Dave Days - You (2010 Demo Version) Lyrics

You and your face you keep me up you keep me hoping
One of these days you might come around my way
I'd speak up just enough to make it clear that I'm here

I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
Someone stop me from what I'm about to do

You're down to Earth and I'm so lost in space
You bring me back on my feet as if I've never been there before
I don't know where this goes but I'll take the chance cause I've got to know

I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
Someone stop me from what I'm about to do
I'm crazy for you and you don't have a clue
No one stop me cause this I have to do

You and your face you keep me up you keep me hoping

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Dave Days You (2010 Demo Version) Comments
  1. Just Josh

    The whole album is as awesome as I knew it would be, defiantly should have checked this out earlier

  2. redis213

    That's it, guys! 

    That was a well spent 30+ minutes. Off to my regular life I go..

    Dylan Walsh

    That's it, guys! That was a well spent 30+ minutes, now to do it again!

  3. Mr. Macaroni

    sub to me quzahh plays i will sub back!

  4. BeardedEntertainment

    F*ck YOU .... -.-'

  5. Reen Azrina

    Perfect dave.

  6. Ady

    I'm done ♥

  7. DannyXDTV


  8. Bri Morgan

    Perfect, Dave. ♥

  9. Thomypark

    7000 views ? Not bad for 1500000 souscribers.

  10. CamelEggStudios

    i like this version better

  11. courtcoolio2

    When someone you are subscribed to uploads it ends up in your inbox or my subscriptions. He uploaded these all in an hour period

  12. Aela O Toole

    This so my fave song of all time

  13. Chrissy Turner

    oh Dave. Stop singing bout me

  14. Mark Lovett Music

    What's all this about inboxes exploding?

  15. Julia

    Could you please come to tour in Germany? Maybe you could plan the tour together with another youtuber like Alex Goot or anybody else. That would be super amazing. (of course, it would be the best if it was your own tour! ;) )

  16. BigManator

    they mean the sub-box ;)

  17. BoggTo

    not really... I get about 10-30 videos daily from channels I subscribed

  18. EmmaInCandyland

    Awesome :D

  19. Laura Irene

    I love how on every video there's someone in the comments who just realized it's Daxflame on the album cover

  20. ravi theja lingam

    what happened??? why did everyone's inbox explode?

  21. sarah f

    You are da bomb

  22. babycharly04

    You songs are always perfect.

  23. MrUsernamezzzz

    mine didnt esplode. mine eXploded

  24. Dylan Walsh

    Slightly better than the normal one.

  25. poppxnk-af

    same eher

  26. theteentalks

    I love this song so much!

  27. Shen Kai


  28. meowpie

    dave,what the hell hahahahaha. love it!

  29. DeviantImpulse

    STOP IT. is rude dont upload it a million times

  30. Just Love, Man

    Acoustic fits dave days style so perfectly!

  31. Adam Marsden

    If you guys don't like it that he uploaded all these songs at once than just unsubscribe. He's being loyal to his fanbase amd wants to share his music with his fans. If you don't like it than that's just too bad. Anyway, keep up the good work Dave!

  32. Cuiteandcool319

    Daxflame :)

  33. SteamAddict91

    Dave is spamming

  34. phoebe s

    My subscription box exploded with daves songs :0

  35. FilledCircle

    Holy uploads Batman.

  36. Haukepauke

    Why not upload 12903 more?....

  37. Bob

    I'm constipated with Davedays videos.

  38. tobii

    DUDE you uploaded 11 times :3

  39. BlueBlueBerrys

    like it :)

  40. Maddie Ernst

    Jesus christ this caused my inbox to explode I get it Dave I get it you uploaded

  41. MikeDasProfessor

    The drums make this track

  42. micaela

    Your the BEST! I luff you Dave! <3 Your covers are the best! Luv you!

  43. Jorge Huerta

    I actually like more this demo version. I heard it 3 years ago and I loved it.

  44. taracalara

    :) 3 I don't now why I commented on this

  45. alphabetasmith

    indeed. bask in your glory...