Dave Days - Right For Me Lyrics

This love came so quickly
No one said it would be easy
We had our faults and I had my doubts
But I don't want anyone else

One day we're up next day we're down
I get so lost but you're so sound
Heart in too deep, mind can't agree
I left you in the dark.

And now I'm all alone
Yeah I freaked out
And let you go
These memories come down crashing
Making sense of my actions
I was wrong, but now I know
You were right for me

Flashbacks haunt me every night
I try to call you but you won't give the time
We're perfectly imperfect wishing upon the stars
I can't stop wondering where you are

If it's too late I understand
I broke your heart I should have been a better man
If you'd stay, I'd show you I am
But could you fall in love again (Tell me could you fall in love)
But could you fall in love again (Is this the end?)

That I'm all alone and it's too late I let you go

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Dave Days Right For Me Comments
  1. RachelAnnMarieLanquist

    this song 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Meryem Ağuş


  3. Marco Gessel

    Bruhh I think tthis should get more views

  4. Kireji Art

    its 2018 and i still love this song!

  5. Hey Brooklyn

    Such a tune!

    We'd love to see how to wrote and produced this!

    It'd be amazing if you could check us out!

  6. Angie Aan

    Im still inlove with this song and dave's voice. Pls dont stop making new songs❤❤

  7. Lil Type Death

    I remember this song so good. I'm still in love with this song! But what is the name of this "guitar beat"? How can I find guitar types like that? 🤔

  8. Francisco Silva

    Anyone want the chords of this song?

  9. Hoopti Boop

    this is terrible lmfao

  10. Feda

    You in blink 182 would bring back the old Tom sound

  11. SmiffyLel

    When Dave screams this is the end I was like holy shit

  12. Shane Green

    Please release some more originals on iTunes! I LOVE the Pizza Ship EP and can't wait to (hopefully) hear more soon! :)

  13. religieux xx

    search on yt meisjedjamila pleas...you know here

  14. M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    my love for Dave Days music came quickly but it was easy;D

  15. amanda maclean

    Do you use Alongium Tones???

  16. marcos antonio b. borges

    what's the name of the first music in the begin?

    Kirsty Bailey

    Baddest. It's also on Dave's Pizza Ship EP, imo it's the best on the EP. :D

    Marcos New

    Thks a lot Kirsty! That single it's awesome... Now I'll follow his work anyway. Once again thank you very much for your reply!!!

    Kirsty Bailey

    @Marcos New You're welcome! :D

  17. YDY Studios

    My dog died :(

  18. BE- WALL


  19. daydreamer634

    keep making more music. love the lyrics and always a fan of yours right from the begging at your basement...

  20. Mark Johns

    Looks like drake bell here and in his most recent video he looks like aaron kyro.

    This guy apparently can change his look very easily


    ok I can kinda see it and what you are saying

  21. TheVirtualLab

    Always love your original songs bro :))

  22. David Witsel

    where can I learn this on guitar, pls help

    Mark Johns

    learn the most common and overused power chord progression in music....and you know the whole song

  23. Tanagaba

    Great song. Lovely video. Thanks for putting this out. Kudos.

  24. Raanoooshh

    This is obviously about cardboard Miley.

  25. Raanoooshh

    I thought this was about Miley. | This song is soooo catchy!

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman


  26. Absolute Doubt

    So I decided to Check out your channel again....and your making pop punk music. I'm not gonna disappear again I promise.

  27. 495whitehuls

    Dave, Where are you dude? :/

  28. iamjadeenn

    This guy has come a long way... He is still an awesome performer and YoutTuber.

  29. Exel/esist

    amazing dave

  30. Oddrii

    What was that intro song?

    - Audrey

  31. Rodrigo de Campos

    Extremely talented musician! Dave, I'm following you since the very VERY beginning (chocolate rain, etc), lol. Keep up the great work!

  32. Mayhem924

    omg!! Amazing!!

  33. AwesomeWinter

    It's really good over all, but I think you can do better on the lyrics. You've done it before! Rhyme is a VERY powerful tool, why don't you use it anymore?

