Darkwater - A New Beginning Lyrics

Breathe and let the poison in
Inhale the words in silence
One more soul consumed by fear
You have broken every rule
You've fallen way too deep now
Just one more can bring you down
Just one more will bring you to the ground

It's been like this for ages now
The truth has been condemned into your dreams
By all their schemes
But I could never follow you
The lies you told are ripping at the seams
And the broken ones will see

So I will never fly with you
My fallen angel
I feel time is over due
For your tomorrow
This time you will see... me

You are hiding your intentions
Deceiving your own heartbeats
But I could never play that game
Wait just a minute more
Someday the truth might find you
One of these days it will be clear
One of these days all you'll hear is

(Will you) turn the page
Turn this sleeping darkness into day
Right from your grave
Will you ever close the door
And find a new beginning if we fall
So we can rise above it all

So I will never fly with you
My fallen angel
I feel time is over due
For your tomorrow
This time you will see me

So I will never fly with you
My fallen angel
I feel time is over due
For your tomorrow
No I will never fly with you
My fallen angel
I could have lived and died for you
And your tomorrow
This time I will be... free

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Darkwater A New Beginning Comments
  1. andré Perron

    Great band his voice sound like Mike Baker of Shadow Gallery

  2. Gabonzo

    This screams Roy Khan era Kamelot (in the best way possible).

  3. Alessio Monacelli

    This song is a-ma-zing!

  4. Greg Forgotmylastname

    I created the name DarkWater a few days before discovered this band. Lol.

  5. Lopyt *Sir_Guy* Music

    When Symphony X and Dream Theater unite, but without extremely fast guitar

  6. Lopyt *Sir_Guy* Music

    See, THAT is how you use a synth properly.

    Them dub guys need to get it right

  7. Manuel Rodríguez

    They sound like a better version of circus maximus.

  8. Marcelo Rizzetto

    One masterpiece!

  9. Agnaldo Oliveira

    Em vários momentos do vocal me fez lembrar do Kamelot !! Ótima banda, gostei.

  10. EC Crawford

    Thank God that GREAT music still exists!! I waited 4 years for this since "Where stories End" and was NOT disappointed. This is all I have listened to the past month. Thanks DW!! Hope you guys are touring soon.

  11. ian yeara

    Woah, this is my first time hearing these guys and they just gained a fan.

  12. k. t.

    Very cool music thanks 👊 🤘 👊

  13. N3V3rmor365

    FUCKING AMAZING BAND!!!! The singer is incredible!!!! WOW!!!

  14. Gabriel Braga

    Banda muito boa , som progressivo moderno sem muita firula ; D

    Rafael Santos

    Seventh Wonder também

  15. Ton Ringenier

    Great song! Blessings from the Netherlands

  16. Dead Light

    12 people trying to get a follow back

  17. LadyClose

    The beginning of the song is very good!

  18. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    I just heard DARKWATER tonight ,2/28/19! They are Awesome! Great band! I can imagine being awesome in Concert!

  19. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    Is Awesome! Great song! Great band! I can't wait to hear more!
    Has ALONE ABOVE EARTH heard this group yet?

    ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    How about cover song from the 80's? I would love hear you cover something from JOURNEY, but in DARKWATER style.
    No,matter what guys do you are a Kick ass band! You guys Rock!
    I have to thank YouTube,because they thought I would like you guys & I do! Great band ever!


    ROCKETJEFF Matejek the first thing we ever released with Darkwater was actually Shot down in flames by Sweet, we participated on a sweet tribute album haha I think it's on Spotify. The sweet according to Sweden :)

    ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    @henrikbath123 Awesome! I can't wait to hear more! Keep up with the great music! Have you been in South Carolina or anywhere in the USA? If not, we welcome you! (Well, I know I do!) Long live DARKWATER!


    ROCKETJEFF Matejek Thanks :) We've played a festival in San Francisco and PPUSA in Atlanta. And we'd love to come back! :D

    ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    @henrikbath123 Anytime!

  20. Thomas Tommy

    4:20 Death Note L theme anyone??
    Can't wait to buy the album

  21. Garrett Carroll

    Love those freaking keyboards and synths! And the riff is cool!

