Dave - JKYL+HYD Lyrics

This is a tale of two men, this is Jekyll and Hyde
Have you ever had a war with your mind? Its like I'm two men
Tryna' juggle college and money but this is useless
Cause either way one of them suffers because of music
Telling Jussy on the phone, bailiffs climbing windows
Tryna' run up in my home and take everything I own
Them girls will never know, The choices that I made
All the nights that I pray got aired to the road that I chose
Bruv, I'm local to home, making phones calls for dough
I implode or I blow?
But you couldn't buy my attention, its either there or no
You ever spoken to the devil? You'll lose the fear in God
He doesn't come round here, it's crazy right?
How a-judge can give a life and take a life
I nearly died that night, it's crazy right?
That's why you don't get involved when they play with knifes

Nah, but let me tell you about my life, I came from a family of 5
If I try to tell my story 'swear down you would cry
But all you need to know is I've lost every single man inside my life
And so I lost my way
It's like who do you follow when your time feels borrowed
And your idols gonna' stray? My words carry weight
It's like who do you follow when your time feels borrowed
And your idols gonna' stray? And so I put my heart in my friends
Started writing bars, I was trying to be the hardest on endz'
And then we split half of the endz'
A few altercations in a week, we lost half of our friends
We was selling draws, and then-a little more
And back then all the girls in the school were busy giving corn
I never had a fresh trim, I had braces
This is for the brudda's in life that weren't rated

Started thinking way beyond my age when I hit 17
I had a smile of a child but a mind like I'm 23
I mean 35, I lived a dirty life
Around a bunch of man I didn't feel like sherleys [?] guy
And now these clowns couldn't sit with me
Literally, I stand on my own like Sicily
I've never been known for wifing hoes and twitter beef
I'm tryna' turn green and white to red like Italy

I don't need to chat shit my family is active
Madness, I've seen death like sign language
And lifes so precious, I don't want wanna die so young
Real talk I don't like this pressure
Man are still beefing over endz
We don't own this land and we don't like this weather
Man are still beefing over money and you're all broke
Outside your endz there's a life that better
Outside your endz there's a life that real
With a job and a wife that's real
3 baby mums and a whip, that's fake
Leaving your kids that's fake, man you kids so lame
I shouldn't need to say what's real
This is common sense for the man who got their head set straight
I have to state the obvious, youth's move proper [?] sick [?]
Trust me these bars are for them mans sake
So listen, now its like Dave man you have to blow
Cause I've seen pain like Nagato
Yeah you know my picture, you ain't never spent a day inside my camera roll
Thinking about my image, younger donnies' listen
And this message that I'm giving is so easily miss written
I wanna say, leave the beef alone and chase the figures
Man, I wanna say, leave the beef alone and chase the figues
But it's never been that simple
When you get em hold the dippers
I'm leading by example, all them little nigga's on that trap wave
Jump of it's not gonna run
I don't care about how many doors you got on your car
No one cares about how much corn you got on your gun
Man they wanna hear your story, this trap thing bores me
And word to Jamal my time soon comes shortly

If your my right hand then my beef is your beef
My vid' is your vid'- the scene can't ignore me
Cause when I turnt 14, I wasn't cutting cake in a party
For my B-day, I was online hitting sales like E-Bay
See music is a change, still chasing snitches
Like why you lying to the jakes?
Get nicked, get a deal, then set fire to the rain
Pass is never worth it, trust me man knows
Them youths look raggo, them boy there plateaued
Died in battle, I still wonder why we had burners from young
Like Alexandre Pato
They're beefing with these low lifes, for them cold nights
I'm tryna' make music my whole life
I can't do it on my own fam I won't lie
So if you're on your own grind and you don't know a bag of man
You can be my Santan Danielle or my Halli Tam
If you're on your own grind and you don't know a bag of man
You can be my Santan D-

This is Jekyll and Hyde
Have you ever had a war with your mind? Its like I'm two men
This is a tale of two men this is Jekyll and Hyde
Have you ever had a war with your mind? Its like I'm two men

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Dave JKYL+HYD Comments
  1. D Yt

    Like if you’re here in 2020 😆

  2. Jl K

    This trap ting bores me

  3. Marios N

    for those who asking, the instrumental is actually armin van buuren's in and out of love with some bass, he needs to get his credits for such and amazing song

  4. Jack Allott

    This guy man is something else; everything he spits is real, the only rapper I can compare him to is 2PAC everything he says has a meaning. The best UK rapper

  5. Millan Mirch

    Song hits so hard even when ive listened litterally 500 times

  6. Jak

    Thanks for this 🙁

  7. Kdot

    The beat on this is hard any1 know the instrumental??

  8. Cvlox

    Realest rapper

  9. Jl K

    One of the hardest intrumentals going

  10. jaja

    The Best on Earth

  11. jaja


  12. Vz iMinxy

    been the coldest in the uk for 3 years

  13. Mad Jinx

    the amout of facts dave spits is maders fav rapper/pianist

  14. x I Kno Bando

    When I first laid my eyes on Dave, he deserves everything he’s got

  15. Saeed Tha PraLem


  16. Mr ferno

    your the top boy now g good luck and youre sik

  17. User Unknown


  18. GetUrBreadUp !!

    “I wanna say drop the beef and chase figures... but its not that simple when you get involved with dippers” real rap😔

  19. Ryan george

    This song is honestly the best song to have sex with,I will mostly say that I do enjoy stuff like that interacts with carrots but that’s just my opinion anyway come back to me when I care

  20. Majormar 02

    Its crazy coming on this and seeing everyone praising him 3 years ago hoping he blows up, to where he is now with #1 album in the country

  21. Jonathan Roche

    ive seen death (deaf) like sign language 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Sohrab Azimi

    Who’s still listening in 2019?

    ryan smylie

    Sohrab Azimi I’m gonna show my kids this tune 😂😂😂

  23. wilsh jackyboy

    Got attached.. Love this man. From india

  24. Error 404. Name not found.

    within temptation adds a zing to this

  25. Joao Pina

    He's mad and real!! Props from Swindon /Portugal nuff respect g

  26. XzOpe

    Still his hardest tune

  27. Not An Assassin

    Who produced the beat?

