Dave Days - Boy You'll Forget Lyrics


We got drunk, We made out,
Now you're all I can talk about,
Call me dumb, 'Cause you're not mine,
You flew home to be by his side,

Yea, you were the one then you left,
Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,


You're in town,
You want to see me again,
Said I'm a really cool guy,
And you really like being friends,
It sucks, your honesty,
I wouldn't wanna be him,
No, I don't wanna be me,

Yea, you were the one then you left,
Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,

Yea, you were the one then you left,
Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,

Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,

Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,
Now I'm just a boy you'll forget,

Kiss me one more time before you go,
There's things you need to hear, that you don't know,

You were the one, please don't leave,
I'll remember you when you forget me,
Yea you were the one then you left,
now I'm just a boy you'll forget,

Yea you were the one then you left,
Now I'm just a boy you'll forget.

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Dave Days Boy You'll Forget Comments
  1. Jessie Pipay

    But we didnt forget

  2. phat yoda


  3. fender2015

    I really hate those comments stating the year, but here we are, I'm about to do it myself. I just can't help it. I listened to this song on repeat when it first came out and I fell completely in love with this album. I was only 13 years old, now 5 years later, I'm 18 and I still love this song just as much, perhaps even more due to the memories. So here we go, but who's watching in 2018?

  4. Anas

    Still here .... wont leave

  5. Bultaoreune payer

    Bless you and your love for music. That made you so unforgettable. 😍

  6. MiliMinutes

    I always come back to this song..as much as I love the rest of your songs, this is the one for me..
    Keep dabbing at your haters 😄❤

  7. Robina Rai

    Love this <3

  8. K Tuck

    I love this song <3

  9. Jkin62

    I get the feeling this song is about Kimmi. Just a hunch.
    Amazing song though.

  10. Alex Green

    Dax flame doe

  11. Jayel

    this is what I'm going through currently. fuck. it blows

  12. TheMrStoo

    This song really hits home for me. I've changed schools four times and graduated and not one person really kept in touch over the years. One girl, the best friend I've ever had, almost did. I fell in love with her while she was broken up with her boyfriend, told her, and we stayed friends because she didn't feel the same way, so I tried to help them get back together because she said she loves him. We talked every day about everything, even after they got back together, but about a week ago she stop responding to my texts, just like everybody else I've gone to school with in the past. I play this song on guitar and mandolin lot but the "ooo"'s are really hard for me sometimes, so I usually just improvise on harmonica instead.
    If you're reading this, Dave, know that you inspired me to write my own songs. Two months after starting, I already have 13 mostly done or in the works. Thank you.

    Cereal For Me

    I liked this comments a long time ago and it still gives me the feels
    hope you didnt give up :)

  13. Sopietje MSP

    FINALLY FOUND IT. LOVE THIS SONGG. *dances around* love chuu dave x_x

  14. satokochan16


  15. Sickguy Jam

    This should be in the charts, I'm not over agsaturating. I mean it.

    Wes Ambler


    Sickguy Jam

    @Wes Ambler Exaggerating* Happy now?

    Wes Ambler

    yeah all g

    Sickguy Jam

    :D Good

  16. Samweiß G


  17. satokochan16

    😍😍😍 Dave I love you!!!!! Please notice me.

    Quentin Decaunes

    Well, i Thumbs up just to help you to be notice ;)
    HELP HER \o/ She might get an interview x)

  18. TheEccentricLad

    when i first heard this song i thought it was adam young.... good song though

  19. Ruben Rivera

    Hey Dave can you make a tutorial video of this song? 

    Samweiß G


  20. Charlotte Howe

    Who can forget you Dave?

  21. TheNessieSP

    Is it normal if I wanna hit like 30 more times than I already did ? ;P
    Love what you do, Dave :D

    Whats sleep?

    at least you'll end up liking it, I did the math.

  22. TheNessieSP

    Is it normal if I wanna hit like 30 more times than I already did ? ;P
    Love what you do, Dave :D

  23. A B

    Ouhouhouhouhou <3

  24. Gilberto Koslovsky

    your music is great Dave! 

  25. pricelessposition

    Only came to stare at dax

  26. gautz29

    Great song, have a feeling this might be about Kimmi.

  27. Sarah van der Kleij

    Fav song at the moment. almost an half year old, still good !

  28. Addison Hsiao

    i keep saying " ok last time i play this" but i say" one more time" :P

  29. Addison Hsiao

    Cant stop listening to this :OOOO

  30. Addison Hsiao

    i could listen to this alll dayyy

  31. Addison Hsiao

    sooo gooood :D

  32. A B

    Oh Dave, you are so smart and so funny, I watch your videos from the very beginning. How would you feel about a kiss ?

  33. A B

    Cause I'm just a boy you'll forget...
    Ouhou Ouououou, Ouhou Ouououou, Ouhou Ouhouhouhou, Ouhou Ououououou :)

  34. Looie

    Cheers to my best friend breaking up with me!

  35. Mike Costanzo

    Delete whatever is on there. It can't be more important than Dave Days.

  36. Josiah Haynes

    I finally got enough money to buy the album :D then I found out my phone is full...

  37. Carlos Sierra

    Is this one for Lisanova? hahaha

  38. iamNadii

    Well Dave I must say you did a great job with these songs!!
    I've been following from the start, with the pervert song, miley, and moving to LA :)

    I kinda screamed a little when I saw you on Disney channel, in So Random :D Just to let you know that was in Denmark, yep you got a huge fan in Denmark :D!! Actually you got two, my friends really likes your music also!!