  22. Muszart

    Henrik is such a good vocalist. The band sounds so tight in this song, really good production quality too, both this and Alive PT 2. Let's all hope they don't go 8 years before the next album! It's so wonderful to have them back!


    Thank you! :)

  23. Ray Vasquez

    need more music like this

    EC Crawford

    Listen to their 1st two albums.' Where Stories End' is particularly great.

  24. Gibran Lahud



    Gibran Lahud YES

  25. Rodrigo Barrow da Silva

    Great song!!!

  26. Malcolm Reynolds

    THIS is really good! Love the keys.

  27. Ian Twyford

    Fantastic stuff! Ulterium Records, send them out on tour to the UK with Harmony and Theocracy....please!

  28. sami kuparinen

    finaly.been waiting faar too long.just great!!!

  29. Kevin PRO TRAINER

    Great prog metal song

  30. Epic Mind

    Great song! Looking forward to the album.

  31. Leonardo Silva

    Vejo muita inspiração em kamelot, gostei bastante

  32. antonio gilson cena

    Aqui em casa e dadarkwater na veia ,bela músicas.

  33. Rick I

    I just discovered Darkwater a few days ago. Let me tell you, I can't stop listening! One of the most inspiring bands I've heard in a long time. Thank you for this!

    mariusz szubzda

    Same Me. I love Dream Theater but they're better for now. The old albums are also great

    Killigrew - Composer

    I remember discovering them back in 2010 and it was nonstop listening for a very long time. Sadly they have been pretty unknown as a band for far too long. Tallest Tree from their 2007 is such a beautiful song.

    mariusz szubzda

    Agree. Tallest Tree is awesome. I just bought new album but it's available from March. So for now I think Tallest Tree is the best. By the way. They have many great songs


    Same here, in front of you was the first song I've heard from them and I love it and need more.

    Rick I

    @smokeyfrog210 Getting ready for their new album out today (I think). Hopefully going to be as awesome as the rest of their material!

  34. Véronique Leclerc

    How can you dislike this song ? :O

    EC Crawford

    If you were raised on hip hop and rap you would probably dislike this song. Thank God for these guys and continuing to provide us with incredibly good music.

  35. Dr NEH

    Reminds me of Harmony. Very nice.


    Dr NEH We are the same people most of us, I guess that's why ;)

  36. xXUnderTowerXx

    Really good band, i love this "like-Symphony-X" sound. Great Future!
    \m/ \m/

  37. Luca Schmid

    gonna Review this for metal. de this week. really lookin Forward to the promo.


    Lumiel Solfil Looking forward to hear what you think! :)

  38. Luca Schmid

    this band kinda gives me a seventh wonder vibe. i like

  39. Der Antikrist Seelen Mord

    This is incredible seems the lyrics of my life :)

  40. Rick Tilley

    Stunning - Added to the Ever Metal 2019 YouTube and February Spotify Playlists!

  41. Ricky Surya

    Love this song .. 👍

  42. eric Heinke

    Get on 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise ship


    eric Heinke We'd love to! Please let them know ;)

  43. artemorbid

    Hello guys, this is awesome. Best thing I have seen all day here on Youtube!! Keep making fantastic music.


    artemorbid Thank you!


    Awesome Song !! Can't wait for this album!

  45. Ceccez

    Awesome!!! 🤘

  46. Mcufre

    I love when a band is faithful to its essence while continuing to evolve it.

    EC Crawford

    Well said and very true of Darkwater.

  47. Tom K

    Singer sounds a bit like the old kamelot singer Roy khan


    Speaking of which ..

    He is back with his old band -- Conception ..


    @fooser77 Thank God!!!

  48. necroplastful

    Mother of power prog...

  49. maiden4 greece

    sounds good...

  50. See ker

    First- Darkwater, Second- Dream theater, Third- Sons of apollo ....from Korea

    Malcolm Reynolds

    First is Symphony X. Never forget your roots.


    Fates Warning if we're talking roots

  51. kinghanad

    for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE

    Yare Yare Daze

    kinghanad dissed that clickbait...

