Darude - Stars (Here With Me) Lyrics

I can see the stars of the future
In front of our eyes and
I don't feel the pain no more
It's easy to believe in tomorrow
When you're here with me
And all we got
Is the feeling so pure

I just don't believe
In everything I see
I don't believe
All the pictures on the TV screen

But I have a dream,
I got this beautiful dream
So come and take my hand girl
And you will see

Now I want to believe
That this is more than a dream
This is more than a picture
On a TV screen

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Darude Stars (Here With Me) Comments
  1. Amir Khan

    Passionate music video for those who have served in the U.S Marines . This music fits well on those movie scenes.. i love this one. 🌌🚀

  2. Asif Iqbal


  3. Dimos V.

    Πολύ ωραίο κομμάτι...Φοβερή μουσική...

  4. GBT3 CaliCrocodile

    love this song

  5. EsoundSplash

    @3RDW0RLD yeh ...

  6. Arman Seth

    @molonlave2010 i know. only the tech mix.

  7. 3RDW0RLD

    This music is ridiculously inappropriate for this movie. What a terrible combination.

  8. KakashiHatakeJH

    I didn't get the beginning

  9. KakashiHatakeJH

    Yeah but he looked scared or crying, wats that about.

  10. KakashiHatakeJH

    Wat jappened to the guy from 0:40 to 1:15. Was he shot?

  11. tixFANA

    Freedom Fries for everyone!