Dave Days - Sinking In Love Lyrics

So you stayed the night
woke up in the morning
grabbed your things
and went on with your life
your life
I haven't been the same
ever since you left
I've been holding that feeling you gave
to me, to me

I've fallen
I slipped
gave it a try now
I can't quit
you know it's too late to run now

The marks you left upon my neck
are sinking into me
the clothes you threw on my guitars
are hanging perfectly
and when you go home
and I'm all alone
your scent awaits in my bed
the marks you left are permanent
I'm sinking in love
Sinking in love

I'm tripping out the door
indecisive mind can't commit
but I want more,
I want more
yeah, yeah
When the nights grow cold
and I need somebody
you're right there to hold
there's no one else I want right now

I've fallen
I slipped
gave it a try now
I can't quit
you know it's too late to run
cause the damage's been done

The marks you left upon my neck
are sinking into me
the clothes you threw on my guitars
are hanging perfectly
and when you go home
and I'm all alone
your scent awaits in my bed
the marks you left are permanent
I'm sinking in love
Sinking in love
Sinking in love

The marks you left upon my neck
are sinking into me
the clothes you threw on my guitars
are hanging perfectly
The marks you left upon my neck
are sinking into me
the clothes you threw on my guitars
are hanging perfectly
and when you go home
and I'm all alone
your scent awaits in my bed
the marks you left are permanent
I'm sinking in love
I'm sinking in love
Sinking in love
I'm sinking in love
Sinking in love

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Dave Days Sinking In Love Comments
  1. RachelAnnMarieLanquist

    THIS SONG. So many feels!! 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Mr__Epic NINJA

    This song is my fav now

  3. Cleopatra Barbie

    I´m sinking in love with your music *_*

  4. János

    he made kimmi smiles big so guys ripket ;==========+9(((/&&yolo

  5. Mauricio Fuentes

    Dude, you seriously have to work with Johnny Franck again! I love the way the EP sounds. It gives me eargasms!

  6. H A R U K I

    He really reminds me of We The Kings

  7. Scsigs

    Dave you did some awesome work on this EP, but let me tell you, the 3rd & 4th tracks are in the wrong paces.

  8. AwayWithWords

    Dave, you ever making more songs solo like this?

  9. Hat There

    The most underrated song ever

  10. YDY Studios

    And she died bc of having baby's well she was very old and had her 12th puppy aka baby and died bc she had to much and died :'( :(

  11. YDY Studios

    My pet buttercup died today :( i miss her

  12. Nick Damjanoff

    I love this song Dave! Is there any particular story behind it?

  13. Collin Signoriello

    Sounds a lot like blink, this is great man!

  14. OnShoreMonkeyFilms

    Fucking Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Fer O'Neil

    I love this song--don't tell anyone, but I love pop punk...crap, forget I wrote that!

  16. Sgt. Oreos

    So is this song about Jaclyn? ;)

  17. Chibi Chibi

    I'm so grateful to Dave for continuing his dream; making other people smile with his music and sharing his music with all of us
    Thank you, Dave!

  18. GreenCrayon

    This is a tuuuuune

  19. Zbird.123

    Why doesn't this have more views its really good

  20. Adams Dawkins

    Sunrise Skater Kids??

  21. Tonje Furulund

    I would do anything to sing with him!

  22. GonnaUseNot

    Thanks for keeping me grounded with your music #loveyourtunes

  23. Johnathon Hews

    I wish you were touring in Australia

  24. Starky

    Why couldn't Usher find you instead of Justin Bieber?

    Zach Brancato

    Accidents happen, man.

  25. brootalintoxication

    i love this song <3

  26. Isä Ankka

    this soong is is so 2000 and late

  27. Davide Mandressi

    I'm sinking in love with this song. Good job man.

  28. Nozomi MusicWorld

    Dave you are so great ! ! ! I really love this song <3 <3 <3 :´D Congratulations ! ! ! n.n

  29. Manish Mehta

    Tabs plz I desperately want to cover this track XD

  30. Karolína Whibley

    Simple Plan (love it btw)

  31. Noa Sagi


  32. KHAi

    I remember watching you years back when you did videos about Miley! man you've come so far! thank you for doing what you do Dave!

  33. Idieyidot

    The Punk Rock legacy King Cooliao :D

    Dave Days

    +Idiey Chlyse EP comes out on Friday! I think you'll like it!


    +Dave Days Could I buy it too? I mean could German's without Itunes buy it too? >///<


    @Dave Days I can't wait! Been missing you for awhile. And now you're back omg! 😍😎😎😀

  34. NASSAfellow

    Dave wasn't your new album supposed to be released today???

    Dave Days

    +NASSAfellow It comes out this Friday.


