Dave - Karma Lyrics

I used to wear wallabies
I never wanted these wallabies
Every nigga wants to be a gangster
Every nigga wants to hold a strap
And every nigga thinks a shank is banter
Until you're looking at your nigga
Breathing through a tube, like hes struggling to breath and he can't even speak or move
And now you're thinking what the fuck did I sign up for
Cause' now you gotta ride on guys who tried to nank him up so
The roads will get a boy changed like pampers
Cause' the hand tings had the ends intense like campers
Forensics intense, like intent to supply
If I ever link Sergai its intent to supply
We had the ends on our line
Had the mark for the product we attempt to supply
But I never had time for the shots
Inside it like nine on the dot
Tryna' revise for my mock
Then the p's started to rise
Bought a nine for the docks, paid nine on the dot
All the times that I grind I didn't shine on my mock
I ain't never been a fool, bro said stay in school
If you ace your exams then you'll get paid in full
I ain't never loved beef
Don't listen to these dumb dons
Wishing I could squash it I got beef that I can't run from
Mummy knows I done wrong
All the times I made her cry
All that ghosting in the night like I don't even need to lie
Let a nigga fuck with me
Got mandem that let that pumpy squeeze
So real man'll try to kill you for my brothers beef
I just keep walking them niggas they keep talking
They'll run into a stick like them niggas were sleep walking
I don't like to talk bro I just get so angry
Squash it if its verbal but I'll kill you for my family
Bruv I'm only 16 the streets ain't right
Know man'll bun you for designer I can deets your life
The trap wasn't a plan to me, road just made me angry
Sitting with a bag of green like what the fucks a grand to me
Used to watch The Bill, now I'm running for a bill
All this running from the bill might just turn into a casualty
Actually, the ends they might just turn you to a martyr
Snitches tryna blah blah the wing like Zaha
Trappers getting trapped by hoes turn father
Niggas living fast and getting killed by karma
Told you bout them days with Raps it was trapping
Told you bout them men like I'll go Charlie for a Chaplin
Now I'm laying down the law
Made the lady hold the raw
And I put it smack down I ain't talking bout no wrestling
Lawyers fighting cases we ain't talking bout no settling
Bruv I've been dead broke twice I had to get it in
Let a nigga rush me trust me that'll be the death of him
Always got the metal in my hand like its a wedding ring
And all these different moods I've felt
You're nuttin' with no g's like a gucci belt
Still I'm tryna make my p's stretch give a fuck if the beefs dead
Raf niggas down to scrap niggas like Benitez
Pagans had my whole ends locked by forensics
Cause' them shells flew like a spoonful of lemsip
And my pagans done it I ain't proud to say they done it
At least I know now what they were saying man they meant it

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Dave Karma Comments
  1. MERK Instinct

    Rahh man, Dave's been and still is one of the hardest in the UK. Biggest inspiration fully.

  2. Callum Dunbar

    wow this song hits so hard its so true the words

  3. Innov Ace

    “Always got the metal in my hand like its a wedding ring” I thought he was finna say like Wolverine

  4. Innov Ace

    This a 15 yo bro...

    X F

    Innov Ace he was 17 then

  5. D’Angelo Russell

    Dave too cold

  6. Aki Tiitinen

    Is there a reason why this is not on Spotify

  7. MT100

    How has this song not blown Tho but Dave has 😂🤔

    Mr that's just your opinion man

    MT100 no catchy chorus for da fakes and gassheads

  8. Nathan B Griffin

    Mad how far he’s come, so proud like all of his fans

  9. Tom Simon

    Come back this all the time pisses me off it's not bigger it's first Dave track I heard and still one of the best guys outrageous push this!

  10. Awesome Izack

    Found this after he won the award 🥇🤩🤩

  11. Shabz Mckenzie

    Anyone know the name of the beat

  12. Big Boi

    Just a reminder that grab the habad has more views than this classic

  13. xGenGamingTV

    Dave is cut from a different cloth. Uk rap at its finest

  14. Fredrickson02

    This is definitely an inspiration for and the original "Environment" from his new album "Psychodrama"


    Yeah first thing I thought of when I heard environment

    Clash Royale

    @MrFredGamer he references karma in environment as well when he says "reading through your old comments, trying to feel some love again I see Karma..."

