had never heard this version before the series aired, so all this time I thought this rendition was created just that particular episode, since the song fit perfectly with the storyline. So happy to find the full version here. Thank you for sharing. :)

    Brian Smith

    That was a great show

  36. Turbo9987

    Honestly this is still my favorite version of this song

  37. Wesley Miles

    What if I told you I'm 12 years old and I think this is fantastic?

    Sandy Tonkin

    I’d say you’re a pretty cool young man with wonderful taste in music! I’m 65 and have loved him all my life! ❤️

    Sandy Tonkin

    Welsey Miles And my Dad’s name was Miles! Great name!!

    lizza lee

    Id say U know Great Music how refreshing from a 12 yo of today !Keep on listening to the Great Ones !🎸🎶😀

  38. Ford Warjonen

    I remember this song from a guy named "Ford" sang this song at LAMANCHA in Hawaii and it sounded exactly how Dave Mason sang it!! Whew what a voicr.

  39. S Graves

    Heard it at a Starbucks a couple of months ago and was just blown away. Googled like crazy and found out it was Dave Mason. Who knew?! Immediately bought it. Great passion and touching tenderness in a beautiful arrangement. The Bee Gees version is also terrific, but the two stand separately. Awesome.

  40. Janie Super


  41. marlene margot

    Can't help myself, what a epic piece of music

  42. marlene margot

    Dave Mason, Luv Him, Guitar work , as good as any of them, if not better in most cases, and as for this song, blows my mind

  43. John Dan

    I also had this album and have a second copy as I too wore out the first. Carol King should thank him. The best this song ever sounded.

  44. Michael Glickman

    For those wondering, the musicians are lead and backing vocalist-lead guitarist-12 string guitarist Dave Mason, 12 string guitarist-backing vocalist Jerry Lynn Williams, bassist Gerald Johnson, drummer Jeff Porcaro, percussionist Ron Greene, organist Mark Stein, and string and horn arranger and conductor Allan Macmillan.

  45. mary scott

    I got hang with just Dave on night when I was working graveyard shift at a hotel front desk back in 2005. We just sat there and talked about everything, from his Beautiful wife to my kids, our jobs, to life in general for a good solid 4 or more hours. I just live the fact that a Rick n roll Hall of fame Rick star is just a guy, a good guy. Thanks Dave for a wonderful visit. You are Amazing.


    That's really nice of you to post. Usually we hear all negative stuff anymore.

  46. darick ellsworth

    He still tours with John Sambataro and others. Always a great show.

  47. Dash Jeffreys

    When Dave covered a song, he made it his. Awesome song, great artist who's still out there doing these classics.

  48. nditt

    Gawd I love this version.. Gotta agree about the whole album being great.. Thanks Dave!!

  49. D.J. Diebold

    Great Carole King song and great vocals and guitar work by Dave. I met him years ago at the Park West in Chicago and he's quite the performer.

  50. rob capone

    Great vocal and guitar work on this cover...very easy on the ears

  51. Terry Boren

    This entire album is awesome

  52. Meredith Friedman

    Best version of this song I have heard!!

    Edwin Van Cooten

    Meredith Friedman I guess you missed the version by the author Carole King

    Paul Williams

    Seriously? This version has ZERO soul or flavor... the fuck are you listening to?

    midnight rider71

    Paul Williams You have zero taste forgood music,go check out Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus😥😥

    Michael Glickman

    @Edwin Van Cooten Let alone the #1 hit by The Shirelles.

  53. Richard Fruth

    I love this song,actually the whole album that this comes from is really good.His backup band and singers are a big credit to his success along with ability to take a song and make it his own.

  54. 1985cactus

    Is he wearing blush?

    George Rusch

    He is Now that you pointed that out.

  55. Celia Rhodes

    One of my all-time favorite songs....and I love this version!

  56. Ethan Cousineau

    I love the cord progression

  57. R jazzmonnik

    6/3/78 BILLBOARD debut
    Dave Mason - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
    look for more at my billboard page https://www.facebook.com/billboardhistory/

  58. Rock Review & Revisited

    looking forward to seeing him on the Journey/Doobie show tomorrow.

