Dave East - Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics

Yo, yo yo
Yo, yo, yo yo
London, what's up?

I can still hear you screamin', "Neighborhood"
Dirt gang, when you see me, why they hate on cuz?
I just sent you a song, was waitin' on your verse
We was doin' a tape together, they ain't know your worth
Nobody told me after Freaky died, it's gon' get worse
They ain't understand your vision
You spoke for all them nights I was starvin'
We shakin' prison but they hate that you did it, uh
I asked you how to start a clothin' line
You had me out on Slauson
Blue Laces was my shit, the blueprint to bein' bosses
You created that
Remember when you played that beat for Clarity?
You gave out so much free game, that shit was charity
You was at my birthday, my mother asked me about you
She used to ask what my shirt say
Ma, this is Crenshaw
I'm supportin' my brother remindin' me of myself
Motivatin' me from the [?], invited me to your videos
I was smokin' marathon, O.G. with you
Every time I touched down in L.A., I wanted to meet with you
Me and Red smokin' flight right in the parkin' lot
Fatts had me in the store puttin' me a pack together
Uh, I'ma listen to you raps forever
On the real, fuck how they feel, Victory Lap was better
South Central ain't gon' never feel the same
You got me scared 'cause it ain't too many of us left
"Go get that bread, cuz," that's what you said before you left
We had a
You ain't nothin' like these rap niggas
Told me stay dangerous, don't let 'em see you react, nigga
Called your phone cryin', laughin' when you slapped that nigga
You just told me, "Congrats, East, I heard you actin', nigga"
They killin' kings, I no longer wanna chat with niggas
If I could ask God for somethin', just give me back my niggas
If I could ask God for somethin', just give me back my niggas

Nip, miss you cuzzo

Got some more shit
Let's see if I got some more shit
It's my first time in London, bro

Uh, you probably thought the label was gon' shelf me
You prayed that this paper never helped me
Posted up by the mailbox without a mail key
Exotic weed a creed if you ever smelled me
I don't wanna die young, I wanna die wealthy
Niggas askin' for the most help ain't never helped me
Blew a brown flag in it, you think I'm gettin' to it?
Well, that's accurate
Acura slide, ain't need no passengers
Bubble Goose, wasn't no computer when it's trouble, shoot
Money made my dick hard, honestly fell in love with loot
Mathematics supreme, knowledge of wisdom
Understandin' culture, know power'll get you killed, son
Uh, equality God
Built and destroyed on the job, shit get tighter than WonderBras
I come from the slums, had to walk when we wanted cars
Couldn't afford that shit that y'all wearin', that made me wanna rob
That pressure get applied you know your son involved
You so nervous, phone in your pocket, don't wanna call
Feds is lurkin', I know they watchin', I wanna ball
Plug fronted 50, I need a 100, I'm starvin', dawg
Drop it in the pot, cannonball, somersault
September to April, we pump and take the summer off
May, June, July, August livin' lawless
In Georgetown, I really was recruited by the Hoyas
Maneuver through the border
My man from Cuba, I told him that you could get deported
What if Tookie coulda saw this?
No bakery, we was cuttin' cookies by the quarter
Nigga ratted in New York, picked up and took his shit to Florida
Depressed faces, they sad, mad I actually did it
The homie died, I went and tatted my nigga
Pinky ring it, me and four ladies at lunch
Got attitudes like they came on the bus, can't make this up
Cigar smoke lingerin'
Gun on me large, it's not medium
Just got off them papers, he smokin' weed again
They was callin' me broke
Get shot over that Nautica boat
I'm a wolf, never call me the goat
They all wanna know

Survival on the way, you heard?
Harlem, man, East Side, we here
Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle
Rest in peace, Freaky
Rest in peace, Mugga
Free Trav, free Scrap
Free Bloody, free all my G's behind that wall, man
Westwood, London, you know what's goin' on

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Dave East Tim Westwood Freestyle Comments
  1. ONDAT AZZ!!

    https://youtu.be/D1yXhJlkiyo R.I.P. NIPSEY, SHOUT OUT 2 TIMWESTWOODTV!!

  2. Trystan Garcia

    Felt that in the veins

  3. Demetri Rivers


  4. Demetri Rivers

    Hood rich nigga Dave east Harlem ny

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    what’s the actual song of the instrumental ??

