Darkwater - Alive, Pt. I Lyrics

What is there to be done
About the world today
A thousand million stars
Surround us as we lay
Turning from the light
And falling into sleep
Wondering who we are
And are we in too deep

But people everywhere
Keep falling in between
The truth will set you free
Is that reality?
Where am I coming from
Where am I going to
I will go to rest
I am just like you

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Darkwater Alive, Pt. I Comments
  1. RosstaFloss

    What an amazing way to close out the decade...just when people start to say metal is losing ground. Absolutely amazing song and album. Thank you spotify discover weekly! And most importantly, thank you Darkwater!!

  2. Ned Hook

    One of my favorite albums of 2019.! Great progressive stuff! Cheers!

  3. Victor Khonglah

    Dark water! Somewhere tucked away in my collection was Calling the Earth to Witness, something I listened to in 2010-11-12 and was hooked; I decided to listen to it again this Christmas, and now here I am! Loving every bit of Human!! YOu guys are EPIC!! BIG WELCOME BACK GUYS! Tobias, YOU killed it bro!!



  5. p jacquin

    High class

  6. Ronnie Lennström

    Ni e bra grabbar. tycker tyvärr d låter som 100 andra band !!!

  7. Paulsens Foto

    Grymt bra

  8. Allen García

    Much love for one of the greatest bands I've ever heard.

  9. Altemir Oliveira


  10. Maeguk

    0:37 according to Davie playing bass with pick is ILLEGAL. Stop that NOW else he calls the police.
    :) just joking, killer awesome song. Actually the whole album is first class! Wonderful job guys!

    Darkwater Official

    Maeguk Haha please don't tell him! And if you like this, SLAP NOW!

  11. Rodrigo Peralta

    Video 10/10
    Song 12/10

  12. Tara Murray

    Was on a trip to a friend's house several hours away and this came on as an ad. Needless to say I was rocking out big time during that drive.

  13. ivø

    This album is by far one of the best heavy metal albums of 2019, and it's in my personal top 10 albums of the year. Great work guys, respect! \m/

  14. Daniel Ritchie

    Recently bought the album and it’s really good. Definitely plan on checking out more

  15. Gustavo M. Schmitt

    this album is a masterpiece

  16. fab fab

    Awesome music and video!

  17. lukeslc

    Cause of much of the depression and anxiety today -- cell phones and social media. People are living in their own little cell phone world instead of truly interacting with others in a very personal way. This is obvious to me.

  18. Pavel Muller

    So hard to find a good band lately. Finally. Thank you guys and a lot of luck&success to you!

  19. Johan Bothma

    Emotional, thought-provoking and deep progressive metal is a nice change from the sometimes overly-technical, complicated and pretentious show-offery that the genre can produce. obviously Evergrey is another excellent band that does away with the half-dozen tempo changes and focuses on mood, overall song structure and, well...progression. Another band that, to me at least, also has been doing this really well lately is Teramaze, the song Delusion Of Grandeur from Her Halo is an excellent example.

  20. Dipo Santiko

    I have to say, the voice of the vocalist is somewhat similar to Vanden Plas'.

    Anyway, I'm glad to found another fantastic metal song to listen. Keep up the good work! \m/

  21. Rich Davis

    Guys this song and video made the hair on my arm stand up. You know what that means? The perfect song.... Amazing.

  22. vince lin

    Sweet! Another great band to check out! Great job , guys! 🔥🤘

  23. Thiago Trinsi

    man!!!!! A whole new level! What a great song!

  24. Klaus Agerbo

    Album of the year for me!
    When will you come play Denmark, Guys?


    Klaus Agerbo Thanks! As soon as we are invited ;)

  25. lucid phreak

    who are the dummies that downvoted this.... this is without the best song ive heard in so very long.

  26. Paul Daluz

    Wow!!!! This covers all bases. Heavy, melodic, atmospheric. Everything!!!

  27. Russ Stoker

    Woah!! I just stumbled into brilliance. I’ll be checking out a lot more from this band.

  28. TheLexluthier

    Kick ass. The beginning of the guitar solo definitely has some Allan Holdsworth-ish moments.

  29. Jonas Gustafsson

    Album of the year! Abslolutely amazing, love it! Great job guys :)


    Jonas Gustafsson Thanks! :)

  30. Mikael Lindell

    helt sjukt bra behöver en tröja DARKWATER111???


    Mikael Lindell Tack! Tröjor finns :)

  31. GensX666

    This track has some Seventh Wonder vibes to it. Really great!

  32. FCR Moldes

    beautiful song

  33. InvestMEN

    Oh my!! Awesome band, magic music!

  34. Lennart Tholsson


  35. date street flyers

    powerful, well done.