  59. Donna Marie

    Sirius played it this morning...so easy on the ears, wanted to hear it again.

  60. Bill Allen

    The song this album was on did not sell well and was panned by the critics. Don't believe them. If you don't have this one, get it. It is a great album from start to finish.

    Bruce Margot

    @james c Greetings from a 64 yr old fart from Kalbaskraal, South Africa, I listen to all genres of music, depends on my mood the time, and the place, firstly, nothing wrong with Bobby Sherman's music, secondly, yes Dave played with traffic in the early days, and also wrote some of the songs on their first albums, thirdly, Dave's music is as far from pop pabulum as the North Pole is from the South Pole, my personal favorite being the album "Alone Together" - Give just these 3 songs by Dave a listen "Look at you Look at me" / "World in Changes" / "All Along the watchtower"- you will here some of the finest guitar work you will ever here - Dave never sold out the big music industry, he played what he liked, in other words he stayed true to his art craft, a brilliant musician full of feeling, and it comes through in his music - hope this puts you onto a Dave Mason journey

    Cindy Cain

    I have it...bought it in the '70's...Can't think of the name of it, gonna have to sit down and go through my crates...Haven't done that in years...Anyway, I love this version, didn't know he did it until I bought the album...I also love The Shirelles version.

    Cindy Cain

    @David Kent Bobby Sherman was also in the t.v. show, "Here Come the Brides," that was on from '68 to '70...He played younger brother, Jeremy Bolt, to older brothers Jason and Joshua, played by Robert Brown and David Soul, with Soul co-starring in the t.v. show, Starsky and Hutch," from '75 to '79. I'm 60 now, and I sure had him on my wall back then...along with David Cassidy...LOL. I love Sugar Sugar too...best cartoon song ever!... :-)

    Cindy Cain

    @Bruce Margot I wish he'd come to Louisville. I've been wanting to see him for years!...

    John Edwards

    I have this album and I totally agree. Every song is fantastic. Dave Mason was so underrated. He should have received much more acclaim and recognition for his great vocal talent and guitar playing.

  61. Ashly Canono

    ilove this song

  62. Judy Wilson

    love Dave Mason's version

    Larry Morlett

    Judy Wilson ,love this version too,makes me cry everytime.

    Larry Morlett

    Is Dave going to be in san Diego or LA?

  63. George B Vieto

    Dave Mason sure can sing this song with gusto and passion.

    Beverly Dean

    George B Vieto lp n ' xdgt

    Beverly Dean

    b b nnn n i Geor bbge B Vieto , ,

  64. Phil Sheridan

    Reminds me of a summer love back in the day in Door County, WI.  We listened to this song and then said our goodbyes - we both had to go home the next day...  I love Dave Mason and I love this song

  65. dixit sethi

    I just imagine a slow beautiful dance under dim lights on a fine evening, with a girl (when I find one :P) playing this song in the background :)


    @dixit sethi awww

  66. Ron Beretta

    Bryan Ferry covered this song in 1993, backed by Robin Trower on guitar, also a good version of a well covered song since the Shirelles recorded it.

  67. John Benn

    Wonderful version of a great song by a fantastic musician.
    Written by Carole King & Gerry Goffin.

  68. john muzio

    Dave is awesome

  69. 123xconnieb

    I heard this song on Sirrius XM The Bridge today, first time I'd ever heard it, and I thought it was really beautiful.

    Phil Sheridan

    @cnychu Maybe James Taylor?

    Steve Armstrong

    +cnychu Gerry Goffin, her one time husband.


    +Phil Sheridan JT was 13 in 1961 so I'm also going with Gerry Goffin....

    Phil Sheridan

    I'm sure you're right.  Goffin was a prolific songwriter.  Awesome song - thanks!

  70. John Dan

    Far and away, this is the best version of this song. 

    Caz Gerald

    Have to disagree! I like Dave's version, but the two original arrangements are still the best, The Shirelles is the best up tempo version, and Carol King slowed it down and ripped your heart.

    IM4 Tone

    All three are great! Maybe this one has a slight edge for my tastes! I'd have to put the Carole King and James Taylor duet ahead of Carole's solo version. (something about the writer doing their own song?)