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    well, free verse is a pretty common thing in songs and poetry so...


    @M. Saeed -uz- Zaman
    I woke up
    In the middle of the night
    Out of luck
    With this girl on my mind
    She got away now
    I'm trying to explain how

    I woke up in the middle of the night,
    With no luck and thoughts about this girl, that's on my mind.
    She got away and I wonder why.

    Now, which one of those 2 sounds better? And I assure you can sing both and apply chords/rhythm to both.
    Just because it's commonly used, doesn't mean it's a good thing.

    I mean, Dave can do whatever he thinks is right and, ultimately, what he wants. It's just a big step back in my eyes and I was curious how so.

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    dude, you do know that i was just saying that it's free verse and that it's common? i'm not even saying whether free verse is better than rhymes or not.
    yeah, dave's written songs before and maybe there's a reason as to why he wrote in that way.
    perhaps it's a way to talk about the guy whose POV he's singing. like that could be for characterisation. the guy(in the song) is just depressed and he wrote this song out of the blue and then this happens.

  34. Merryn MacBean

    love it😘

  35. Ayan Boishakh

    Awesome lyrics
    Mind blowing sounds
    Super ending
    I will give 100 out of 100...
    but why only 50k views. what's wrong with people.....
    some fucking freaking song gets millions of views but song like this gets no views compare to them!!!!!
    Dave just go ahead!!!
    don't & never ever care those views!!!!

  36. Jamie

    Glad I decided to come back here. :) reminds me of old times

  37. ™ RebelsReign

    Need More! Haha

  38. Akyo that weird boi

    awesome as always

  39. Renata Tomčová

    THE BEST SONG by DAVE DAYS!!! Love it!! :-*

  40. Bad Wolf Gaming

    I'm doing a cover to this

  41. Roewer773

    what's the song playing during the your announcement?

    Kirsty Bailey

    +Roewer773 It's Baddest, also on his Pizza Ship EP that you can download for free off his website. :D

  42. LoWesTtv

    song name of the intro? new to this channel... it sounds awesome

  43. ThePimster17

    What genre would you consider this

  44. Let's play with Mixa

    This song is amazing!!! <3

  45. Eliza Hagstrom

    How did I only just find this? This is so awesome!

  46. Scsigs

    This sounds a bit like Smile from R5, don't ya think?

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    I don't know. i'm not able to find similarties in the two. anyways, that's your opinion:)
    both are awesome song💕💕

  47. hello:)

    what is the name of intro?

    Kirsty Bailey

    +hello:) It's called Baddest. It is also on the Pizza Ship EP, and you can download it for free off his website.

  48. Sally Wang

    people!! Dave is back and he's awesome as always! Why so little views?

  49. Saint Lucius

    DUDE you look 30 years older how old are you now?

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    he's 24 now

  50. Cody Ray

    Damn Dave I Miss you brotha. You have grown so much , and come so far man.. Much Love from an oollllld StickAm friend - Cody Ray

  51. knuxfan23

    Are there literally no comments, or is this some kind of glitch?

  52. knuxfan23


  53. Alexis Logan

    This song is amazing! I should've subscribed when I first saw the Baby parody years ago. I'm definitely subscribing now!

  54. Tjitske Cnossen

    Dave you're not alone, you have us <3

  55. VTheFrost

    So cool,You Are Finally Back,Love You Dave

  56. Tonje Furulund

    Come to norway!

  57. DimeBagDevin

    More songs for pizza ship coming soon?

  58. Cameron

    Dave please make a acoustic version of this

  59. Noga

    Only just subscribed to you and your voice is amazing did you write this yourself?

  60. shazwani saufi

    no words

  61. LilBeamer Official

    I can`t see you live because I can`t go to America :(

  62. Kirsty Agnew

    how did yur views go so downhill in futre your just going to reach 500 veiws

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    if you can't encourage the guy, then don't discourage him dude

  63. Jason Fultz

    Sounds like some of the stuff I write, obviously much better though.

