Das EFX - Comin' Thru Lyrics

Comin thru' with my crew like this
Aah, I'm with my crew like this [repeats]

Well yo, it's 1995 this the way my crew troop
I be the Krayzie Drayzie come to put'cha on the scoop
Like, to be a rapper nowadays is real handy
That's why all these niggas wanna be down like Brandy
They huffin 'n' puffin but still ain't sayin nuffin
I see dem bluffin, they full of shit like stuffin
Uh, without rehearsal my style is universal
And I been drinkin St.Ives before dem commercials
I puff a L everytime I gotta write a jam
So I can climb the fuckin charts like Spiderman

Yo yo, I be the Books but don't confuse me with Scholastic
Boy, I'll still sink your head like I was St.John the Baptist
Spot-blower especially when I'm not sober
Twisted in the head I'm seein red like October
Yo, the jibber-jabber, ain't a livin rapper deeper
Who get looser than the leaves up in my fucking trapper keeper
Flavor like twice so you better rise up
Read the off-the-wall styles like ya game of flys up
Yo brother, I'm bout to shove another
Blunt, where I chew-talk this New York undercover
And I don't have pity, more raps than rap city
Got styles out the ass so call my raps shitty
Comin thru'

Comin thru' with my crew like this
Aah, I'm with my crew like this [repeats]

I'm bringin it back with my niggy, it's goin down no diggy
I riggity rock the miggity mic and got dreds like Ziggy
Marley, don't own a Harley, yo what they call me?
Kiggity Krayzie Drayzie on the mic so what you want G?
I'm rantin and ravin, still misbehavin
See I be causin trouble even since I started shavin
This ain't Craig Mack but black you know the flave
I briggity break that ass up just like Super Dave
I'm kiggity comin with that Gang Starr like Guru
I put it thru you, ya stinkity stink like doo doo

Giggity guess who next up on deck for wreck?
Shit is on and my palms don't sweat
Forty days and nights get in some fights
To get this style piece an order for this water mic slaughter
Dat ass tried to slip a fast one by me
Claimin to represent the murderers like Johnny
Cochrane, but ain't no stoppin when I'm diggity droppin
For the forgotten, the low down dirty rotten
Juvenile delinquents cause I still stink with ghetto flavour
Distortin my behaviour (Check it out)
Toots, I'm in it for the panties, fuck the Grammys
It's the Books, style underground
Lounge with the crooks on some ol' major look-type shit
And when I come thru I'm with my crew like this

Comin thru' with my crew like this
Aah, I'm with my crew like this [repeats]

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Das EFX Comin' Thru Comments
  1. MrSwipper6

    2020 still listening‼️

  2. steve steve


  3. Dave Johnson

    "They full of shit like stuffing!

  4. khalid hasan

    Fuck those 2 dislikes, wordup!!!!!

  5. ramon spears

    aaaaahhhh yeah. i remember bumping this as loud as possible. street music, gritty grimmy.

    Terrence Fletcher

    ramon spears same

  6. Willfredo Guevarez

    Comin thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. R Armstrong

    Dat ninja to slip a fast one by me/ claiming to represent the murders like Johnny Cochran 

  8. j L

    Dont get anymore underground than this dun dun!

  9. noxious gases

    Big ups for the post,using the album cover!

  10. derrawhide

    uhhhhhh damn that get my dick hard fuck after more then 15 years that sick track again damn sweet post man