  15. Alan Maher PHPF


  16. SetTrender

    He still rolls with these same mandem to this day


    100. Rapz Arj Cees Jus

    kfc king

    and the malis

    Afro Jamm

    What happened to Wayne Rooney though??? Hahaha

  17. SetTrender

    2019 anyone 👀

  18. Slingshot

    trash beat ngl

  19. Aleem Beaumont

    Too cold Santan

  20. deluxespratt

    Flu like a spoon full of lemsip. The word play ❤️💯💯🐐🐐

  21. I selk

    My man actually talked about the one and only


  22. Alex Daniel

    I’m just going back to see how he grew

  23. Dreamz

    Now he’s got a no.1

  24. ZoruPurz

    2018 anyone ?

  25. drippitydrip

    1:04 bruv I thought my stepsister was screaming downstairs when that high pitch noise came outta nowhere

    Joey Walsh

    drippitydrip fuck sake 😹😹

  26. Zohaib Khan

    Need to add this to apple music fam

    Saint Fantas

    You spelt Spotify wrong bro

  27. LG247

    Daves best tune to date 🤫

  28. Paul

    Guys a legend. I mean a legend

  29. Flynn Clocks

    Remember when I heard this thinking this guys gonna defo blow🤷‍♂️

  30. aaronvx220

    Remember when i first heard this when it calm out, done bits since then and hes still gonna go further.

  31. Ravi Aren

    the instrumental floods the lyrics too much, mad still


    Ravi Aren I like the balance still

  32. Eli 321

    Rahh if Dave ain’t in you top 3 then idk for you g

  33. Conor Murphy

    The moment we all knew

  34. Patrick Walters

    Here from kd

  35. julius vidal

    0:37 Big L is that you?

  36. NARO

    best song ever made

  37. Delusion d

    "Paigons had my old ends locked by forensics, cuz them shells FLU like a spoon full of lemsip, and my paigons done it i aint proud to say they done it, atleast i know now what they were saying man they meant it" Anyone catch it?

  38. Carman Singh

    Listened to this right after listening to SL. It's cool to see two young kids the same age with different mindsets and vibes. Defs a huge Dave fan

  39. Ma Du

    The Best Song in This Channel, the growth of Santan Dave is too much 🔥👍🏿

  40. Delusion d

    dammmmm daves been killing it for years still

  41. AW 96

    Visuals Looking Like 4k, Even though it's 720 mad

  42. Henry Richards

    i listened to this song when i was in year 7 and now dave is where he is today it makes mer so happy and proud for him. mad respect for santan what a legend

  43. Pa Yusupha Ceesay

    Dave has come so far look at where he is now.🙌🙌

  44. King Kong

    I like this Dave better then the one now. More humble

  45. MrJKou

    get this on spotify, dave. still my favorite track, despite all your new gold

  46. Michael

    Fly Dave, fly.

  47. ManiJGraphics

    Looking back at this over a year later...Dave Jussy Rapz just met Drake and Drake posted a picture on his instagram..Wow. Long way ..bless them .

  48. Lil Frog

    Still Daves best song

    KR D

    Yung Pepe word

    Jordan Yeomans

    Yung Pepe nah man go check midsummer night this a banger still tho

  49. Slender


  50. Adam Shaw

    Now I'm going to his headline show. glo up 2016

  51. Ashton Williams

    this guys going far🔥🔥🔥

  52. AnonBlack

    Shit then at 0:26, the bootcuts are doing bits

  53. Shirwa Jira

    rah look at him making tunes with drake

    Hassan Iqbal

    Shirwa Jira he didn't


    Hassan Iqbal he did still

  54. chesleigh mosstrals snowman

    Shit shirt

  55. Brandon Power

    Is the instrumental the same as pepstar's daily duppy?

