Dave Mason - Save Your Love Lyrics

Lookin' for good times
Lookin' for bad times
Got what I deserved
Running round
The way I've been
Gettin' so upset
Just a kiss from your lips
Will come and save the urge
What's a man to do
When he's touched
Skin as soft as hers

Save your love, save your love
Save your love, save your love

Left a home
In which I'd grown
Went out West to learn
That's when I found
Out how easy
It's to get burned
Enough of you
I couldn't have
Cause through the lies
I'd heard
Now you're here
It's so much clearer
Now you have my word


There's a bird
Outside my window
And it's singing in the day
Walking on
The shore of the sea
My mind just slips away
Thoughts of you
And things you do
To keep my spirit free.
Like the birds
I'm gonna keep on singing
Just for you and me


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