Dave - God's Eye Lyrics

Look, I just moved outta London cah' things were really sticky
Grey gates, Range Rovers, sittin' pretty
You know I loved my G-SHOCKs if you were really with me
Before I reach a milli, I'ma buy a Richard Milli'
Been in with red wine, the drink is fizzy
Can't take the city out the girl, just the girl out the city
Only once I've to ask a chick, "You really with me?"
The way I'm livin' silly, I need her to live it with me
I do Seafood Saturdays when I see your girl
Only oysters she's had were on TFL
She wanna BBL but trust me, I'ma treat her well
At least one of us makin' sure she eatin' well
Order cake and pasta, I'm in Casa Cruz
I should have brought the young Gs 'cause they do bangin' food
Cream blazer, white Nike, call me Harvey Dent
Bruce Wayne, the timepiece, I brought Batman too
Now what we got in common with a game of pool?
Havin' eight balls and startin' with a cue
I got a crazy life, girl crazy too
I got a baby and my baby wanna baby too
I wasn't made to be a gangster, I'm takin' a rest
That's a home truth that I'll take on the chest
You can't be a middleman inside this game of chess
If he's taking offense, then I'm takin' a fence
I could have been in the bando when they were flyin' butch
And feds raided Surbiton but what a right I took
15 minutes, wonder how life would look
I got an autobiography, I ain't write a book
You as strong as the weakest person that's in your team
I used to be happy with a million streams
Independent, I don't bother sittin' in a meet'
I just want a label, two million clean
Supers, yeah, I'm in the DBS
Five-litre V12 sound like DMX
When you in love, that's the sweetest sex
Passion in the beat, it's like

Look, so many man gotta sit in jail
Don't get a visit, meal, man don't even wish 'em well
Road's fucked opportunities are thin as well
People don't understand, it's a different world
I'm so hood but I'm well-spoken
She'll pay the bill when hell frozen
Necrophilia, I'm in AP
The skeletons are light, they don't sell skulls with
Elements of Picasso with just a touch of Disney
I was eight, I was ahead before I went to Sydney
Leonardo DiCaprio meets Leonardo DaVinci
I make peace and make friends after I make history
I'm the type to spent five after I make fifty
I'm the type to spent fifty after I make five
I take my, a G was taken through the grapevine
But the fruits of my labour brought me a great wine
Made to all my enemies that get to stay awake
I run the cleeto with people that I would see as prey
The man I grow up with into trappin' and movin'
Gettin' Rian like I tried to play a prank on Brewster
Whole family full of talent, we're the Adenugas
Bag of shooters, adolescence with attitude
When hard work, opportunity, proper tunin'
Meet talent, then nigga, we happen
Turnin' your dreams to reality, that what actors for
Makin' reality a dream, that's what rappers for
I used to be Ra'Nell, I never had a score
We're the show, tell me what we need a channel for?
And of course, I hope Jasmine knows she different and her talent raw
I share today with the stars of tomorrow
I tell my kids I knew Michael before he had awards, huh
And if this isn't the proof
Let's have it right, Letitia she's the truth
I'm feelin' like Kamale, with a scorcher in the coupe
How am I a yute and still inspirin' the youths?
Let's go to war, I'm hirin' the troops
I know my enemies, they conspirin' for a truce
But let a man diss me and it's fire in the booth
And he can shout my name out while he's flyin' off a roof

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