  56. Jordan Yeomans

    Whats the instrumental? anyone? hard this

    Mixe d[-_-]b ygxd

    pepstar daily duppy

  57. Poo.

    Dave is in time but who ever made the beat, sounds good but the timing n beats are faulty

  58. OhRQZ

    whats dah instrumental

  59. Chuck Norris

    Is the shirt dave's wearing burberry?

    driller d

    yeah but they dont sell them 1s anymore the old designs were the best ones

    Chuck Norris

    @that average nerd Arr safe bro I was looking everywhere for it.

    driller d

    @Muffasil Islam FanClub i got a couple from back in the day still around me they were cruddy

  60. free the realness


  61. Nayr Eel

    I think the UK scene has found its Nas, no gas. Dave is a street poet, wordplay and story tellin is levels and he's only 17

    Josh Shepherd


    Firell Parker

    No nas is and was levels ahead

    adnaan siddiqi

    He’s 15 in this

    Some Geezer

    4 yrs later and he's in a netflix show and is the grime goat

  62. Sick Of It

    sick beat, but a bit too loud

  63. Raz mataz

    Beats far too Loud

  64. Sk7 Tv

    He is a problem❄❄❄

  65. Globbyy


  66. MiKey

    in only 9 months he's gone far

  67. Andre Paul

    He needs another banger like this💯

  68. Philip Jones

    Instrumental guys?

  69. Andy Ampomah

    dave and meek mill collab would be mad


    +Dre Montana ...

  70. John Turner


  71. Zeus _HD_Gaming

    Is this on iTunes??

  72. Zeus _HD_Gaming

    Is this on iTunes??

  73. Leo J

    "used to watch the BILL,now im running for a BILL,all the this running from a BILL,might just turn you into a CASUALTY".....2 major tv shows at the time...SANTANDAVE RUDEBOII


    watch "the" bill, running "through" a bill, running "from the" bill

  74. King Kong

    Dave is something else

  75. johnnydaniels18

    I wonder what would happen to the kids with zoots in their mouths if their mums saw this video... nigga I'd get my ass whooped. Never get papped with the zoot man

  76. Eazy The Kreatxr

    raah this songs got me thinking about my life real talk

  77. Ghosty 24s

    Dave Next 1 To Blow

  78. Shirwa Gaas

    dave is the hardest coming up

  79. brandon dennis

    What's the instrumental??

  80. jamaine christian

    What the instrumental????

  81. Haleemah Mahmood

    is dave from bristol?


    Streatham, South London g.

  82. Faiz J

    What hoodie is that at 0:08

  83. Nada Abdi

    I remember when this was on like 50k views. Now look at Dave mans got nearly 500k on jkl & hyd. I new he was gunna blow but them man I showed his tunes to didn't think so but now there all up in his tunes. Beauty of music

    Nada Abdi

    Guess I was right loool

  84. Debbi Claire Jackson


  85. Joe Seabright

    baiting out this sergae guy hard, heard it on every track


    ur moving like theres only one sergae in the world and its just a shot anyway

  86. Tarlochan Singh

    This is too cold soon up

  87. Shebby Ali

    Get aces in skwl u get paid in full 💯💯

  88. Hamza Abdi

    Dave man like

  89. lean

    Guys too good cba

  90. john

    Feel u man went through the same things

  91. Chris Bandz

    He talks the truth rt ur gonna blow ak 💯🍾

  92. C Gill

    Hardest in the scene right now no one can say he isn't , every track is🔥

  93. Damian Davis


  94. H S

    daves getin recognised now💯

  95. brad buckley

    'always got the metal in my head like its a wedding ring' jheeeez


    +brad buckley hand*


    loool how can you be gassed and u don't even know what he said😂😂

    Firell Parker

    @TneedsMore bro. These guys gas anything up, so long as you deliver a punchline with agression and have a decent flow then its hard

  96. RudeFTW

    This Beat Jheeez

  97. Bayern 15-3 Arsenal Bate Borisov 1-0 Arsenal

    only the opps would be disliking this

    Bayern 15-3 Arsenal Bate Borisov 1-0 Arsenal


  98. Ali Abidi

    Who else jumped on this beat before ?

  99. killerzombie469

    im done I full rate this don hes a problem