  7. Devin Alicea

    TMC off east new tape 🌀🌀🌀

  8. Taylor Thomas

    I really like this.rip nipsey

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    Dave a monster

  10. kas0016

    Too bad this was on survival and not actually off the top

  11. Thug Blashempy


  12. STAX

    Whats that first instrumenal off?

  13. Oumar future Coly

    You got my respect my man EAST. you're a Goat !!! Luv so much from Sénégal 🇸🇳

  14. Demetri Rivers

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 RIP nipsey hustle xxxtentacion juice wrld

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  17. raymond brannon

    “Me and four ladies at brunch they attitudes like they just got off the bus”........

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    @timwestwood the youtube community talked and we feel you should unlock to the comments to 2-Chainz video

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    Damn that shit fire

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  21. M. E.

    its my first time in London bro......

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    west coast flow from a East coast G

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    This is not a freestyle it’s a song frauds !!!!

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    Stack bundles killed that second beat better

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  26. Jason Mpiana

    The Marathon Continues 🏁

  27. SUGA Plz

    Lyrics? I don’t understand a word he said omg😭 but I wanna know what he’s saying

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    This ain’t a freestyle

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    Here after SURVIVAL

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    The cuz the goat 👍🏻💙👍🏻 Harl36m Rip Nip NayborHood

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    Last of a dying breed::

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    He slayed that Bobby v beat he's so underrated he still ain't blow yet Dave has mad talent

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    Check out Raffe freestyle to this the shit hot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1ANN09Gm9w East did his thing on this RIP NIP

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    Nobody can freestyle that good... not even Dave East.

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    His brain is like a computer that can retrieve the illest lyrics he’s composed, downloaded and saved to his hard drive! Talent on another level. He will be one of the greats

  45. Eric from Brooklyn

    Wow. Wow. Wow...i mean...like...RIP NIP #DaveEast real brother.

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    lool capital Fm the most pagan Radio in the UK does not deserve this freestyle

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    Supreme mathematics bar

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    This is awesome!

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    The marathon continues nipsey tribute on his new album

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    The amber 🔥 was lit at 00:10 Dave East with killer beats as always 💪🏾

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    “F how they feel Victory Lap was better” damn truth 💯💙🏁

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    I like Dave's barz better than KDot .

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    Dave East has knowledge of self....Mad peace. Peace to the God Dave East!!!!!

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    better than survival smh from a east fan

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    He turn this freestyle into a song and shit is a classic!!!!

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    He always sounds like he is threatening your family lol

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    Album tonight can’t wait

  65. brad wyckoff

    0:51-0:55 "u remeber u wen u play dah beat for clarity, u gave out more of free games thats a charity" RIP Nipsey... Dave East love since Keshia... *Respect*

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    Much love and respect to Dave east and Rip Nipsey Hussle.🙏🐐🚬💨💨💨💯

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    Niggas askin for the most help ain’t never help me

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    640 People Are So Much Of Haters!!!! 🔫

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    What are the prominent Nursery Rhymes we read growing up? (1) A-Tisket A-Tasket (2) Georgie Porgie (3) Hickory Dickory Dock (4) Humpty Dumpty (5) itsy bitsy spider (6) Jack & Jill (7) Jack be nimble (8) little miss muffet (9) london bridge is falling down (10) Mary had a little lamb (11) now i lay me down to sleep (12) one, two buckle my shoe (13) Patty Cake Patty Cake Baker Man (14) Peter Piper (15) Pop Goes the Weasel (16) Rain Rain go away (17) Roses are Red (18) Row Row Row your Boat (19) Three Blind Mice .... There's been soo MANY NURSERY RHYMES teaching the youth over the YEARS. Therefore i present to YOU ...


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    Nipsey! 🙏🏼

    🔥🔥🔥 East!

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    We've gotta protect Dave at all cost! He's the last of a dying breed.

    Lord Omega

    @Joss Orloff good looking out on the list, homie. I'ma definitely look into these guys.

    Hard Firm



    Lord Omega we got juice world

    Eric Moss

    Blue Knight Not anymore. R.I.P Juice Wrld ❤️


    Eric Moss facts😖 gone too soon😭

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    Damn East is really a king out here I see so much of Nipsey Hussle in him keep doing ya thing LOC👍🏽

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  96. Slum City Marv

    asking for the support of Dave East fans and HipHop lovers in general to help support an independent artist. I'm an artist, producer and songwriter. Please take time out to review my music video and provide me your honest feedback. I hope to gain you as a supporter and continue to produce great music!

    Peace Kings/Queens!


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  99. Marvel Nation

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