Dave Mason - Let It Go, Let It Flow Lyrics

When I'm alone
I sometimes get to thinkin'
How it's gonna be
When we're gone?
Are we movin' closer together

Or is it gonna take for ever and ever
Let it go (let it go)
Let it flow like a river
Let it go
Let it flow through you
Let it go
Let it flow live a river
Let it go
Let it flow through you

Searchin' everywhere just tryin' to find the reason
For misunderstanding and doubt
Don't wanna preach it
Push it or teach it
Just take a good look all around

Or is it gonna take for ever and ever
Let it go (let it go)
Let it go
Let it flow through you
Let it go
Let it flow live a river
Let it go
Let it flow through you

Walls are gonna fall and angel's gonna call on you
To help you on your way
Time spent together like now is forever

So don't ever let love slip away

Or is it gonna take for ever and ever
Let it go (let it go)
Let it go
Let it flow through you
Let it go
Let it flow live a river
Let it go
Let it flow through you

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Dave Mason Let It Go, Let It Flow Comments
  1. Nancy Fribbs

    He is the band I seen he was awesome just amazing

  2. Michael Brodie

    A step backwards artistically & a step forward commercially. Happens everytime.

  3. Howard Millman

    How is it possible that 15 people gave this a thumbs down ??

    Duke Craig

    Just goes to show you, no matter where you go there's guaranteed to be at least 15 idiots per square inch.


    It's up to 21 idiots now

    Duke Craig

    Former members of Traffic no doubt.

  4. Gary McEwan

    The love of life, the joys of the sunshine, people, smiles, laughter, everything great and happy for everyone. Love to you all, what a track. X

    Duke Craig

    Everything was better in the 70's.

    Gary McEwan

    @Duke Craig I totally agree.

  5. Duke Craig

    Everytime I feel like sticking a gun in my mouth all I have to do is listen to this song and I realize it's not me that's screwed up it's these uptight, hashtag this and that, PC kids in this day and age that don't know how to enjoy their lives, lighten up you little assholes!!!

  6. John Cady

    Classic rock stations should be ashamed not to include this track on their playlists.

    Woody Schuler

    John Cady amen.

    Jamis Coda

    Too many owned by iheart. Give independent station wxjk out of Farmville Va a try. Listen long enough you will hear true deep tracks. Better than the poser deep track stations. I listen via onlineradiobox.

  7. Howard Ury

    In the old days this song got a lot of airplay but now days modern radio killing a lot good music like this. Sad times! This song makes you feel good!

  8. Peter O

    Met Dave Mason two different times, several years apart.
    1st time I was talking to Dave's drummer. I was talking about the song "We Just Disagree" and as I was pointing out a segment of the song, I was singing it and little did I know that Dave had just walked up behind me. The drummer was cool and Dave tapped my shoulder and smirked, said "You trying to steal my job?" lol.

    Woody Schuler

    Peter O very cool!

  9. goldflakechallenger

    I was lost in eric clapton land trying to find this-it is so great-one of the best for sure

  10. Babaloo Bimbo

    Let it drown and .... adiooosss.... Hate it !

  11. william tilton

    happy ,happy,happy sound!

  12. Jeff Salamon

    Great song by legendary ex-traffic member dave mason. Classic rock ROCKS

  13. Duke Craig

    God I wish we were still back in these days, when women actually liked men and everyone wasn't at each others throats.

    sunny witch

    Women still like men.

  14. alan marsden

    awesome :)

  15. John Smith


  16. Gary Giampa

    Hi love this song one of the best thank you

  17. JayDogTitan 1464

    This is truly a lost classic, a great song that doesn't get the airplay that it should.

  18. Sandy Tonkin

    I just heard this beauty on the radio. I still love you Dave Mason..after all these years.. love your music and you.. 💞

  19. Ruben Delgadillo

    I gotta have more cowbell!


    I want one!

  20. Harv Potts

    Let it go let it flow. 😎 Awesomeness!

  21. Kirk Cekada

    One of those songs that I was happy to rediscover after many years thanks to Sirius XM -- and Youtube.

  22. Kenneth Skaggs

    Say all you want...this Album should be in everyone's collection. It sure brings back some great memories for me.


    Oh, it's in my collection, vinyl!!!!!

    Sandy Tonkin

    What a great old song! I love you Dave Mason, always have, always will. 💞

    Jeff Connell

    Dave's resume is unbelievable!!!!!

    Nancy Ellis

    Kenneth, you said it! One of my all time favorite Mason albums and especially this song!

    joe mcclure

    It is certainly in mine. I bought it when it was released, I was 13.

  23. AZRacer2000

    Mike Finnegan on Background Vocals, and keyboards, pushed Dave to His best singing to date,IMO..

  24. leonakita

    This was album such a disappointment following his self-titled LP in 1974. Its just very mediocre AM pop fare. I was done with him after this. Too bad, cause he always had great potential....the closest he came to attaining it was 1974.

    Michael McCormick

    +leonakita Still Liked it. Still way better than the stuff on the radio today. Dave is still a great musician. He's a rock and roll hall of famer..BIG fan.

    Jimbo Brockman

    Actually, I think his 'Certified Live' album was excellent!

    Elizabeth Wollmeringer

    Let it Flow one of my favs and I can't wait to see him with Doobies and Journey tonight in LR, Ar. To each their own!


    Spin That dial then babe! :) Don't hate! this is all about LOVE!!

  25. Hendrick Looysen

    t this is aaa great start for the further let your live flow the twas unknown to me areal good believe  a old Song becomes a star in the milky way of reason of wisdom

  26. Daniel Burns

    this song only went to #45 on the pop charts in 1978!!!

    Flat Feelings

    and only 45

  27. jyujyuro


    Sandy Tonkin

    jyujyuro ❤️ from America!

  28. NM STK

    ♪Let~Go Let it flow~



  30. william blanc

    Are we moving closer together, or is it gonna' take forever and ever!! Lets wise up people do what the rocker says.

  31. mesfromusa

    Love this song. Thanks for posting. Let it go.