Dave Days - Last Song (Acoustic) Lyrics

This has been going on
Each second I look you're gone
You're not calling, no
It's time for me to move on
My friends were right all along
You keep falling away

Giving up's not easy, no
It's hard enough to say

As much as I make believe
You're not really here with me
What was I thinking from the beginning
You didn't care at all

So here's your last song

I can leave it all behind
Or take another chance to find you
Nowhere in sight
Going to the movies alone
Every scene that's shown
Reminds me of you

Giving up's not easy, no
It's hard enough to say

As much as I make believe
You're not really here with me
What was I thinking from the beginning
You didn't care at all
All that's left are the memories
Constantly haunting me
I'm giving up, it's time to grow up
You're not around and we're not in love

Laying around in this hotel room
Too much to think about nothing to do
She's not coming back, she's not coming back
She's not coming back, she's not coming back
She's not coming back

As much as I make believe
Something inside of me
Has got me hoping, got me thinking
Who am I to assume

This love is crazy
Unpredictable maybe
You melt my heart like you did from the start
All over again like it's not the end

So here's your last song

Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out
Yeah we made it out

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Dave Days Last Song (Acoustic) Comments
  1. bob hardy

    Well cant seem to get away from dave

  2. Madalyn Huckstepp

    it's time for me to move on i don't want to keep thinking about my ex! but i keep on doing i! but ti's time for me to move on from him because i am with someone who makes me happy! Happy 8th Month Anniversary Baby Boy! I Love You <3

    Tony Milner

    Madalyn Huckstepp I wish I could stop thinking about my ex... :/

    Madalyn Huckstepp

    i know it's hard to stop thinking about your ex :(

  3. Ali Almış

    Seems like just yesterday :(

  4. Mylene

    i find it so hilarious that this song was made as a joke

  5. joetri10

    This is probably the best song you ever did tbh...

  6. Emmett Martin

    I've been watching Dave since I was 8-9 years old! This acoustic brings back so many memories ;)

  7. Kenneth Tan

    Chords? haha

  8. Jenna G.

    This reminds me of Secondhand Serenade!

  9. NL10

    Can you post a how to play video?

  10. Michael Calvillo

    is there an acoustic instrumental for this?

  11. Carina Gonzales

    Sooooo so so so happy you made an acoustic version of this song. <3

  12. Indieblackstar

    Well time to move on~ but fck she's the only one so perfect <3

  13. No Comment

    Class song, love it.. Dave you are awesome!!

  14. Julia Franczak

    I love you to the moon and back. And I always will

  15. Emma Cecilie Sørlie Jørgensen

    This song is just amazing. It means a lot to me, and right now it describes my personal situation perfectly.
    You have always been such an inspiration to me, and I admire you and your work. You have grown to be an amazing artist.
    Thank you :)

  16. Adriana Cervenakova

    This is so awesome :3 I don't know why people are listening to Justin Bieber, One Direction and others and not this. :( I love you Dave thank you for giving us your awesome songs :* <3

  17. example

    Tab please!

  18. Jack Crespin

    What is this sensation :')

  19. Reen Azrina

    i love u dave T.T deep song!

  20. Shaira Del Rosario

    I keep on repeating this song. I love it. The emotion from this song's just perfect. :( Keep up the good work Dave! I'm a super fan. Hiiiiiiii. Please notice me. Please. I downloaded alot of your videos. :)

  21. what

    This guy, has made some more fucking sense than anyone on YouTube.

  22. Anderhils

    tabs [email protected]@@!!!!

  23. Rebecca Pedersen

    Love this song! You really sing Amazing!!! Love it! Love YOU!! <3 ^^

  24. Vic LTD

    dude... your stuff is so good, bro.
    your vocals remind me of new found glory SO much.

  25. twisted3mind

    dave are you mexican?

  26. ribeeni

    *que key change* :P

  27. Mariana Melgarejo

    David Díaz! Your music is a.m.a.z.i.n.g, you're very talented. I love all your lyrics, the melodies, your covers, the Miley videos, etc. Here's a loyal mexican fan ;)

  28. dezmpo


  29. victor sels

    you should be on the top 1 of pop and not jb or 1d. you''re much better

  30. Carl Wharton

    This song is amazing, you just got another millionth subscriber! :D

  31. awesomenessluv123456

    I <3 Your music and I love to be in musicals so songs like this including What Does It Take really touch me I have watched you since your first video and I want to thank you for most of my favorite songs so I was also wondering if you could pm me some singing tips because you are amazing. Thank you <3

  32. totokickbutt

    ahah epic, nice loool

  33. Saff Ashworth


  34. Lexi Miniplanet

    I remember I use to watch your Miley Cyrus videos all the time because they were funny, now I listen to your music because its amazing. <3

  35. Katrinaaa

    I like this version better <3

  36. Annaliese Joanne

    I thought about how I went wrong with my relationship, until I looked this song up n thought he lost the best thing he'll ever have. This song is amazin n moving, it made me cry. I love you(:

  37. Mark Robinson

    Dave, 2:00 - 2:05 is the best part on this entire album. I want to hear more of THAT sound. When you put your soul into what you are saying, your music is FELT, not just heard. Great album. Anxious to hear what your next works will sound like!

