Dave Days - What Does It Take (Acoustic) Lyrics

I woke up
In the middle of the night
Out of luck
With this girl on my mind
She got away now
I'm trying to explain how
I fell in love
That's what I like to call it
But not enough
It's like I never saw it
Drifting away now
I'm finding words to say
But it all goes
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
But it all goes
Whoa whoa whoa whoa

What does it take to get you
If I never met you
I wouldn't have ran
Across the country like
I'm out of my mind
What does it take to hold you
When I'm here without you
I don't know where to start
I gotta find you and your heart
Before it falls apart

I stayed up
In the dead of the night
I made plans
If they turn out right
You'll close your eyes and
Think about the times when
Think about it
We fell in love
But didn't try to say it
Knew what it was
The moment that we played it
We all lose sometimes
I can't get her off my mind
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
I'm finding words to say
But it all goes
Whoa whoa whoa whoa

What does it take to get you
If I never met you
I wouldn't have ran
Across the country like
I'm out of my mind
What does it take to hold you
When I'm here without you
I don't know where to start
I gotta find you and your heart
Before it falls apart

What does it take to make it real
The world still spins and I'm still feeling
Your hand right next to mine
I play it back a thousand times
I wish I took a photograph
For every moment that we laughed
I'm hung up and can't relax
Yes she's so far away
What does it take to get you

What does it take to get you
If I never met you
I wouldn't have ran
Across the country like
I'm out of my mind
What does it take to hold you
When I'm here without you
I don't know where to start
I gotta find you and your heart
Before it falls apart
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
Before it falls apart
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
Before it falls apart

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Dave Days What Does It Take (Acoustic) Comments
  1. Анастасия Елфимова


  2. Pasha Lovarian

    ah this is still gold even in 2020...

  3. RachelAnnMarieLanquist

    Ahhhh 2020 ♥️😭😭 Love this still so much.

  4. Amanda Nolan

    I've loved this song since the original release. One of my favorites of all time.

  5. Letícia Ludovico

    I found out this song in 2011. Here I am, 8 years later still LOVING this song and this guy

  6. 1Jayanna

    Still singing this in 2019 😂💚

  7. Bultaoreune payer

    i miss youuuu ❤

  8. JAronSR -GAMING

    I love this song

  9. JAronSR -GAMING

    I love this song

  10. Rana Fitri Athaya

    back here again because my youtube mix, and really love the way you wave your hand :DDD make another vid pls :)))

  11. 1Jayanna

    Still listening to in 2018.

  12. NeoFTW™

    damn, i remembered listening this when I was in middle school, now Im in college. missed the old davedays wen he posted a lot

  13. TKano Writes

    Play this at my wedding, will ya?

  14. Tinkerbellie Bellie

    voiceless ❤️

  15. Mark Duran

    instarted watching when i was 16, now I'm 22


    +Mark Duran lol wtf..

  16. Alyssa L

    Ahhhh I used to watch your videos when I was 12! I'm 15 now and I just re-discovered you. Don't know why I ever stopped watching tbh :)

    Aitor Jiménez

    Wow the same situation here, but I used to watch his videos when I was 13 and now I have 18, by the way I love this guy<3


    @Alyssa Lovelace i think its time you re-discovered him again.

  17. Lea Tiauli

    Still hopelessly believing this song was about Kimmi Smiles :) 


    @Lea Tiauli I think this song and Don't Let Go are about her. I miss them though :(

  18. Stitch 7

    Love :)

  19. Tiffany Chau

    Amazing :)

  20. Kye Edel

    I love this song! so much! ♥

  21. Sherilyn X

    Love this song from the beginnig.

  22. Jm_0070

    Guitar tab please??

  23. alex alvarez

    What guitar is that!

    Peter Wong

    I think that's a bass

  24. Denise The girl with the guitar

    Hahaha the gibson les paul with the automatic tuning system <3 Love the acouctic version! Perfect

  25. bdpchamp

    wow you went ballistic on him for no reason. He made a valid statement, if something is acoustic then it shouldnt be autotuned, period. Hes not hating, hes not jealous, and im sure he enjoyed the video as a whole, like i did, but hes merely pointing out that if Dave wanted to label this as "acoustic" than it wouldve been optimal for him to leave out autotune altogether.

  26. bdpchamp

    holy shit hahahaha "views" my friend

  27. DaveDaysCrazed

    like you could do any better? ur just jealous of Dave. he is trying to be different and original and you don't like that, you cant deny that Dave is untalented or that this video is good.. .why don't you leave and go to a channel where there is actually something to hate on.

  28. Reen Azrina

    my fav song!

  29. Pedro Quintana

    now 700 more veuies! VIEWS :D

  30. raawwwrify

    My favorite song by you (:

  31. Tristan van dat

    soo nice

  32. theawesomedai

    I met him as nd nikki yesterday theit soo nice

  33. Annie Mepisashvili

    REally good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked the acoustic verzion better then the other one for some reason but both were good luuv ya

  34. Matthew Brame

    What is the meaning of this song

  35. Tiffany Linda Fliam

    Wow, I love you Dave ;)

  36. Brian Daylls

    DAVE DAYS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Daniel Asare

    3:10 epic guitar solo

  38. mr SmItH

    how are younot famous in england

  39. ravi theja lingam

    those are new guitars released by gibson! they are named as robotic guitars!