  64. Richie Slater Music

    Dave, your EP was rocking! I wish I could have seen you & Future Sunsets on Tour. I was curious, your guitar tone is so different (especially from your earlier stuff) what amps did you use for this EP? Any special pedals or anything?

    Fantastic tune, can't wait for more!

  65. GonnaUseNot

    Awesome tune #keepingmegrounded

  66. SRV bro

    u rock bro

  67. Johnathon Hews

    This is an awesome song, can't wait to hear more, I'm gonna have to go through all the old ones too

  68. Naizy

    Those lyrics are so bad, holy

  69. richard mitchell

    lol only 3% of your subs watched this...after 3 weeks


    +richard mitchell a lot of people subbed many years ago and don't visit youtube as much.. I mean tbh after they did all these updates I still use youtube but they really destroyed a lot of the community interaction the site had - youtube profiles are so bland, the website is so bland, the only videos I see recommended are channels I've been following and senseless adverts trying to 'assume what I want to watch' or paid adverts at the top

    It's a business bro not a community site anymore

    richard mitchell

    +com3se3m3 lol right blame youtube

    KourtneyFanGirl Maxin Williams

    some of them deleted their accounts and the number still is up like that its like that on google+ too still not up to a million yet

    Karth Karth

    +richard mitchell lol i literally remember dave from high school, checking in ;p all of us subbed back then, but now as we are older no one in their 20's really looks at these videos anymore

  70. BLU - Cario

    This sounds like something you'd hear in the radio, like in 2008 or 2010, you back when the shit we hear wasn't fucking Whip or music that repeat the same fucking sentence over and over again. Great work Dave, you are a sign of hope for music.

  71. Livid

    Guitar parts sound like blink 182 and others sound somewhat mixed with owl city for some reason then Dave throws his own twist on it all comes together. Awesome!

  72. Ash Xx

    Oh my god this is the first song I've heard of Dave since I was younger with What Does It Take and... wow


    Me too! I just remembered about Dave after one of his old songs came on my iPod. So glad I came back here.

  73. Jaden Stanley

    I remember the days your use to be good but now it's just terrible u can't even barely get over 30 thousand views

    Kirsty Bailey

    +Jaden Stanley I'd like to see you do better. :)

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    the views are 78k now :)

    M. Saeed -uz- Zaman

    +Kirsty Bailey agreed:)

  74. Lucrezia Palma

    So sweet and sad :(

  75. Evina Love


  76. Kevin Mena


  77. Fly Productions

    I remember when this guy used to get millions of views.

  78. Iker Plan

    We have to make the best song ever bro! ;)

  79. Anibal Munoz

    Awesome, keep doing Pop Punk songs

  80. Eriq

    this channel went downhill :^) ha

  81. Fabulous Muffin


  82. Power Puff Zombie

    Come to Glasgow in Scotland! :D

  83. MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI

    Ladies and gentalmen - Youtube's (answer to) Owl City! Bloody hell what a Brilltastic(©) track this is! MS=

  84. CZsWorld

    You're killing it right now.

  85. Superman

    Dave I can't wait for your album.

  86. Gabby

    Dave, I was hoping you would schedule Winnipeg. I have been watching you since 2007 :(

  87. Mike Weston

    Is the new album out

  88. CONDY V


  89. JasonDFTBA

    Can't wait to see you Sunday 10-24-2015 in Allentown PA at Croc Rock!

  90. 71502

    I still remember that same old guitar from the Miley Cyrus "7 things parody"

  91. Hubieee

    Wow he's changed. Just went over my subs and he was the first one like 8 years ago or so...

  92. Priya Shah

    Finally good music...there should be more music like this❤️❤️

  93. Vii M

    This is what a good song sounds like. Got me hooked in a few seconds.

  94. dick sucker


  95. Bela Gazdag

    Man you're good! I just love your originals. You always have a song that fits in my life! A big fan from Finland since 2008. Keep up the good work!

  96. Aisha McDade

    Olive you Dave!

  97. Faris

    This was the coolest lyric video I've ever seen.

  98. DarkPrankTV