    +Dave Days Awesome! Keep putting a smile on people's faces across the world. You've worked really hard and this is a brilliant weekend coming up for you. All the best, your number one UK fan. P.S. Please set me up with Kimmi Smiles. ;-)

  35. Hollea Beck

    for everyone saying this is pop punk... engh... sort of. its the softer version. the softer version of something that's already pretty soft. it's like New Found Glory. but New Found Glory is nothing compared to Knuckle Puck, ya feel? im making no sense, fuck.


    +Hollea Beck That's what I love about him <3 ♥


    +Hollea Beck The magic about that is: Dave made his own music genre :D

  36. aanduhh

    Hi Top Media people!!!

  37. Brodie URL

    can you make a karaoke version

  38. Brodie URL

    this is the best song ever (besides olive you)

    Dave Days

    +TheMrwut Thanks dude! I have a 5 song EP coming out this Friday you're going to love!

  39. X3P1C R31ND33RX

    Brilliant song, would listen to it all day, great beat and is just amazing, I hope you put this on Spotify because it is amazing.

    Dave Days

    +X3P1C R31ND33RX This song and 4 other brand new song will be available for free and on Spotify this Friday! :)

    X3P1C R31ND33RX

    +Dave Days awesome, can't wait. 😊

  40. Mara

    Pop Punk all the way, forever!

  41. Yair Valenzuela

    no joke, I was driving the other day and thinking about why you haven't done any new music or ever toured. I AM SO STOKED AND HAPPY!! I can't wait to see you in Dallas, bro!! great new track!

    Dave Days

    +Yair Valenzuela SEE YOU THERE YAIR!! :)

  42. not rael

    i hope to see more of your originals you promised about 2 years ago

  43. Colin X

    nice Blink reference, awesome song. Glad to see Dave is back to pop punk.

  44. Gskull

    Wow I'm just sitting here watching this trying to learn guitar but I'm bad


    Do u think i'll learn


    +GreenSkull Gaming if you practice enough, yes!

    Dave Days

    +GreenSkull Gaming You got this! I would love to see you playing it, Post a cover when you learn it!


    +Dave Days I will try, I don't know where to start, I can't really play guitar


    +Dave Days done

  45. Davis Price

    At 1:31 the blue text looks like the imagine dragons monster lyric video text

  46. Manish Mehta

    Amazing! chords or tabs plz :'(

  47. Lil Type Death

    Ist hier außer mir noch jemand aus Deutschland? :D


    +DERTler24 Jaaaaa x3 ICH! *sich meld

    Lil Type Death

    +Hira794 endlich, denn es scheint mir als ob niemand aus Deutschland ihn außer uns kennen würde


    @DERTler24 Das würde ich so nicht sagen ^^ hab schon einige mit ihm angesteckt :P Er hat mir damals in meiner Mobbingzeit Energie gegeben. Ohne ihn und seiner Musik, wäre ich vielleicht nicht mehr da... ich weiß das klingt dramatisch... aber es ist wohl so. Meine Euphorie hat wohl einige mit gerissen, aus meinem Umfeld xD denke halt nur nicht, das alle hier kommentieren :P

    Lil Type Death

    +Hira794 hast recht stimme dir zu, tut mir leid das du damals gemobbt wurdest


    @DERTler24 Tja ^^ Anime ist eben Kinderkacke ;D Braucht dir nicht leid tun :3 
    Und danke fürs zustimmen x3 

  48. Javi Moralejo

    The song is great but the chorus is AMAZING!

  49. Cole Morganti

    Make an acoustic

    Dave Days

    +TheStupidstyles Not a bad idea! ;)

  50. Bia G

    I'm sinking in love with this music.

  51. CZsWorld

    Yes! Vintage pop-punk!

    Dave Days

    +CZsWorld Bringing back that old school goodness!

  52. Andreas Holm

    Your music is great, Dave. You've always been one of my favorite singers since the beginning of your YouTube career and you really seem like an awesome, down to earth guy. Keep it coming, dude✌🏼

    Dave Days

    +Andreas Holm It means so much to me that you've stuck around all this time. I have a new EP coming out this Friday and I think you'll love it.

  53. bernardine cordero

    I really loved pop rock ever sinced i viewed your videos! i jus wish you can visit here at the philppines and be noticed by you dave :) thank you for inspiring me to be myself in everything i do!! :) you ROCK!!!

    Dave Days

    +bernardine cordero I'm making plans to play around the world next year! ;)


    +bernardine cordero I have the same feeling, becaus of him :D ♥

  54. Misora Sayomi

    Dave do you smoke?

  55. Kacey Stafford

    this is SO AMAZING. i've been a fan for like four years, i'm so excited for your new EP dude i can't wait!!

    Dave Days

    +Kacey Stafford Thank you!!! The EP comes out this Friday! :)

  56. Guilherme Domm

    Will you put that on Apple Music??

