Darryl Worley - I Just Came Back From A War Lyrics

The first thing I did when that plane finally landed was kiss the ground
The next thing I did was to go find my friends down at the old hangout
Drank some beer and talked a lot about old times
But when the booze finally hit Billy Joe Grimes
He said I don't know what it is, but you seem different to me

I said I just came back from a place where they hated me
and everything I stand for
A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care anymore
If I'm not exactly the same good old boy that you ran around with before
I just came back from a war

The very next morning I took a walk through the neighborhood
I thought it's been so long since I've been in a place where everything is good
People laughing and children were playing
And as I watched em I found myself praying
Lord keep em safe here at home in the land of the free

Cuz I just came back from a place where they hated me
And everything I stand for
A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care anymore
If I'm not same little freckled face boy
That grew up in that house next door
I just came back from a war

I hope you cherish this sweet way of life
And I hope you know that it comes with a price

I just came back from a place where they hated me
And everything I stand for
A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care anymore
Chances are I never will be the same
I really don't know anymore
I just came back from a war

I just came back from a war

You don't know me [repeated]

I just came back from a war

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Darryl Worley I Just Came Back From A War Comments
  1. carly diamond

    Thanks a million to our veterans.. Let freedom ring

  2. Kyle Brandon

    It's been over 10 years since I've been at war. And still relive it like it was yesterday. I doubt I'll ever be the same.


    Kyle, you, me and countless others. Between we volunteers, draftees and those who've stayed behind to keep the home fires burning. Many, many are a special breed.

    Despite the physical and emotional scars, the nightmares, the damage to my family, I would be just as honored to serve and do it all again.

    I gladly fought, though a foolhardy sentiment, in hopes my children wouldn't have to. I went and fought in hopea of keeping it in their backyard versus our own.

    God bless America. God bless our vets, and especially God bless the spouses, significant others, children and parents who in every generation have stayed behind and supported our fighting men and women.

    For our forgotten Vietnam veterans... Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Most importantly, albeit before my time, WELCOME HOME! So many of you paved the way for us. You went and fought your hearts out in a politically hamstrung campaign. Many I have met by happenstance, some in my family... Vietnam vets, against unfavorable odds and in spite of the politics surrounding it kicked ass in many ways.

    WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq... Millions of young men and women will never be the same. Where we go one, we go all!

  3. usn1994

    I got back from a war and realized that my senators were more a danger to america than the taliban could ever hope to be.

  4. john deter

    1969---no uniforms-no home-no country.

  5. munch man

    Before the draft i was a guy who always talked and messed around as soon as i got in that boot camp i didn't do a thing unless instructed

  6. robert blalock

    772 people are commies

    Kronos Darkness

    I take offense to that comrade

  7. Ken Weberg

    This song hit home. Old Vietnam vet. All know the welcome we got when we came home. Enough said. 50 years later and it still gets to me

  8. Chase Lenz

    for those who need it welcome home

  9. shieldmaiden000

    In tears. Stay safe American soldiers. Thank you all for your service.

  10. Brodie Turner

    Thank all the USA soldiers I stand by u

  11. Donnie Smith

    Sure do love America's boys. They gave more than we know. Much love to them.

  12. Peter Georgeopolus

    December 12th 1998. Came home to the hospital. 1975 came home and some asshole spit in my face. Go figure

    Peter Georgeopolus

    If they have the right to burn my flag. I have the right to break their jaw. I have no problem spending a night or two in jail.

  13. Cathy Brown

    I’ve seen Darrel Worley twice he is wonderful.

  14. Brian Graz

    I support our troops... But why do we send them there in the 1st place??????

    Kronos Darkness

    For the oil

  15. Jacob Kleiboeker

    No comment

  16. Batphink Reynolds

    Much as I LOVE the VETS,I hope some of them WAKE UP to the Zionist Military Complex that send them out there to be killed.Look back at Israel,Britain's and your own history and see who really starts most wars. I mean NO offense I am just FED UP of our lads/lasses being killed and maimed for billionaire War Mongers like Dick Cheney.Looks for footage on YT where Kissinger calls US Troops' MUPPET' I kid you not.

  17. Scotty McAlister


  18. Jacob Kleiboeker

    Was whirley ever even in the military or overseas at all

  19. Freeds

    RIP Mike. A/2/17.101ST ABN. Phu Bai RVN.'68

  20. Joseph Mares

    Fuck being home il go back to war if they will let me but they say i comitted war crimes

  21. Jacksparrowgamesyt 1

    I’m not in the military but....God Bless The People Who Serve And Live Or Sadly Die God Bless To All Of You Soldiers

  22. Ashley Leach

    My Daddy came home to hate, being spat on & called horror things upon returning from Vietnam. He always said, 'You can hate the war, but still support the soldier!'