    Edwin Van Cooten

    John Dan altho I respect your opinion and I love this version I think the one by the author Carole King is the best

    Patty Blum

    Beautiful memories

    Andy Bowman

    Sure is.

  71. Zev Feldman


  72. kerry mcmanus

    As usual Dave just perfect guitar, vocals,more people should know about you!

  73. odysseynz

    Great rendition.

  74. Tia Wilson Callejas

    i was searching this song so long time!! thank you so much!

  75. Don Darnell

    As usual...... FABULOUS!

  76. Tony G. Pizza

    The Shirelles had the best version of this song and the first. But Dave Mason charted with this and did a fine rendition.

    Edwin Van Cooten

    Tony G. Pizza Carole King s version is the best, she wrote the song so I'm sure she most captured the sentiment of the song.

  77. Jr Fender

    I am creating in the studio sound source this video.
    There is no scene to play his so not a live.

  78. Jr Fender

    I'm sorry, are you German? This picture appears to have been blocked in Germany.

  79. Marilyn Zabilski

    Love it! Have tickets to see him in October... can't wait!

    From the end

    Did you enjoy the concert i hope so!

  80. zoryada


  81. MattArchives

    YouTube is "AdTube"

    Ironically, if you look up a classic commercial here, they place an ad before the ad.

  82. yonkerstuber

    Gaelic Park, NY, Leslie West opened.

  83. Lige

    Damn right!

  84. Matt M

    Heard Dave in Boulder in about 1975; then heard him again in Denver summer of
    2011. Increidble during both shows. Didn't realize he did this song. Thanks for sharing it.

  85. ImmaMink

    My favorite version of this song. Ever.

  86. gulonyotalaga

    the best version for me

  87. aunitxf

    I think you do Mason a disservice by suggesting he may have two standards of work. Mason, like all artists, put his heart and soul into all his work. This is every bit as good as any other work he did, no better no worse. Perhaps the style of it is not to your taste but that doesn't make it any poorer in quality. All artists change their style throughout their career, they adapt, try different things, some change dramatically, some change gradually. This is part of the journey of life.

  88. goodtasteification

    Do you know how many times Mason or Winwood left traffic to do their own projects and still came back together to create new stuff.This is cover music or supermarket musis.Check out "only you know and i know"around 1970.This is OK ,but to consider this his best works,you might embarass him.

  89. Paul Meador

    What he did when he left Traffic was incredible. He has left us with some incrdible music, this, Seasons, We just Disagree. What a change from Traffic, but guitar is still Dave Mason.

  90. SpeakTruer

    @Soshego Haha. Yep, the years of the uni-brow!! But also the years when music said something. Check out some of his stuff on here. Try a later tune, like 'We Just Disagree'. I know you'll like it! Later......

  91. Masami Tatsumi


  92. Paula Fabrizi Kiely

    Mariposa de Oro - butterflies of Gold - love this song, have this album from the '70's

  93. darick ellsworth

    Saw Dave Mason in about 4 concerts but he never does this one.

  94. Mark Gundy

    @THEGREATSATANDOZEN Ok, now you have me jealous!! Btw, what did you fix for him if you can recall... lol! I hang out at MagChat... a chat program I created about 6 years ago... not a lot of folks but nice crowd - Mag



  96. Mark Gundy

    @CheryleLee I'm glad you found your way back to Dave... Music has the ability to touch us emotionally in very profound ways... lost my wife 15 yrs ago and still can't stop myself when certain country songs come on the radio... I think it's a wonderful gift to be able to feel again so deeply... I can't imagine ever letting go of that, even though it hurts... God Bless you girl - Mag from MagChat

  97. Mark Gundy

    Dave remains one of the best artists of Rock and a fabled history... but unfairly never received the limelight he so deserved... so few know his name it's shocking... yet play any of his major hits and they can sing right along... oh well, God bless you Dave... for all the years I've enjoyed being a fan

  98. SavedandSound

    Oh how I remember this! I think it was the first version of the Carole King hit that I heard performed by a male artist and upon hearing it I thought "It's about time!"
    Thanks for some very sweet memories...faved and saved.

  99. Sandy Bryan

    Best versionof this song.....ever!