Darkwater - Again Lyrics

You made me fall again
The fear won't go away, tears never stop to fall
I made a sacrifice, I gave it all away
Shadows call again
I fight my fears in vain, I cannot stop the pain
I guess I'll live this way, until you fade away

I'm trying to forget

Oh, again and again I try
But your eyes will not leave my mind
Oh, again and again

I may seem well, I'm not
My body's just a shell for an inside hell
I am your sacrifice, you gave me all away
Take this fall, I won't
My fear may still be there, my tears still remain
But my wounds will heal, no more for you to steal

I'm trying to forgive

Oh, again and again I try
And your image will leave my mind
Oh, again and again

I guess that the remorse you feel
For what you've done
Is too strong for you to wield

Oh, again and again I try
An your image will leave my mind
So again and again I try
Your sin won't end my life
Oh, again and again (end my life)
Oh, again and again

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Darkwater Again Comments
  1. guy b


  2. Henrique Palacios


  3. caroline scabbia

    meu ex namorado q tinha me passado essa música uma vez, e eu tinha achado muito linda, vai fazer 6 anos q eu não conseguia encontrar essa música, q tempo bom q eu escutava e sei q esse tempo, não volta mais <3

  4. Mario José de Oliveira

    Maravilhosa!!!! nota 10.

  5. Dezicrator

    OMG I've been looking for this song for 4 years!! What an accomplishment to find this again! Great song. Thanks google and the power of the internet

  6. Steel Fury

    *Intensely beautiful, perfect song.*

  7. emid23

    Holy shit , remembers me to dream theater , good band good song


    Kick ass Classico

  9. David Naegele

    That band is one the best progressive metal act of the decade.

  10. David Dure

    DARKWATER - Again (Progressive Metal)

  11. mxd6

    Again is my fav of the CD!

  12. Samuel S

    I will be the first commenter here to say that Darkwater is an awesome band

  13. Elcio Santana

    Boa música!