Darren Hayes - Crush (1980 ME) Lyrics

Cyndi Lauper
Simon Le Bon
I put Eurythmics On
Poppin' and Lockin' in the U.S.A
Day Glo sweater tied around my neck Studded Denim
Big Hair
Acid Wash
Rubik's Cube
My Boom Box

You know it's alright
I promise you tonight
All you gotta do is Choose Life

Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)
Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)

Frosted Lipstick
Parachute Pants
Doc Martins
Dead Can Dance
Culture Club
The Go Go's
Pretty In Pink
PacMan Asteroids
Miami Vice
Too early for Vanilla Ice
The Poodle Perm And Blond Highlights

You know it's alright
I promise you tonight
All you gotta say is
Have a nice day

Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)
Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)

Dance baby
You know you’re gonna have such a good time
Welcome to 1980 Me
Dance baby
You know it’s gonna be alright Welcome to 1980 Me

I wish that I could be eleven again
That E.T was my friend
You know that life was so simple then
Times have changed
Never be the same
The memory remains
And the melody's inside my heart

You know it's alright
No matter how it goes
All you gotta do is just say no

Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)
Got a little crush
I just can't get enough of that stuff
It's such a rush (1980 Me)
Dance baby
You know you’re gonna have such a good time
Welcome to 1980 Me
Dance baby
You know it’s gonna be alright
Welcome to 1980 Me

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Darren Hayes Crush (1980 ME) Comments
  1. Rommel Barrida

    Spin is such a great album.

  2. Genya Arikado


  3. DanielXian

    Fantastic job by Darren on this one.

    This song sums up that entire magical decade known as The 80s! ❤

  4. Markos H

    Flipping catchy!

  5. Jadyra Malik

    Какой талантливый! Его голос я путала с голосом Майкла в юности) Прекрасный голос и песня. Darren Hayes просто огонь!

  6. Mistysmudge1

    Love this album, i smile everytime he says Simon Le Bon (as i was 11 when i discovered Duran Duran and fell for SLB hehehe)

  7. BestWeddnv

    Yes, I got a little crush. It's 2019 wishing you'd do some shows Darren.

  8. Suman SARKAR

    It was on of my favourite album. Sad his career didn't take off after this

  9. VirtuosArte

    I miss you darren...

  10. German Vazquez

    still my jam... the way he sings to the camera makes me think he'd do well if he was ever a disney channel kid lol.

  11. Ryuben Prime

    July 2019. Really love this song. Heard it when I was in school and I'm so surprised till this day how people don't know this somg.

  12. Jamie Haralson

    Such a cool song!

  13. Keago Keago

    I knew he was gay the first time I set eyes on him. Wished I was his pick LOL😆

  14. Yulia Shegay

    Darren Hayes is the Best , forever young 🙂

  15. selcukustun

    1980 me

  16. Philip Daenell

    ....... hmmmmm

    What a shame.....

    What could and would of been.

    ........ stayed together just a couple more years to give us more brilliance.


  17. Kunal Raina

    I say God damn what a rush.

  18. Altair Ibn La'Ahad

    2019 :-)

  19. 許ㄚ漂

    iove it!!!

  20. music music

    Where is the "holiday" remix?

  21. Edgar Lamarão

    Darren Hayes is so beautifull!!!

  22. Yulia Shegay

    Awesome song and video ☺️ 👍 Darren Hayes is the best x

  23. Çağrı Emirhan Demir

    Nostalgia in Nostalgia ❤️

  24. cathy cooper

    Fun 😘

  25. danilo cezar

    Década boa pra musica e as badalações então, #febre

  26. Ciberya

    1990 Me

  27. Mr Pop

    ....... 2019 ?

  28. Heart heart

    forever .Darren

  29. Green Taurus

    Oh he is a singer But still a 80s song.

  30. Green Taurus

    Darren Hayes is a American Pop Band.

    Cristi Mare

    Darren Hayes was born in Australia He is australian

  31. Alexander Dahoola

    One day I might make a song entitled "1990 Me".

    Adrian Shelton

    It'll probably sound like a Go West song.

  32. Konstantin Kharlamov

    dont u understand guys! he was the first from pop who made 80's sound fashionable again. after that all that new rave and 80s revival came back only in 2006

  33. Yulia Shegay

    2019 xxx

  34. Mr Pop

    2019 👑

  35. Mr Pop

    Increíble ¡!¡!

  36. hairjoos lorjeffiny

    Gasp..where did this video come from I've never seen it before

  37. Graham McDonald

    Love the album Spin

  38. Ms. Lady Diamondz

    I miss this man doing music. Savave Garden fanatic forever!! 😍😍😍

  39. Alexander Dahoola

    Got a little crush...

  40. Yulia Shegay

    Forever Darren. Luv

  41. Yulia Shegay

    Yeah. And 2019 soon... ;)

  42. Amanda Prill

    Darren Hayes was a nice looking man

  43. Amanda Prill

    Really love this song alot

  44. tz64nk41

    Charlie XCX's 1999 feels like the spiritual sequel to this song.

  45. OrangeTalon23

    Mr. Hayes, thank you so much for writing this song. I'm an 80's kid, and I love this "tribute". :)

  46. kisstochka14


  47. Brigitte Yopasa

    Yess,2018.octuber.30.salutes from Bogotá Colombia.OK.

  48. Pritish Appadoo

    Ladies and gentlemen, the rightful successor to Savage Garden's single "I Want You": fast paced, filled with energy, deliriously delightful and heartwarming. Darren Hayes = the super DJ of nostalgia.

