Das EFX - Can't Have Nuttin' Lyrics

Niggas just can't have nothing... [repeats]

Well yo, they used to say that Dray was a motherfuckin bum
Cause when it came to profit, son I really wasn't gettin none
The wildest motherfucker that you ever saw
They used to call me Petey Wheezthrow, the devil's son-in-law
Got into shit like a fly, I was buggin
From robbin to stealin to dealin, yo, and even muggin
Sellin cocaine in the high school halls
Playin it slick I kept the vials up in some tennis balls
I used to run across the bridge with my peeps
I packed a tre-8, in them days I was playin for keeps
I used to roll around Manhattan all day
Lookin for a prey that we could rob on Broadway
Stickin niggas for their jewels if they're worthy
Made a couple of hits and then we jetted back to Jersey
'86 and '87 was the year
Had the Gucci hat, rock the raccoon fur coat gear
Keep em in the sky and nigga don't ya blink
See every Saturday, we robbed another nigga at the rink
The beast was always showin up at my rest
Asking "Does a certain Drayz live at this address? Yes?"
The spot was hotter than the sun, without a doubt
I had the choice to go to school and get the fuck out!
I hit the South just like a bandit cause I was stranded
Virginia State in '88, you know that's where I landed
I couldn't stand it, shit was feelin strange
I made it outta range but yo, my shit was just about to change

Niggas just can't have nothing... [repeats]

Yo bust a move, peep the flav
Cause I'ma take you back to the days of brown envelope trays
Twenty-something years ago as I proceed to recollect
A newborn shorty headed for the decks of Bushwick
Bless the day, Pops shot the gift off the vodka fifth
Damn, fam got the shift
From the tenth floor down four flights to the sixth
This was around the time smokin reefer was the shit
But now the crib a little bigger
I was the first man in the fam so it's plans for a nigga
Had my clan from my building and my man from 8-11
With me when we hit the jams behind 2-57
Mom's babysittin, Pop's on the hustle
54 block was on lock, bust a knuckle
Game grip, some niggas slipped and got greedy
Believe me, another "rest in peace" in graffitti
But I couldn't resist a few fights and petty heists
Cause now I'm 'cross town in the Heights
My nights are a little quieter but still amongst the schemes for the fun
Where sons run guns and blow slums with the dumbs
And motherfuckers don't care
I love the street game so I stashed the green leaf by the air
You couldn't tell me shit either, was more eager than a beaver
Kept it fresh, double-parked in the Caesar
But I got to cease with this behaviour-type flavor
And do Moms a favour, go to school and get this fucking paper
So bust the caper, cause now I'm all in
At Virginia State, now let the bullshit begin

Niggas just can't have nothing... [repeats]

The year was '89 and yo, I'm staying out of fights
I'm running with this nigga named Books from Crown Heights
Gettin tore up from the flow-up, we're drinking til we throw up
We're thinkin we can blow up so to class we wouldn't show up

Well nigga so what? Yo fuck the holdup, I'm with whatever
The butter leathers, son I got to get my shit together
Getting drunk, and flunking classes was the function
Smokin blunts in, son we need to stop frontin

We're goin huntin, Virginia didn't have shit for us
That's why we broke out with Dice and Blitz in the blue Taurus
Gettin busy, flippin rhymes on the weekend
The deal we was seekin from styles we was freakin

But yo, now it's '91 and me and son we got to scramble

Aiyo it was a rap contest, nuttin we couldn't handle

And yo, something got to happen or I'ma get to clappin
Son, we got the blueprints to this new style of rappin

Packin skills from the sewer, I knew we had a shot
Gotta go and blow the spot and show them niggas how we rock, what?
EPMD is judgin it, yeah they cruisin through
Makin all that money on that Business As Usual tip, we flip the tongue and started wildin
They hit us with the digits to the cribs in Long Island
So we packed it in, me and my men we got Swayze
And never lookin back, that's how we thinkin nowadays

Niggas just can't have nothing... [repeats]

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Das EFX Can't Have Nuttin' Comments
  1. Lawrence Robinson Jr.

    Some stuff is timeless.

  2. Yolanda McClure

    Red Alert used to rock this joint in that clubhouse on 145th street located just before the bridge towards the Bronx . Was it called the Upper Room ?

  3. David Bone

    como me gusta esta portada, salen re pros con camuflado fumando porro

  4. Szifi

    fucking amazing yo


    But yo, now it's '91 and me and son we got to scramble
    Aiyo it was a rap contest, nuttin we couldn't handle
    And yo, something got to happen or I'ma get to clappin
    Son, we got the blueprints to this new style of rappin

    Packin skills from the sewer, I knew we had a shot
    Gotta go and blow the spot and show them niggas how we rock, what?

  5. jtomasreyes69


  6. MrSwipper6

    Who’s still listening in 2019??!?

  7. Joey Merk

    The story of DAS EFX..💯

  8. NDA

    our vibes since .....; old man in hip hop will be always on there vibe
    we are our vibes ....

  9. Angel Diaz

    Real hip hop

  10. luis felipe henao bustamante

    Niggas just can't have nuttin. Harsh reality for the nubian tribes.

  11. Nicholas HK

    Dope track long live hip hop!!

  12. Zdravko Baev

    The REAL thing!

  13. vaporize 1

    The days where the bars were better than the beat

  14. David Bone

    que kung fu si estoy obeso apenas puedo moverme

  15. Grejdan Mihai

    90,713 views whaaaaaaaaaaat ? real music is hidden from public eye and ear

  16. Sam I am Christian

    Books in reverse

  17. Keith Witcher

    I got Hold It Down album cover on my Facebook page. I love Das EFX.

  18. Drico Freitas

    Someone know what vocal samples is ?!?

    Veli Masuku

    Prolly the mighty clouds of joy.

  19. Supreme One

    Only real heads now this song


    Supreme One damn right

    Terry Turner

    Supreme One FACTS!!

  20. Damien Colfax


  21. COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1

    I still have this cassette.

    Veli Masuku

    I got the CD in the treasure chest 🤣🤣

  22. heat cliff

    yea. Bush is back in power. biggers can't have nothing.

  23. Mike C.

    Crazy how I randomly woke up thinking about this track.

  24. bill bass

    Real hip hop

  25. jose omar londoño

    Fat beat and lyrics!

  26. David Bone

    masacrew :3

  27. Jonas Lindemann

    Das gut!

  28. \ Oldschool4life /

    thats ma shit

  29. Roslyn Dukes

    EASY MO BEE BE MIXIN' THAT SMOKE A BOB [email protected]#T! 4 REAL DOE!!!

  30. Smokin Kat

    diggidy dang goddang

  31. Gabe Gabenson

    anyone know the vocal sample?

  32. clinthori Kassoumay

    0 dislikes , first time i see this on a classic hip hop, wtf


    +clinthori That's a great thing let it happen!!

    Pitus Beatz

    in the meantime 5 assholes done it lol

  33. luke jackman

    fuckk i love this

  34. ohhbetty3