Dave Days - You Lyrics

You and your face you keep me up you keep me hoping
One of these days you might come around my way
I'd speak up just enough to make it clear that I'm here

I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
If I keep waiting you'll be taken till there's nothing I can do

You're down to Earth and I'm so lost in space
You bring me back on my feet as if I've never been there before
I, I don't know where this goes but I'll take the chance cause I've got to know

I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
If I keep waiting you'll be taken till there's nothing I can do
Yeah I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
There's no timing worth buying, no this I have to do

I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
If I keep waiting you'll be taken till there's nothing I can do
Oh I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
No, there's no timing worth buying, no this I have to do

You and your face you keep me up you keep me hoping

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Dave Days You Comments
  1. Zara Lynn

    He's so underrated

  2. Dogie_17


  3. Karolína Musilová

    ták a like ten kdo to má od Lenči a Myšky :) je to skvělá písnička


    Karolína Musilová přesně!❤

  4. Eliška Pelcnerová

    je to ta nejhezci pianicka kterou jsem kdy slisela miluju ji je uzasna

    Eliška Pelcnerová

    tuhle pisnicku nic neprekona je fakt krasna

  5. Stoopidpeople96

    chords...pls daveee

  6. Krisťula P


  7. Beatriz Santos

    This is such a precious song ❤

  8. K Tuck

    Oh. I see.

  9. Misora Sayomi

    Something in this touches me, it's beautiful. Nice one Dave ;)

  10. Amelie Chaloupková

    krása  úžasná písnička  krasná  melodie


    +Amelie Chaloupková Najde se čech ;) :D

    Senia Koff

    Krasivaia pesenka i muzika! Naidi slavian)))

  11. lindsey cope

    i never doubted you. i smile when you sing and always have. thank you.

  12. ItsCynical

    I've listened to this song like almost everyday and it explains my life almost completely. Gosh I love my girlfriend. cx

  13. bashar ali

    Great album Dave, i'll be looking forward to more music :)

  14. Kavahound

    Can't quit playing this song.

  15. WaterBrooke1319

    This is by far one of my favorite song! ♡

  16. emily comog

    Ughh. it amazes me how this album perfectly describes my first relationship start to finish.


    id rather have this song and dont let go

  18. Cyan Prince

    this is easily my favorite song from you dave, you rock

  19. Cedric Koppen

    hey dave :) i like this song, so i want to learn it but i'm not a quite good guitar player :( but i can play the piano a little so is it possible to make a piano tutotial for this?? btw i like your voice and guitar skills

  20. rami kurdi

    I love you

  21. Carter Saikkonen

    Wow Dave, this is brilliant

  22. will orr


  23. Polina Mazaeva

    you are soso nice)

  24. Amber Davis

    Your voice is just beautiful.

  25. busyboo13

    I can sooo relate to this right now...

  26. Felisha Topacio

    am i de onlg 1 who lip synced it?

  27. Edward C. Haskell


  28. isabella candace

    It's been a while since I checked davedays' YouTube & I randomly clicked on this song...it explains my exact situation. I met this boy 6 months ago & as soon as I did I kinda fell for him. He's so sweet & nothing like any boy I've ever met before. We clicked straight away but I don't think he noticed too much that I'm really into him. Now I don't see him yet u think if him every day

  29. J B

    I memorized every word

  30. J B

    This explains how i feel about who im in love with

  31. mariana182f

    It's just INCREDIBLE!! I literally love it♥

  32. Jan

    the intro reminds me of the song Pompeii

  33. Lena G

    One of my most listened song in the last time- I love it ♥

  34. Clarissa Joy

    Wow, this is so beautiful!!!

  35. Miegamicis

    This song is amazing :)

  36. The Train Fan

    Chords? This would be a good song to play to a girl. :)

  37. KaylieMarie2

    You are an amazing singer(:

  38. lookintothesky123

    Makes me sad this has so little views :(

  39. lookintothesky123

    Beautiful song Davedays

  40. zac hobbs

    I was listening to this song when I told my crush I liked her... and I got turned down but it's still better than hiding how I felt.

  41. didi

    im so fuckin obsessed with this song omg

  42. Majsu

    Dave, when you are in Poland?

  43. Stalemate Band

    yes. ;)

  44. Brique Hale

    Two people must hate Dave days

  45. Mederic & Me

    Someone know the tabs?

  46. sonia k

    108428404 times better than any song on the radio <3 you're amazing!

  47. Moni Bell

    I love this song it got me through so much

  48. Dreaming with Nydiart

    <3 amazing album!

  49. mark9611

    ybbA <3

  50. Lucynnyu

    This song gets me everytime... wow...

  51. Ren Kazuto

    this made me tear up I MISS MY BOYFRIEND :'(

  52. Erika Cordero

    (': Desde MEXICO que hermosa cancion & voooz ! :D

  53. 71502

    yes it is

  54. Sean Mean

    Dave, please make a video for this song?
    You're awesome!

  55. inridute

    Waiting for my salary now, to buy all of this !! :DD thank god, you put this in amazon :)

  56. Lizzierocks786

    @Davedays I LOVE it!!

  57. Phoebe L.R

    This is really good.

  58. sam mcqueen

    Luv u :")

  59. DaveDaysCrazed

    Neil dursh.

  60. TheKingzLeague

    love ur voice. you`re so awsome dave :)

  61. Scartist

    Daxflame was a popular youtuber that youtube doesn't remember anymore. I think that's why he's one the cover of an album titled "Boy you'll forget". And, also, because that's what happens to all youtubers once...

  62. trip lits

    I think this song may be my favorite out of the album

  63. Samantha DiMarco

    Who is that on the cover?

  64. EmmaInCandyland

    this version is great :D

  65. Liz553


  66. amyakkermans

    I really like this song!

  67. The enthousiast

    This is my favorite song ever

  68. PiaxD1998

    he did a video to this song. ;)

  69. NintendogsSpark

    3 im crazy for you too haha xD you're more down to earth. :D ASDFGHJKL
    Im crazier for you and you dont know me ;A; you and your face you keep me up~ you keep me hoping one of theese days *song ends* *replay* :D

  70. poppxnk-af

    my two fav songs off this.

  71. Anibal Mora

    This song and Boy You'll Forget are the 2 songs on this album that I want to see a video for the most. When's that gonna happen????

  72. meowpie

    love it.truly love it

  73. shy-celestial

    Yep! ^-^

  74. hawkman8706

    Is that daxflame on the album cover?

  75. Jacob Freeman

    I sang this song to the girl i love and well she is my girlfriend :3 i am glad its still here. i saw the video got deleted and i was sad.

  76. LegitRajit

    Hey Dave! For one of your bids could you do a guitar tutorial like olive you for this song or "first kiss" ??

  77. FullLunae

    This song is PERFECT.

  78. Angie R

    This song is so fucking perfect <3

  79. phoebe s

    My subscription box exploded with Dave's songs :0 <3

  80. SoulPwnisher45

    it's not the same song, it's the full album

  81. Tanatonis

    so many new video so little time

  82. Morgeinie

    such an awesome song!

  83. Kers Tin

    wow first time i watched a video of you as one of the first. This song is so beautiful *-*. I love your music :)

  84. C&G Family Vlog

    i feel like a weirdo that i saw this so early O.O sorry dave. haha

  85. C&G Family Vlog

    very nice!