  23. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy,14 Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department, Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck 7 weeks Coma, Slow Starting But Steady Running Country Boy

  24. Drew Vogel

    Our freedom isn't free we who served know the cost. But we would do it again. This music and stories need to be sent out again and again.

  25. Craig t

    Thank you to all my brothers and sisters who could answer the call. Do to my dyslexia and adhdmilitary doesn't want me. I still think my veterans every time I see them. Worked for bae and they threw out thank you for your service quince. Rather than throw them out I started giving you out to veterans. Sadly I ran out thank you to all those who answered this country's call are all those who are worthy of the uniform! My family's been here since 1695 we've served all the way up into Korea Plus. My little brother is in the Coast Guard God bless all those who you wear the uniform all those who can't support you!

  26. dave johnson


  27. dave johnson


  28. Ranger's Voice

    Brothers when you raise your sheild, so would i,Sisters when you charge at the enemy, so will I,and if deaths awaits us,let me go down smiling by your side for we are family and the blue and red stripes of our nation will forever glow across the globe for we are from the home of the brave and free.
    To all veterans out there, I am with you always, we are strong and all our 22 brothers who commit suicide will never be called cowards but men who have given their lives for the same people who would not understand the fight.
    And to all civilians out there, I am available for Private Protection Security Services,classified and confidential asset transportation, if you have a job offer please send me a text, no spam, no pranks please. +18312161196 (Matt, Monterey, Ca) I can be enywhere the asset is,just send a text or patch a call through.

  29. Dakota Story

    i understand what this country fights for, im a son, of an ex marine, my dad was an onfield wireman from 80 to 86, but he is still alive, hes 57 now, but i understand what this country had to go though, god bless america and the land of the free, and the home of the brave

  30. Veterans Expeditions Overland

    Hi I run a British charity called Veterans In Action that helps veterans who have suffered the effects of war and we have just started a new channel called Veterans Expeditions Overland which will take time to grow and it shows veterans building off road vehicles which were then used to run an expedition driving from the UK to Greece and back with veterans suffering from PTSD. I am looking for music for our channel and wanted to ask if we could use any of your tracks on our videos and we will mention the artists that we ask. No worries if you can't but like the track so thought I would ask.

  31. Chris Romanov

    That part where he talks about the kids playing and praying to keep them safe has happened to me so many time

  32. james peyton

    Going to Afghanistan gives me a different look on life. People will never understand how good we have it here. We take this way of life for granted a everyday. God bless the boys still over there. Meet so many great people. Would never trade my time serving this great nation for anything else.

  33. big blue95

    I've lost my little brother to bullying and I've lost my oldest brother and many friends to war. Before my oldest brothers last deployment. I ask him " why do you have to keep leaving. He simply replied " These things I do, That others may live. " He was Air Force pararescue. He and his group landed in a hot LZ. A snatch and grab on a wounded soldier. From eye witness accounts, autopsy, and post blast reports, when an enemy grenade landed behind a humvee they were using to take cover, my brother jumped on and covered the grenade with his body to shield his brothers from the blast. I was devastated when I got the news. I remember telling on of his buddies he served with " I hope he is at peace with God. " His friend then told me " Whomsoever shall lay down his life for his brother, may sit with God forever. "
    God has a special place in heaven for those who sacrifice their lives for the freedom and safety of others, may he hold them in the highest regards and walk the streets of gold with them.

  34. Julie lynch

    2019 my better half took a bullet to his leg. He was honored with a Purple Heart ;). Thank God and his fellow shoulders who took a down the evil That night ;).

    Julie lynch

    My better half retired after serving 20 yrs with a Purple Heart. he served to keep us safe and sound thanks to all that are reading my comment ;). Thank you tiger

  35. lonesurvivor86 rj

    I don’t understand how so many people don’t give two shits about what our soldiers are doing for us.

  36. John d Echols jr

    I love my country i have and always will. The one don't can leave we don't need them.

  37. nathin lane

    how how did 741 people dislike this

  38. traviesolee72

    I remember coming home on mid-tour leave in '05. My cousin commented that I wasn't the same. Hurt me that I had changed so much.

  39. Hans Huck der Dritte

    Yeah, those songs sounds so good. But only when you are always not at the end of a gun barrel.