  40. Geo

    Nice Les Paul but i looked it up since im not an expert on guitars but how come the future is missing th 60 part is it because its the leefty version

  41. Actam

    how come this vid only has 120.128 veuies!?!?! (i can't spell for shit-__-)

  42. Samantha Benfield

    Dave days covers

  43. Dylan P

    My brother is gay and sucks dick

  44. Dyan Araiza

    What the name of the final song?

  45. Communication Breakdown

    So talent is dave

  46. Montebauer

    01:14 How awesome is that ????

  47. Shirley LaPlante

    dave days has been my my favotie since the very beginning!

  48. Finn Kobler

    Yeah, all you have to do is match the lyrics to the chords PERFECTLY, do acapella (no auto-tuned),and come up with a perfect musical composition for this. It's as easy as 1-2-3 -.-

  49. Offbeat Bryce

    Technically you have to be able to sing a little bit to use autotune.

  50. SixStringsBroken

    Those computerized tuners.
    .-. Me gusta

  51. Rob Gucker

    No, he's right. Acoustic music is music made using instruments who make sounds by only acoustic means.

  52. Sam Stopps

    Cool but not accoustic.. At all really.

  53. KeenanDelton

    he is harmonizing with himself you uneducated wang..

  54. Rubloks

    Then lets see you do it plzzzz :D

  55. Happy Tree

    if you have a freak'n autotune, you can do this too

  56. manon

    I love u!

  57. Victor MEYERIE

    This version is so you! I really like you style of making music!

  58. Julia

    Hey why isn't the original version of this song in the google play store? It only has the acoustic version....

  59. Copper

    Wasn't a joke... I actually have a guitar. I can't prove it but u can't prove I DON'T have a guitar either.

  60. Copper

    It wasn't a joke. I actually know all the lyrics and have a guitar. I know I can't prove it, but u can't prove I don't have a guitar or don't know the lyrics.

  61. The Train Fan

    Was that tuner legit??

  62. Elizabeth Harrison

    who has time for homework with dave days around

  63. Caroline Alice

    -sobs- so beautiful T.T

  64. DYLAN junior


  65. DYLAN junior

    I don't know were to start I gotta find u and your heart

  66. Shelby Fronk

    Bought the album because of this song. In love. <3

  67. Bring Me The Pizza

    4:04 hahah the light flashes when he waves xp

  68. Ryan Papageorge

    Crazy ass sg dude

  69. Sarah Bingham

    Hi Dave, I've watched you from your humble beginnings cause someone told me that you looked a lot like my little brother ( which you do a bit) :) . I laughed and was cheered up by your quirky songs and humour. You taught me that nothing is impossible. You had a dream and you made it happen even when people told you that you were crazy. Thanks Dave. :)

  70. Wizards9517

    nice electric guitar, bro dawg

  71. Brex

    Boy You'll Forget guitar lesson on my channel!

  72. the rocker

    jokes are supposed to be funny..

  73. Ralph Jordan

    Unfortunately you picked the wrong audience for clever jokes

  74. Copper

    I wanna know the music part so I can play this on MY guitar!!! This song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I already know the lyrics, I wanna know the guitar part now!

  75. b-dizzle houchin

    Never thought distorted guitar and piano would go together but i stand corrected

  76. Taha Lewan

    Your argument is invalid.

  77. eyes can't hear


  78. Idieyidot

    Okay I give up -,-

  79. Chsse Brown

    You don't get the joke.

  80. Idieyidot

    you don't get the point , Lol

  81. Chsse Brown

    Impossible. You couldn't have listened to this 129733767699001 times because the video only has 100,326 views. Jeeeeeez!

  82. SixStringsBroken

    What is the tuning on that guitar? I could be crazy but the low E sounds like it's cranked down a whole octave.

  83. Dennise Gardaya

    Eto ba yung sa voiceless?O_O

  84. Ah Ra Ma

    love the song!!

  85. Anastasia Ruppel

    sounds like secondhand serenade :o :)

  86. James Gray

    can anyone tab this version of the song please?

  87. Menderix

    im german and i love your acoustic songs ... I love all dave days' songs

  88. Ken Francis Tan

    Nice Dave! And cool guitar!!

  89. Elena Landry

    oh my friend likes dave days

  90. DMChetso

    742th comment :D

  91. what

    Why does this video have so little views??!! THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!!

  92. Hazuki

    Sounds a little like blink-182... Or is that just having their voices in my head? :P

  93. Meilynda Inka Putri

    whenever you play acoustic, it totally drive me crazy like i can't stop listen it again and again. oh how i love your voice dave <3

  94. Madeline Blandino

    Ok I don't want any hate on this comment. I totally fell in love with your music! You have inspired me to do what I never thought I'd do before. Your amazing and I hope you continue to persue your dreams. I love you Dave!

  95. Melissa Abigail

    love your acoustic Versions <3

  96. Rick van Osta

    Like I said, there are, but they're rare. Things like RAWsession aren't that common.

  97. akshay arun

    love it!

  98. Adrian Ampong


  99. AlexandAirwaves182

    I hear Waves audio. Maserati ACG

  100. Thomas Ray

    Talent is talent and Dave has it.