Dave Mason - She's A Friend Lyrics

Ah she's a friend
Ah she's a friend
Ah she's a friend

Give her time to think it over
She's a lady and you owe it to her
Don't you know she'll be yours in the end
Though I'm sure that it's enlightening
It's a little new and frightening
And it may be more than she can comprehend


On the road is not the place
It's too much like her favorite chase
As soon as you arrive you have to leave
I haven't seen you now for some time
You're never off my mind
What is in my heart will never end


Waiting under torment
Listening to the music
Going over all the things we've said
You could be out in Hollywood
A suntan makes you look so good
Is this concert ever going to end


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Dave Mason She's A Friend Comments
  1. Lynne Wido Wilczynski

    ...I love Dave Mason...great performer...greater person...

  2. Gus classic rock channel

    Of course I haven't , but he left that band -I think- because or due to the clashing of egos here with Mr. Steve Winwood, another rock legend, I also heard Winwood was a little more into a jazz rock-fusion- oriented band and Dave into a more (just) Rock sound who know, but in the end was better for Dave cause he did quite good on his own, and of course Winwood too, you wont find many like them this days BTW, later♪

  3. zigwald

    you may forgotten............he was in this little band named Traffic

  4. Gus classic rock channel

    Beautiful song, (congrats again : ) Dave's a great singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire (both acoustic and electric) and besides having his own career,he has been a great studio musician, played in George Harrison's Band in "All Things Must Pass" also acoustic for Hendrix in his cover of Dylan "Watchtower", lead guitar in McCartney's "Listen to what the man Said" with Crosby and Nash (several albums) and well you get the idea, one of the best and most underrated guitarists around,Thx.

  5. Maria Nomas

    Dave Mason still Rocksssss!

  6. Gus classic rock channel

    Thank you and I too love all that 70's music -impossible to named them all here- but CSNY and Mr. Mason were my among my favs too, and thank you I will try keep practicing so I can keep up uploading, is very easy loosing it without practicing, thanks and later we continue our rock talk : )
    Yr Fr gus : ) ♪