  28. J Stack

    How comes it’s 2019 and I’ve only just seen this? So fucking hard

  29. Bally u wont know its me

    I cant lie this helped me i used the line "if u have spoke to the devil u lose the fear of God" in my gcse's luv to dave im gonna meet him one day as a baller😄😅

  30. James

    Should be doing this at GCSE instead of the book


    @K no he was 18

  31. Lydia _xxx

    big up anyone still listening to this

  32. hashimijr

    the name of the beat?

  33. jamie watling

    anyone banging this 2k19 after psychodrama

  34. Marti Moves

    Who will admit they're here from the documentary. It's okay.


    What documentary

  35. Reindorf Marilyn

    I’ve seen pain like nagato am g been watching naruto

  36. Divinity Blake

    someone tell me what tns they are in the second shot please'

  37. 101

    2:08 Mad true

  38. carpet muncher

    Psychodrama was immense but this still has to be his best work so far, absolutely fucking filthy❄️

  39. Mr ferno

    Still the best on the scene

  40. Astar LonDoN

    Hard g big up man like dave. Real talk don

  41. og smackz2


  42. J1MMY UK

    Can’t wait for his album to drop in couple hrs 👑

  43. Bruno Bdck

    Instrumental ?? 2019

  44. emmanuel donaldson

    Probably the Hardest out listening in 2019. Is what it is mans spitting lessons applicable to most big man let alone youths his age. Issa Rap!

  45. Favour Ugbah

    Bruh this is heat.

  46. Zidane Batista

    If you are watching this now like

  47. Reece Katsuva_

    His hardest tune!

  48. Simon Diamond Fitness Education

    Proper belta!

  49. Hrhehdhd Rhfrff

    Still need a part 2.

  50. Maxine James

    😮 wow he good my first time listening new fan 🔥🔥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️🙏🏼

  51. Liam Kelly

    One of the sickest beats ive ever heard

  52. uncmz

    First year of college vibessss 2015

  53. Callum Bright

    Dave is insane he is the best rapper in the UK and will be the best rapper in the world I’m calling it. His word play, bars, flow, speed, is why he is the best.
    He only talks about real shit, I rate him so much.

  54. Dre Hamid

    Track “In and out of love”

  55. Tman

    Who’s here in 2019?

  56. Ahmed M

    My english teacher approves

  57. Sirdiggar


  58. Rowan Blakely

    Dave’s best song don’t @ me

  59. Zion Sky

    you speak to the devil you lose the fear of god.

  60. Angel Kid

    Word to Jamal his time came

  61. N. Pierru

    this moment when yo squadmembers are more present in a video than the artist himself

  62. haider chaudhary

    “Yeah you see my picture but have you ever been through my camera roll” fammmmmmmmmm😤😤😤

  63. Adam Taylor

    How has this got 5 times this many views?

  64. Qasim Hussain

    Decent guy 👈🏼

  65. Rain Man

    What's the sample at the beginning? If it is?

    Not An Assassin

    Rain Man In and out of love - Armin Van Buuren

  66. karm Pashn


  67. sadfgh ert

    "Now it's like Dave man you have to blow
    Cause I've seen pain like Nagato
    Yeah you've seen my picture
    But you ain't never spent a day inside my camera roll
    Thinking about my image"👏👏👏👏

    Naz Bostan


  68. fortune83

    If you're my right hand, then my beef is your beef

  69. Aishatu Onuigbo

    It needs a better beat

  70. Louis Eggenton

    It’s like I’m 2 men

  71. Harley Irie Lowe

    Fine fine fine loving it

  72. Harry Sleep

    Santan is already elite but also massive shout-out to tyrell for making it happen expect a lot to come from these guys

  73. Oluwatomiyin Akintoye

    Lol had burners from young like alexander Pato.... This boiiiiiiiiiii

  74. Yves

    0:53 "have u ever spoke to the devil when u used to fearing God?" 🤔

    Captain Thea Kreutzer

    If you ever spoke to the devil you lose the fear in god*

  75. Our Lord is Coming

    This is some real mastery right here

  76. Sam

    2018 this still bangs, the truth behind these bars is real

  77. Jordan Ofwono

    2018 and this track is still levels fam

  78. Thomas Worsley

    hope Dave keeps the consistency in his bars, seen a lot of 'one hit wonders' that slipped off...wanna see how far he can go with this style.

  79. MT And AR

    No one has noticed the beginning is Armin Van Buuren’s In An Out Of Love

  80. Cian

    Still listening to this now🔥

  81. Taiyab12

    Came here for the nagato bar

  82. Return off the British warrior

    How much corn u got in your gun????

    James Penn

    Return off the British warrior it means ammo

  83. Dean Carroll

    This is amazing and relatable on so many levels. Wow

  84. Jakob Leeder

    2018 still pumping this

  85. Aido

    Best UK Rapper in UK imo

  86. James Alvarez

    Jheez "I've seen death like sign language"

  87. Joshua Robinson

    Rayzer anyone?

  88. Jonas Žemaitis

    Lyrics someone?

  89. Return off the British warrior


  90. Sam Dale

    favourite song :)