  36. Kory Piles

    Killer Metal in 2019!

  37. Gustavo M. Schmitt

    Epic song

  38. S j S

    Отлично шведы зажигают!

  39. Fredy Charlie Alpha

    I hear another song in Spotify and when I seek here I run into this song, a completely masterpiece.
    Including this song with Laying the demons to rest of Theocracy becomes my favorite songs. I've heard this song about 40 times.
    Beautiful. Greetings from Guatemala.

  40. Ivan Nazimov

    Album is out, but the song is still in the list of "the best of prog"... for me... for m.. f..me...FOR!!!
    Henrick, it really is! Eh?

  41. T G Bråten

    This is GREAT..!!! You`r all very clewer. Looking forward for more from you all.

  42. David Nitzberg

    awesome song...for those who get it...remember, look for the signs ...try to help...nothing is so helpless that death is the answer....NOTHING!!!

  43. Jenny

    the voice reminds me of roy khan sometimes

  44. Aleatoriac

    Beautiful music and performances!
    The lyrics are the usual death anxiety avoidance / abuse-rationalization techniques used to buttress social norms. But I can empathize.

  45. Malcolm Reynolds

    Epic songwriting. These guys are all very talented. This CD will be in my player for a long time. Fantastic stuff. Prog done right!


    Great song from an amazing album

  47. N3V3rmor365

    Stunning and so powerful!

  48. Jesse Himmelfjord

    You guys are amazing🤗🤗🤗...


    Jesse Himmelfjord Thank you 🙂

    Jesse Himmelfjord

    @henrikbath123 Dark Water...Evergrey...det bästa Sverige har att erbjuda...😊😊😊...


    Jesse Himmelfjord Tack :)

  49. Kiril Kirilov

    the best 2019 album

  50. Romdath

    wow. amazing song, amazing band. sometimes youtube autoplay does wonders :D

  51. Morbid Angel


  52. Soliter Samisto

    OMG. So powerful riffs and intresting at all levels 🎸🤘

  53. Blankfile

    Hi guys, what a great come back! Awesome song. The Henrik Bath's voice reminds me Roy Khan in some situations!

    As your former "top friend" at Myspace's times (it was 2001, i guess) I even remember that you wished me for my birthday :) Welcome back!


    Blankfile Thank you 😀 MySpace time was a good time 😊 You are most welcome to be a top friend at Facebook now if you'd like😃


    @henrikbath123 Sure my friend! I'm going to order your new album too. After listening all the published singles, it seems to be awesome ;)


    Blankfile Thanks :) Yeah well people seems to like it ;)

  54. Diavolo

    She could never see beyond
    The color of her own skin
    No matter what tomorrow brings her
    So hard to change within
    She grew up into this darkness
    It's in her mind
    In her soul
    But we can always break the silence
    No matter what we're told
    You can run and you can hide
    But remember you only have one life
    Never take for granted
    What you've got and what you're given
    I might lose and I might fall
    But I will fight against it all
    One last time
    One last try to make me feel
    He was never satisfied
    No matter how hard they tried
    But greed will always make you weaker
    So find another way
    He was taught to feed his hunger
    Always wanting more
    So much more
    But we can always make us stronger
    And change us at the core
    You can run and you can hide
    But remember you only have one life
    Never take for granted
    What you've got and what you're given
    I might lose and I might fall
    But I will fight against it all
    One last time
    One last try to make me feel
    "When we're giving up
    And when we're giving in
    And let the colors fade in this world
    We will lose it all"
    One last time...
    One last try... to feel alive
    You can run and you can hide
    But remember you only have one life
    Never take for granted
    What you've got and what you're given
    I might lose and I might fall
    But I will fight against it all
    One last time
    One last try to make me feel

  55. Thiago Monteiro RJ

    DarkBrazilWater 😍

  56. Rikslarm

    Love the song. The intro gave me DT metropolis vibes 😁 nothing bad about that. Keep up the good work guys.

  57. Shai Hijikc

    Damm, that's great! I was hoping deep that you wouldn't stop with Where Stories End... Nice work!

  58. Rafael Chavarria

    Evergrey brought me here...did not know the band, now I love this song and the album...amazing band.

  59. Daniel Redivo - Lost Divine


  60. PaulHD

    I am just thrilled beyond words :)

  61. Salad Dressing

    It's like Kamelot with more balls

  62. occidente

    Wow what a good song you released. I Love lyrics so much! God bless Darkwater.

  63. Oliver Papke KOMPONIST

    Great Work ))))

  64. Ancient Ruins Official

    Great fucken song.....iv never heard of them before....absolutely amazing! Instant classic....brilliant song🤘🤘🤘

  65. Gideon P

    This is legendary.