  40. cowboy87 Smith

    This are the people that need are most respect are way of life isn't free may God watch over each and everyone most of all my Nephew that just elist

  41. Ashley Rodick

    Thank You to All men and women who serve in the armed forces. May you all find support here at home

  42. baddgolfer 67

    Man I miss country music like this. There was such a variety in the 1990's and early 2000's. Now it mostly sounds like pop music :o(

  43. Mike R.

    Thank you Darryl, I just found this. I feel like I just came home. I don't know why every soldier and sailor should have to look for a song like this. I will make sure they don't search for words like these anymore. My service dog Sonny actually smiles when I play it, I thinks it's because he sees tears of appreciation on my cheeks. Again, tanx-BM3, OS3, MAA Rogers.

  44. Bryan Taylor

    Great song for the veterans

  45. Randy Timmons

    I was in high school freash men year and watch the towers fall i swear to god i will fight for what america stands for i will die with honer if thats what it takes but it 2018 on to 2019 i watchen life go on my kids growing and loven wife thank u god i prode american

  46. tommy4244

    Many of us have never fully returned home............

  47. John Jacobsen

    best country artist in the last twenty years

  48. Sam Stanfield

    Feels a bit pandering doesn’t it

  49. hoss boss

    I know the truth to this cause I served 10 years U.S.M.C and have been to IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN adjusting to civilization is a nightmare and people don't understand what we go through

  50. 1slow 5.3

    im 13 already made my choice usmc here i come! Sent the song if not me by craig morgan 2 my parents as a gey this is my final choice

  51. Bryan Urquhart

    When I went to Vietnam the first time I was Declared non existent by my family,. After my second tour and having been wounded a total of seven times in action I was declared non Combat efficient, and posted to a training position . Some 35 years later My mother for the first time ever came to a Memorial Day at which I was the Ranking Official, having been asked to make a comment on my Service to the Military & to the veteran Community She made the comment " The Boy she gave to the Army was not the Evil Bastard they gave her Back " now some 52 years later I still have to live with that comment, and people wonder why I still have Problems. God Bless those Veterans who Sleep Soundly atNight.

  52. Lisa Guinn

    Who in GOD’S name could dislike this? Are you an idiot?

  53. forza runner

    This reminded me of when my dad got home from iraq

  54. Dev Price

    How can u dislike this song u non American bastards god bless our troops

  55. David Fritz

    My family has served since the Civil War. I served. My father served. So I feel I can speak. Why are we letting our best still go to a foreign country that resents us. It is enough already so it is. History tells us and shows us we may not be the police men of the world. Britain had far more territorys and colonies than us and they could not do it 1 hundred years ago and yet they controlled the seas. If we stop being dependent on foreign oil what would this mean to us? It would turn the middle East back to a 3rd world country. We do NOT NEED their oil. With out that, all 9f the oil prices , etc. Become superfluous.

  56. Kyle Gepford

    people who burn the American flag you can just go fuck yourself

  57. Layne Mercer

    Thanks everyone who served

  58. Jared Strehlein

    Thank you. All military service professionals.

  59. army skuller

    Sad thing is i don't know where he's talking about because people are selfish think the people who protect them are criminals

  60. army skuller

    I come from long military background my dad was soldier my brother my uncle my grandfather

  61. army skuller

    Its not what you did. its what happened to you. every year more active service members suffer from PTSD and get treated like crap its sad

  62. Jim rosson

    Yesterday was the first day ever killed a man in combat it took 30 years to get over all this I can almost laugh about it now but yesterday I sat in my room and cried you never forget it and God knows I put boots on the ground for my daughters and their sons would never have to do it would do it again yes and it's crazy but sometimes I miss the camaraderie of being in that situation

  63. darian chaney

    This song hits.... I came back 3x and. This song says what I can't day.....

  64. Gaetano Bravemodem

    love it

  65. Connie Gomez

    stop the murdering ....bring our troops home; we are not safe nor free in Amerika any more! Bring Her
    back to God

  66. Karen Judah

    The people are who go to helped are the one you go and come home that who he love is much.

  67. T. N. Saxton

    I really just want to say, I think it's disgusting how veterans are treated. I think it's disgusting how there are people, our people, burning the American Flag, our symbol. I think it's disgusting that NFL players cannot stand, for the flag, or the anthem, which under it's protection, makes them a mint. Some soldiers come home, some come home unable to stand, and some don't. Show some damn respect.

  68. Erica H

    God bless the strong, beautiful souls of the US military.

  69. Donald Aadland

    I havent been home since xmas leave 2010, I came home in Aug2010, went on post deployment leave in Oct 2010. Grew up in a small town. Its different. First time around it was nice to see the fam, second time saw the differences. What they expected of me vs who I was. I think I spent half of xmas on a sled riding trails by myself. Left 2 days later. Hopefully going home this year.