  52. Scott Davies

    Yes 😍 Love the keys

  53. Abinadab Vallejo Castillo

    Tiene un sonido muy parecido a Kamelot 👌🏻

  54. Ryanayr kolplok

    Another great song! I still like Alive a bit more though. This album is going to be awesome!


    Ryanayr kolplok Thanks! Let's hope so ;)

  55. Peter G

    Yeah it's just Darkwater kicking ass as usual! Fing A!!! Horns up!!


    Peter G 🤘

    Michael Fazio


  56. Telly Swain

    Yes.. Yes... I am digging this..

  57. Daиieleoиel

    Great song! But I miss the old guitar sound.

  58. Mayra Yadira Cano Ponce

    Me encanta

  59. TheOnePav

    Good music. But the lyrics make no sense whatsoever.


    Do some research on "fallen angels" ..


    TheOnePav Thanks :) I guess that depends on how you interpret it ;)

  60. Jabba The Hut

    I have been waiting for this ! WOW !! And .....ladies and gentleman ! Looks like we have one Justin Bieber fan here ....


    Jabba The Hut Haha well that's ok ;)

  61. cursecat111

    Blown away guys.Awesomeness personified yet again.I just can't wait till I get the Cd.But I'll have to LOL.❤👍👍👍

  62. Theory Of Everything

    A new Beginning ... Yesss!!!!!

  63. Olli W.

    Can't wait for the Album! Fantastic Song!

  64. Ethan Safari

    unlike the first video/ song -which was phenomenal- this one kinda has a power metal vibe to it. "Alive" is definitely my favorite so far. Thanks Darkwater \m/

  65. Joe Erigo


  66. Edison Quisiguiña

    Good song and excellent Lyric Video :)
    Greetings from Ecuador :)

  67. Timothy Issler

    Really awesome breakup/conversion/180 type of song.

  68. Danny Ruiz

    La voz es del vocalista del Harmony?? creó q es inconfundible esa voz, igual q buena pieza musical!!

    Jose Gamez

    El vocalista, guitarrista y baterista son los mismos de Harmony, son prácticamente el mismo grupo pero en otro sub-género. Y por supuesto ambos están con Ulterium Records.


    De hecho solo el guitarrista y baterista, Harmony tiene ya otro vocalista.

    Danny Ruiz

    @Daиieleoиel Eyy gracias a ambos por aclararme las dudas se vale la opinión de ambos pero a la vez me da algo de tristeza q ya no sea la misma banda aunq no dejen de hacer tan buena música...

    Hernandez Pitre

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico. Les cuento que soy rapero pues fue la musica que experimenté mientras crecía en los 80's y principios de los 90's. Uno de mis hermanos era salsero y el otro era rockero y tengo esa mezcla en mi sangre. El primer grupo que encontré de este tipo de música fue Theocracy y me sorprendió mucho y me dio con hacer más busquedas y encontré a Narnia, Divinefire, Harmony, etc. etc. Definitivamente Darkwater está en esa lista de favoritos pues Harmony es de mis favoritas. Que siga este tipo de letras con este Rock. Muchas bendiciones a todos.


    Better than DREAMshit!

    Luca Schmid

    darkwater are pretty cool, still no reason to Insult dt

    Tom K

    unneeded hate right there


    You're the only shit pile around. Gtfo bitch.

  70. kostas karageorgiou

    Amazing song 🤘🤘🤘

  71. Green apple 12

    This time i will be...FREE!

  72. Mats Andersson

    Proffessional 🤘👍❤️

  73. Green apple 12

    Perfect!!!Music ,lyrics,vocals...Bravo!!!
    This time you will see...ME👑💪!!!

  74. The Jugglernaut

    not even 5 seconds... I liked it already <3

  75. E- Chan

    Waiting for album release already! You guys rock!!

  76. Capronic2 Dethroned

    Wow.. next Harmony?

  77. Alessio Caporossi




  79. Robot Philosopher

    That solo section. Nice job my dudes.

  80. Jörgen Gabrielsson

    I press like... then i watch ... DARKWATER are allways gooooodddd shit🤗👍🏼🤘🏼Bra som fan grabbar

  81. 1deepsixxx

    rising up throughout time.

  82. SymphonyX4

    Yes! Love it!