  66. David Nitzberg

    i love this band!!!

  67. Nj Harris

    Great song, epic music. Great comeback Darkwater! How this gained 20 thumbs down, I cannot guess. I think some saddos visit You Tube solely to just Dislike everything.


    Nj Harris They could also just be Bieber fans ;) Thanks man!

    Nj Harris

    @henrikbath123 Yup. Must be that. Wouldn't appreciate good music, even if they could recognise it! 🤘

  68. _ SifiS _

    Epic !!!

  69. Ramon Sanchez

    Really fucking amazing.

  70. Killigrew - Composer

    Love love love it!

  71. Rick Aurilio

    Perfect marriage of Dream Theater & Circus Maximus! Absolutely flawless piece of music coupled with powerful lyrics. Can't wait to hear the whole album.

  72. Memo Escobar

    A facebook ad's brought me here, It's and incredible band

  73. Enigmalake

    Knew about this band for years before the ad 😜 Cheers on one of the best songs of the year. Incredible 🤘🏻


    Enigmalake Thanks :D

  74. Keith Hobbs

    I will be purchasing this album on March 1. Freaking sounds awesome. Big fan of the earlier albums too.

    Keith Hobbs

    Ordered today from Amazon Germany.

  75. Bacher108

    Calling the Earth to Witness is probably still one of my all time favorite albums ever. So many good songs on that album. I listened to it over and over for so long. I was sad when Darkwater was absent for awhile after their second release.

    So, it's awesome to see them back in action, and honestly this song is incredible as well. It's just beautiful. Always felt this band deserves to be more popular than they are.

     Keep doing what you do guys because some of us love this shit.


    Bacher108 Thank you so much! We're glad to be back :)

  76. Telly Swain

    Had to watch 3 to 4 times to catch some of the shots... Really good filming concept.. The band sounds awesome.. Really enjoyed this video... Great message as well.. You can't run and you can't hide...

  77. Andy The Drummer


  78. Carlo Salvador

    thank you, youtube algorithm!

  79. Kristen A. Cranford

    I've just saw this as an ad last night and I already love it <3


    F*cking awesome song! Cheers from Mexico baby!

  81. Dirk

    Progressive Metal can not sound better, and beautiful melodies, not quite so tricky, amazing song, looking forward to the album


    Thanks! :D

  82. Malcolm Reynolds

    Please release a few more songs! I want to hear more of this album!


    Third single is coming this Friday ;)

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Thanks! I'm excited!

  83. Sergio Ramirez

    Primer anuncio q no le di saltar 😮

  84. Kenny Benally

    A YouTube ad brought me here. No regrets! 😲😜👍🖤

  85. Guitar Brigade

    The best youtube add!!!

  86. Lucy Harutyunyan

    Best song ever honestly


    Thank you Lucy :)

  87. Fabricia Matos Passos

    Esses caras dão uma aula, de metal progressivo!!! são bons d+

  88. Rafinhamw

    Muito bom para ser o primeiro álbum! Estou impressionado! Abraços aqui do Brasil! 🤙

    Felipe Alves de Paula

    Já é o terceiro amigo. Tem todos no Spotify.

  89. Romano LaBrie

    Zajebiste 👍


    Outstanding! A bit more technically subdued than Calling the Earth to Witness, however, equally interesting and a few notches above Where Stories End. Should the rest of the new release manage to stay on par with Alive, (part ll) no worries here! A+! Thank you gentlemen for not straying from your roots!


    Thanks! Let's hope you'll like the rest as well :)


    @henrikbath123 Heck, I'm already looking forward to your next new release. I know you guys are working on it diligently ; )
    Seriously though, in an age of electronic mus-hack and top 40 brainless fluff, your hard work is well appreciated! Have you seen this 15 year old young lady?


    FIREGARDEN Thanks man ;) Damn she's good, makes me wanna go home and never play my guitar again... ;)

  91. Venus The Planet

    such powerful vocals and nice riffs



  92. Venus The Planet

    came from an ad from everygrey new song. and I'm not regretting not skipping it!

  93. Rinascere

    Great ad YouTube! Good job kid 💪

  94. Pagan Moon

    Very goood

  95. Jonas Tamas

    Prog at its finest! I was waiting for this. Thanks guys!

  96. ヘッド修行僧

    Great song but too loooooooooooooooooooooooong!

  97. Redwind

    This is the greatest ad I've ever decided to not skip. So glad I found this band!

  98. Malcolm Reynolds

    These guys are amazing. This is top-level songwriting. Prog done right. I will have to buy this album. March 1st release date.


    Thanks man!

  99. Antonino Martins

    9 years waiting.

  100. JUDY

    Amazing, guys!!! Thanks ! Keep going