    Keep on the good work and come to Denmark sometime ;)

  39. lauren jones

    im so glad bribry put this song in his video because all of daves songs are amazing and now i have a new favorite song

  40. Casey P

    Thank you bribry :3

  41. Jennifer Lyons

    Things to do before we die ^_^

  42. Pelging

    Thank you bribry

  43. TheMrStoo

    Honestly, this song says a lot for me that I'd be to shy to say in person.

  44. Matty B

    To be by his side

  45. trixonsam

    Love :)

  46. Xzillian

    i could listen to the oooh oooh part for hours! <3

  47. Wódka Adi

    best songs ever!

  48. Delta Oswald

    If you don't mind Dave, i'm going to rape this Replay button like the rest of your songs

  49. spongebuddy009

    wait is it just me or do some of the lyrics not make sense? "you flew home to be by your side"? am i hearing it wrong or something?

  50. zai yanng

    This is the best song ever

  51. kiyana dutton

    That ooo ooo ooooo just stuck in my head.....

  52. Bloomara

    I love you dave! Well not love love but like like... Anyway great songs!

  53. elizabeth johnson

    I understand this song completely and I love it so much

  54. harmony renee

    Ha that moment when he sings/whispers "fuck" c:

  55. what

    Lol, My name's Lorenzo too.

  56. JosueIsFunnyMan1

    DaveDays fan i really like all your songs man theyre all
    awesome this one especially!!!

  57. Aerandir Games

    only 50000 views? it should have 50000000 ;D

  58. Serena Tronto

    I love this song. It really sounds like summer. I don't know if summer has a sound, but this is its. Love it. Love you Dave <3
    xx From Italy

  59. Akila

    I get a total eargasm listening to this!

  60. Philip Etherington

    Dave I love this so much. Just curious, would you ever consider a rock version of this song? :)

  61. weirdenweirder

    i really love the bgm and the ooo ooo :) it is soo nice that im tearing up . this song is awesome ^^

  62. An19941

    This is so awesome!
    Love it

  63. janessa jordan

    Sooooooo good. Oh my goodness Dave. So good. ❤❤

  64. Juan Carlo Lorenzo

    I wonder what you think of Miley Cyrus now.. Haha

  65. Archisa Guharoy

    This iss great!

  66. David Mei

    amazon? im pretty sure if you download itunes u get a mp3 LOL

  67. Yosephine Sitanggang

    i hate it i don't use i-phone or mac i use android and i don't know where i can buy this song !!!!!!!!!! i'm crying all day because it :"( WHY WHYW HWHWYHWYWHWYHWY

  68. Jake Ho

    does illegally downloading your music bother you?

  69. chiaraheartful

    i listen to this song over and over again.. just a perfect mix of happy and sad, chilled but not in that "depressive" way. keep your work up! :) love from germany

  70. sprc86

    Just bought, this morning, your full album at amazon MP3. :)

  71. JessieandPaigey

    Dave, you're unforgettable!

  72. Z3eemxAL3in

    ooOOoooOo ~~ ~~ ooooooOOooOoo ~ <3

  73. Emma Meek

    That 'fuck' sigh. Goodness. Been listening non-stop since I first heard you. :)

  74. Libbs Jelley

    Love the ooooooooooooooooo

  75. Taylor Reed

    The way he said fuck

  76. TheAnythinger

    "...are you fucking idiot." I don't think you're in a position to say that...

  77. babbitboot

    dig this!

  78. The Train Fan

    She wasn't you very nice wonderful person. :)

  79. Clem Alleyne

    hello everyone! i'm a big fan of Dave Days and his music and I have recently made a cover this song "Boy You'll Forget". It would mean so much to me if you took a look at my channel and checked it out and told me what you think i don't think you would be dissapointed. I also take requests so gimme a song and ill try my best to cover it haha cheers!

  80. derek koehler

    NO NO NO why do people think this!!!!! They are done she lives in Australia

  81. derek koehler

    She is in Australia are you fucking idiot

  82. derek koehler

    Get an Audio Ripper youtube day 1 stuff

  83. joseph kevin

    Love all of your songs ! Keep up :)

  84. ODJohnsen

    I just heard your voice the other day, you got me hooked with one song. You have an amazing voice, keep up the good work!

  85. Emma the Ducky

    I love all your stuff. Followed and supported you since day one. I would like to think im one of your biggest fans. Talented along with a really great personality and uber handsome. keep up the good work and youll make it far. Further than ive seen you come already. :)

  86. pondviewer12

    Dave looks & sounds like Owl City............which is a good!

  87. Canal do Manolinho

    Sou brasileiro mais adorei a musica americana ;3

  88. dreipunktekind

    So when is your musicvideo to that one coming out? (;

  89. Timm Nyegaard

    Dave it is funny to have followed you since you started. To see that kid who was making funny videos just as a joke, and now really making serious(good) music. Good work dude keep it going!

  90. a.ham

    I don't think they ever did -.-'

  91. Reece Arakaki

    already have


  92. The Train Fan

    I don't think Dave and kimmi are still going out.

  93. filiomedia

    Can i use this Song for a Video?

  94. Gianne Samson

    addicted to this song! <3

  95. daniel zulkiffly

    this song suck.! wait i mean rock!

  96. horses719

    I'm seriously in love with this song :D

  97. Ashleigh

    in love with your music live the Avril one :) x

  98. Matty B

    Dont try and copy the comment that davedays replied to