  49. Светлана Найдёнова


  50. Nik A

    Для меня золотые годы это 2000-е, но от этой песни у меня также возникает чувство ностальгии! Даррен спасибо за чудесную музыку!!!!

  51. Loreine Ballon

    I love you forever Darren Hayes..

  52. KoshkaNaLadoshke

    Good God I love this man for the past 20 years and not planning to stop.

  53. Isauro Sanchez Torres

    2018 y nunca había visto este vídeo y ES DE LO MEJOR!!! Tanto tiempo perdido sin saber de esta estupenda canción de Darren Hayes.

  54. ümit gentelman67

    04.08.2018 here i am from Turkey 🇹🇷🤗

  55. neenykins18

    love this.. which Darren would make more music.

  56. Наталия Наталия

    Спасибо класс!!! 👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  57. samantha Louise

    Also love his songs / albums 💯very meanful😏👌🏽

  58. samantha Louise

    Ain't being funny he's got a look it's indescribable 😏👌🏽💯❤

  59. Aror EclecticMusic


  60. Alma Minor

    Real Míster Hayes

  61. Sue Klein

    Darren is very easy on the eyes.

  62. Sin D'Angelo

    Naming my first son after you, Darren! <3

  63. Alley COOPER

    My childhood I had the a major crush on him when I was younger lol

    R_ Wesker

    Me too!! 😂

    Annie Chen

    Same here

  64. Byronite

    ... ... 2018?

    anomimos pelado

    I like that

  65. Quattro IV

    back to me 2002.

  66. Martin Ramos

    Great song..

  67. Istvanne Gaspar

    Beautifull songs

  68. DanielXian

    As an 80s child, this is practically my theme song.
    Love me some Darren Hayes! 💋

  69. Polispast

    Даррен, мать твою, это ахуительно!!!!!

  70. shadowdasher

    Can't wait for Martha to figure out he is gay and that the bully is actually jealous of her. XD

    Mark Rodin

    I might turn gay and come out if I don't get another date!!!!!

  71. Robin S.

    Good lord the things his eyes, lips, and voice do to me 😆


    Me too...since 1997!

  72. Lifeless

    Why did u stop making song?

  73. ava2099

    I always felt dissapointed when the bad guy grabbs darren by his shirt, wouldve been better if he got ghetto or kung fu on the guys ass or at least push him away :/

    the writer in me

    Darren is peaceful and classy. When they go lower we go higher.

  74. ava2099

    Good video as well as good song :D

  75. kelman727

    Greatest song Wham! never made.

    Darren's dad is the baldie behind the desk.

    The guy that whacked him around when he was a boy.

    Nina King

    kelman727 They're were both amazing! 😁

  76. Karime Lapizco

    He is so cute love him!

  77. Yamilet Aldino


  78. Deborah Watson

    Love this.....

  79. Alisha Bouchard

    Wish they'd make a song like this about the 90s. :)

    Pritish Appadoo

    Hehehe ;-) I guess I feel kinda same about the 1990s as Darren does about the 1980s. Only the musicians I would reference would be Savage Garden, Natalie Imbruglia, Jennifer Paige, Ricky Martin and No Doubt (very different from those mentioned by Anne Marie therefore). As for TV shows, even in my late 1990s childhood I still watched 1980s stuff such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Inspector Gadget, as well as Rugrats & The Magic School Bus.

  80. Andrea Patricia Crowley

    I really love Darren style,the way he sings like if he were flirting with the camera,he looks really stunning in this video. And when he makes that rivalry with the other guy daamn he looks so fine,well the other actor isn't that ugly either. What i mean is Darren has the ability to play with the camera and make the cam loves him back as well. Also the environment is about young people having great fun

  81. Gri Kurt

    Choose Life.

  82. Nisa Benthon

    I feel old listening this song! But... man... how I LOVE IT!

  83. Alex Nic

    This is mixed differently than the album version (I guess radio edit?); think it's edited too. But never knew they made a video for it, awesome.

    Hailey Roberts

    I knew it sounded different! Is the mixing slightly different as well?

  84. Dinozinho Ph

    darren um anjo lindo, olhar divino oceano, meu viver...

  85. Ravindra Karan Singh

    Why he ditch that red dress girl 😲

  86. A Man From 80s

    i like this 80's like songs era!!

  87. HipUsername

    Whenever my bf does something that makes me mad I make him sing this song to me and he does it and it's the most hilarious thing ever because he tries so hard to hit the high notes but he can't and he's Chinese which makes it funnier for some reason and I have no choice but to forgive him it's like the key to any relationship issues yes I am drunk

    Veronica V


  88. Sybarite Sphynx

    This was (still is) my jam

  89. Mukss 79


  90. ford explore

    love this song.

  91. nunya bidness

    I didn't like this song at first. Now I love it. Funny how it worked out. Lol!!

    Raisa Cherry

    It happens to me at times like when i hear a song i didnt like initially but all of a sudden get glued to that unliked song lol.

  92. wollypollywakadoodle

    I love this video & song so much! I miss going to the arcade to play Mrs. Pac-Man & Galaga. Thanks for bringing me good memories Darren :)

  93. Ashley Elliott

    I love Darren Hayes! I remember when that album came out. I had to have it, and still have it to this day. One of my all time favorites!

    Sly Mr.Perfect

    Ashley Elliott this song brings back so many memories. The first time I listened to it was when I was in my high school.. Darren Hayes fan here

    Darya Darya

    I remember when this video came and I watch only in internet in very low quality(( because mtv in my country did not show this video