  38. John Lauf

    oh so wunderschön.

    lots of love from germany! you're my biggest love :3

  39. Serina

    This is so beautiful. This is my favorite song by you and making it acoustic was an amazing idea. Keep doing you Dave <3

  40. peripherys

    lol your avatar made me think there was a spider on my comp. :p

  41. rugilezz

    i honestly thought it was not worth listening as i've heard this song a hundred times before. but i am so glad i listened to it! completely different sound and soooo beautiful! ;}}

  42. Jack'd

    Whoever gave you a D is a buzzkill

  43. Dirtyheads

    did the same thing but got a D... i hope it means as much for you!

  44. lala lsafsdas

    This song makes me cry like a baby. So emotional, pure and just generally spellbinding. Dave, you're actually an inspiration, this song has saved me so much, thank you.

  45. ilinaghosh

    The feeling in this song is so immense. It makes me think back to some sour sweet memories, real talent man. Brave of you to put out your feelings like that in song.

  46. DJ WildLion

    i like your music alot as well dave :)

  47. Manar

    This made me cry ;c <3

  48. Aiirik

    anyone have a instrumental of this?

  49. Lot H.

    can you please sell your album in Holland?? i really want to buy it

  50. Sarah Ironically

    He just did :D

  51. GivanoVr

    He listened to you :)

  52. poopbuttvaginaboob

    Its out now

  53. Jennifer Bachmann

    This song is so... perfect!

  54. MC macca

    dave can you please make a guitar tab for this thx

  55. Angular Velocity

    Perhaps most people listens to him on spotify? :)

  56. Tiaa Laujj

    - madee me cryy .. /; omg . love this song, reminds me of my ex and i .. Haha ..

  57. Tim Rocket

    I loooooove it

  58. Dave Days

    thanks :) that means a ton to meeeh!

  59. piffi

    I cryed :')

  60. Blue Bug

    Yes! My favourite davedays song just got better! :D

  61. Katrinaaa

    This is my favorite song by you!!!!!!! Dude you rock !!!

  62. Citronek

    So sad but beautiful song. Maybe in future i will sing this to my girlfriend :)

  63. A Vicario

    Listening to this song in 2013 bring so much memories, Oh Dave!

  64. Vivian Le

    this is so good...omg <3

  65. Madi Britton

    This has always been one of my favorite Dave songs and just when I thought I couldn't love it anymore he does this <3

  66. FlamingGuitar14

    Some people have to grow up and make original stuff someday, if they want to make money doing things they love.

  67. MaMonrecordZ

    I actually prefer the originality here :)

  68. GTA NoPixel Highlights

    T_T she said " stop chatting weird kidd " 4 words >,<

  69. Ivy Wong

    This song is so beautiful <3 I like both versions but I guess I liked this more :D

  70. Brendan Asuncion

    I love this song cause i can relate to it a loooot.

  71. Joseph Mergl

    Hey Dave wanna make an actual video!?!?!?! I mean your great but everyone liked the old Dave better making parodies!!!! This is just boring....

  72. jani s

    when listened to this..... remind me of taylor swift's song haha idk why

  73. ndublh

    dude i remember listening to songs you made 4 years ago, and know i clicked on this you have improved soo much its ridiculous! tell me you have a record deal!

  74. Tams1978

    Daxflame is in the picture, not Dave. Daxflame's the reason Dave started making YouTube videos. :-D

  75. hello

    the dave in the pic looks weird :3

  76. mark9611

    Enjoy this perfect music.

  77. mark9611

    Wtf does this have to do about daxflame?????!

  78. 00Rubina00

    I lovelovelove this version ♥ just saying. Excellent job Dave!!! Made me buy the album :)

  79. Lotfi Lysander

    Comment posted

  80. Lotfi Lysander

    Please make parody

  81. Lotfi Lysander

    Post comment

  82. meggie lamz

    you put so much feeling in your lyrics and songs..you're just amazing Dave. stay wonderful 3

  83. Lucynnyu

    it's so beautiful

  84. Alloftheginjointsinalltheworld

    Dave this is amazing, even when you don't do punk style music i don't mind, if other bands do something different people get upset but if you do something different nobody minds because your Dave :D and your awesome!

  85. Jordan Balla

    hahah that bluesy note at 1;20 OSM

  86. منتصر النويصر

    جميله 3>

  87. Ren Kazuto

    omg this is AMAZING im crying a bit but o well ur THE BEST keep making this kind of music so i can keep crying oooo can u make a break up song
    ur an amazing singer :') keep doing what u can ur epic LOVE THIS SONG LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  88. blakridinghood

    Aaaaah! Nostalgia attack D:

  89. Jeremy Allen

    Who reckons Dave should put up the chords or tabs for us, his loving fans so we can learn some of his awesome songs and spread it across the world??

  90. Hannie Ha Nguyen

    miss you so much, Dave :(

  91. Lyla Stone

    So sad :'(