  70. Joseph Kondrat

    Serving in combat changes a person. It doesn't matter what political party you may belong to, once you have been in combat you realize what you are committed to, the ability to be free and know that those around you are also.

  71. Tony Warriner

    I'm in the Marines it is sad that a lot of people don't care what we are fighting for

  72. fire gear reviews reviews and more

    You guys who have had a buddy fight and make it home my buddy was a marine and he didn’t make it back

  73. RLG36

    I love how this video shows that an American soldier isn't one color or one gender or even one age

  74. Robert Lytle

    I have a nephew who signed up for 4 years but after two deployments was discharged with an honorable discharge and a perpetual prescription at the VA for pills to treat his depression. For the last year he has been dating a really nice girl, a school teacher, and his depression is getting better.

  75. Adam Frye

    I have been out of the army for almost 5 years and I love this song. I would rather be back in war than on the civilian side of things. After my deployment it took 2 years to open up about things I went through and people couldn't stomach what I have seen smelled and experienced over there. People think I am crazy I would rather be back there than here.

  76. Cody Mahon

    666 likes damn antifa

  77. Shawn Jackinsky

    God Bless all our Military. You are all my heroes! I pray for peace and happiness in all your souls. I am so Proud of all of you. I care and support you.

  78. jessy's gaming sesh

    1:09 = ?

  79. The war lads lads

    I got back after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq with the British armed forces. I remember looking at my soldiers and their family's but I had no one to welcome me home as my mum and dad died in 1999. SO ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK YOUR LIFE IS HELL TRY GOING TO WAR AND COME BACK THEN SEE WHAT LIFE IS LIKE FOR US VETS

  80. Marion Hebert

    My purpose is to try to wake the complacent ppl up or we r screwed

  81. Marion Hebert

    Hey love the tunes but Daryryl you never fought in a war,,,,,and as of now..ppl are forgettinng the towers,my family fought in WW1 and @2 as well as the rest
    ,,,,so keep singing about shit you have no clue about,,,,goood thimg your pretty

  82. Red Hog

    Amen..god bless you all. Thank you for your service.

  83. Chrissy Luginbill

    The best song ever done by Darryl

  84. Robert Lytle

    When I got out of the marines in 1971 I was lucky that I lived in a farm community. Probably 95% of us young men there were drafted between 1967 and 1973. I felt at home in that community but if I went to bigger towns I was looked on as someone who had done something wrong or maybe it was just that everyone was scared of Vietnam veterans. I spent the days working and then closed the bars at night. Then a marvelous woman walked into my life and I realized I would not spend the rest of my life alone. After all this time she is still my wife and I love her more each day.

  85. Joshua Brooks

    I hate the fact that the FCC edits meaningful songs like this one down so they can meet their guidelines. Let the songs be heard in their entirety!

  86. Amber Boltz

    Happy memorial day all gave some but some gave all

    Amber Boltz


  87. Cathy Wagner

    Such an honest song.

  88. David Doty

    As a 100 disabled Ranger things took a long time to make song but I came back from NAM

    David Doty

    Meant since SPELL checker

  89. Erik Wildeman

    I served as a combat medic and as a medic for 25 years. This song kills me every time I hear it

  90. Wulf Claw

    Saw Darryl first, overseas. Then once at 29 Palms and then at Crystal Palace in Bakersfield where I gave him a momentous as we did a double shot side stage as the band snd crowd gave us a minute.
    This song is the reason I'm alive today. Over 20 vets pet day take their own life after returning from war. I hope others know and understand this and send up s prayer on their behalf.
    It would truly make a difference.
    God bless America and all in it.

  91. Nathan Smith

    For some Veterans the fight never ends. We fight for the USA 🇺🇸 because we live what we have and these days you libtards want to sit during our anthem and spits on every soldier pst and present. If your not going to get behind us get infront.

  92. john deter

    for my Brothers that never came home. The reason I'm still here.

  93. Nova eres

    my dad was a soldier but he died in war and this song makes me think of him :c

  94. Lori Burchett

    I get it. Take good care, be safe and God Bless. LoriB

  95. Chris Peno

    For those I love I will walk through Hell. God bless all our past current and future who take the oath. You can take the soldier from the army but never the army from the soldier.

  96. Amberly Lucas

    My brother came home 6 and a half years ago from Korea my family waited for hours for his plan to land when it did we all waited very patently for him to come up the escalator looking at a sea of green finally we see him and the feeling was unexplainable none of us let him go til he had to go to his new base

  97. xcalabur18

    Man, he got leave right away? Lol