Darren Hayes - Neverland Lyrics

Long ago
When mercury descended high on the moon
Far below
Where little hands are making shapes in the room
The shadows they dance
And they cheer up this place
The face
That's staring through the tiny crack in the door
Eyes so wide
He's never seen a women fall on the floor

I swear daddy's killed her this time
Should I make a rocket?
Should I try to fly away?
Should I make a hammer?
Should I try to smash his face?
Should I make a bullet?
Should I try to shoot the gun?
I'm sure the judge will let me off real soon.

Long ago
When saturn tried to find a way past the sun
Deep inside
A little boy is turning pain into fun
The pencils, the crayons, the paint colors run
The plans
Are forming slowly made with scissors and glue
Eyes so wide
He's telling mommy all the things he can do
He'll sketch a contraption to save them for sure

He can draw an alien
He can come and take them home
He can draw a cartoon
He can draw a safety hatch
He can draw a hot bath
He can plug a toaster in
And wait till daddy's nice and warm
Toss it in

And then when he's gone
There's a neverland of fun

Take a loaded gun.
Take a shot of rum.
Take a poison rat.
There's a lesson in that.
No more closing fists.
No more face to hit.
No more bloody nose or apologetic roses.

Long ago when mercury descended high on the moon.
Should I make a rocket?
Should I try to fly away?
Far below little hands are making shapes in the room.
Should I make a hammer?
Should I try to smash his face?
Long ago when Saturn tried to find a way past the sun.
Should I draw are cartoon?
Should I draw an alien?
Deep inside a little boy is turning pain into fun.
Should I draw a hot bath?
Should I throw the toaster in?

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Darren Hayes Neverland Comments
  1. ilj274

    Darren Hayes has my mother's last name.

  2. sara yousef

    One of the haviest darkest.song darren ever sang

  3. music music

    Daddy good luck with cancer :))

  4. Julian Bruce

    Those are some super vocals Dazza : ○

  5. Shahnawaz Shaikh

    Love his music... Melodious Music softens the sad lyrics though....!

  6. Jon Bromfield

    Love this guys music so much depth and feeling in his music

  7. Docka Hadad

    amazing miss him

  8. Wendy S

    I cry for the little boy, for Darren. He has come so far, and we love him so much. Hugs to you Darren!

  9. ThezzmanShow

    Yes but the melody is not. If you don't listen to the text I don't think you would notice how sad it is.

    Amanda Whittaker

    I think that's the point :)

  10. Paul Bordea

    "Should I make a hammer? Should I try to smash his face?" That's sick!

  11. Paul Bordea

    I never listened carefully to the lyrics, I just liked the sound of the song. Knowing what is really about kind of creeps me out.

  12. Alicia Sandham

    It is based on his childhood, you read right. Sad, isn't it?

  13. Alicia Sandham

    No, I don't believe so; it's about his childhood. Darren grew up in an abusive home, and this is about his experiences.

  14. Alicia Sandham

    Or he could mean he's 'buttering up' his father and by 'toss it in' he means get rid of him, once he thinks he's secure at the house. That's what I used to think, but recently I thought about what you said from watching an episode of a crime show where the victim dies like that, and it makes more sense.

  15. harasllekrad

    'Like' if your English Class brought you here!

  16. Yantzi

    This song kinda reminds me Emilie Autumn's music. The lyrics, the melody - it all screams Emilie Autumn. It would be awesome if they could sing a duet.

  17. Kenneth T

    lol. wow....what a twisted song...

  18. nsyncfan1998

    is that a peter pan song

  19. kuronekochan1992

    melody kinda reminds me of an enya song . but its really addictive :)

  20. kuronekochan1992

    this song reminds me of my childhood (tho i'm a girl)

  21. XxXmIcH3lleXxX

    ''He can draw a hot bath, he can plug a toaster in, and wait till daddy's nice and warm...toss it in.''

    So twisted, yet awesome xD

  22. Kayasaki

    somebody tell me that this song is dedicated to michael jackson's neverland, is it true?

  23. superpeace321

    this is how I sometimes feel when my mom and dad were fighting a lot when I was a kid, the only thing I remember from my childhood wasn't playing swords or imagination at day or stories and lullaby at night, it was depression, longing for death at day, then screaming and tears at night. Because my dad hated my mother for who she was and tortured her , me and my sister :(

    Stefan Aurora

    superpeace321 I am sorry. I know exactly how it feels. Just wish I had a superpower to make all the abusive dads vanish into nothingness .

  24. jazz

    This is my current favourite song. And from what I read, I believe it's actually about real life (I mean - as in it's written from Hayes' personal experience).


  25. Maris V

    you can plug a toaster in, and wait till daddy's nice and warm. Toss it in..

    How creepy is that ;) But I really really love this song. (And Darren Hayes himself ;))

    Thank you for this song with the lyrics!

  26. ThezzmanShow

    Awesome song. truelly. He got a message through in a nice way. A cute song and when u listen to the lyrics it's really deep.

  27. Enzo Siu

    One of my all time favourite. Thank you so much!

  28. ivi bebi

    Yeah,thanks fo posting the right lyrics,good work ;);)