    Dave Days

    +Gf Leader It will be available everywhere you choose to listen to music this Friday! I cant wait for you to hear all the new stuff! :)

    Guilherme Domm

    +Dave Days thank you man you are really one of my favorites youtubers and musicians please continue to make stuff

  57. 洛影

    finally new song~~

  58. Will Fox

    Pizza in the back

    Dave Days

    +Will Fox You're gonna love the cover and title of my new EP! ;)

  59. Marissa Tomovich

    You rock. Been with you from the start!

  60. Myszka93

    Love it! European fans are waiting for the tour, Dave!

    Dave Days

    +Myszka93 I'll be seeing you next year! ;)


    +Dave Days Thanks for writing back! Lots of love from Poland! <3

  61. Lettie

    love it

  62. DarkScyther

    Relating way too hard to this song, thanks Dave!

  63. F!nnisher

    I'm so Happy! New Dave Days Songs! :)
    Greets from Germany! :)

  64. Space Cowgirl

    i love u i love u i love u :* <3

    Dave Days

    +Haya Ali I love you! <3

    Space Cowgirl

    +Dave Days you replied omg *_* <3 now i worship u

  65. Ben Smith

    New video

  66. Ben Smith

    New video

  67. dgmx 828

    we used you awesome song in our new motocross video !
    take a look at my channel ((:
    i love it so much ! looking forward to the next releases!

  68. katie barron

    Alsome :) song

  69. Jamal Shelton

    Dave! sounds sick!

    Dave Days

    +Jamal Shelton Thanks man! Can't wait for you to hear the rest of the new stuff!

  70. LifexLessxFrightinin

    Can't get enough. I need the album NOW

    Dave Days

    +LifexLessxFrightinin I have a EP coming out this Friday that you will love! :)



  71. shuvangee dhar

    this song's amazing! it's kind of stuck in my head which feels great! :D I kind of want a music video for this.

  72. Kellie

    Two days later and I still can't stop listening to this. Such a rocking song!

  73. ShandiMusic94

    There needs to be a Dave Days Against the Current collab

    kayleigh head

    Omg yes!!

  74. Tsiccm

    makes me think of All Time Low

  75. Daniël de Haas

    Hi Dave, I've been a fan for a long, long time but I have to admit that I noticed that your music is losing its touch a bit. For me it feels like just another generic love song, maybe you could spice things up?

  76. WhiteningThunder

    F*cking great!!

  77. The Gaming Goomba

    It's been a while. Great to hear a new original. Welcome back Dave!

  78. darthwaxer3130

    What happened to Dave's viewership? He has over 1.5 million subscribers yet after this video being up for almost 2 days it only has 13k views. I personally think this song is amazing and this is what so many people have been asking for for the past several months. YouTube confuses me.

  79. M J

    Has All Time Low's Nothing Personal vibe nice!

  80. meganmcbusted


  81. Emma Summers

    why do people sit there and unlike a video? are they deaf or?? I love it omg

  82. Adeeve

    Where the f*ck have you been? xD

  83. Juracán

    love it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoh my god

  84. CAFF

    Can we use this song in our videos if we credit you in the description? Like an intro or outro? Hmm Dave? :)

    Dave Days

    +CAFF sure thing :)


    Awesome! thanks :)

  85. Aibhinn Fitzsimons

    Ive been watching your videos since i was like 8 years old! Im 16 now😆 i can still remember the day my brother showed me your channel. Haha

  86. Summer Caldera

    Awesome song Dave! You're such a great musician

  87. vanessa

    I'm always a slut for pop punk...

  88. Donna McCarthy

    Dave... You don't know how long I've waited for a good song like this from you haha

  89. 이길환


  90. Medzzon

    I've been watching your videos since early 2008, so 7 years and counting, and every single original you released, every single cover you made, i couldn't help but love. This is absolutely fantastic Dave, please never stop making music and i'm dying to see what you have in store for us, i'll stick around as long as you do.

  91. Samuel Leung

    Whoo, been waiting for this to be released ever since you posted a few seconds of it on your blog months ago. Sounds great!

  92. Rolando Fabian Ruiz Castillo

    So glad I found you
    BTW the way I found was weird
    you are the best!!!
    sound so good
    ok bye

  93. Aki Hirakawa

    youre back! klasdjakls♥

  94. Lele F

    I love it!!

  95. Fede Faith

    I'm sinking in love too :(

  96. TimeWithTed

    Sounds absolutely great Dave! Been a fan since the start and won't stop as long as you don't!

    Dave Days

    +TimeWithTed thanks Ted :) great having you around


    +Dave Days we your biggest fans want a music video of this!

  97. Mulvi747

    Really cool song! awesome

  98. Jasmine

    WOW THIS MAKE MY PANTIES WET ~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