Darkthrone - Wisdom Of The Dead Lyrics

You had Atlantis
You know that now
What can you see
From Valhalla's heights?

Perceive the glitches
Praise the glaciers
The final remnants
Of our key of greatness

You have the wisdom of the dead
These lesser lights should learn from you

Washed clean by ice
For lust our summers
For souls our winters
Until we die

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Darkthrone Wisdom Of The Dead Comments
  1. G. Boychev

    Vocals by Czral!!!

  2. T B

    what a fantastic track

  3. Balrog

    Great song. For me this is an axample of good proportion between music and vocal. These days many of black metal bands have too quiet vocals, like whispers deep under guitars. This song has shown much better way for me.

  4. Nik Red

    darkthrone is darkthrone.pssst.

  5. Hellsdrunken

    the best band of all time

  6. Sr_Piccoro_666

    @KorpiGus Thanks man !

  7. KorpiGus


    F = Fuck
    O = Off
    A = And
    D = Die

  8. Sr_Piccoro_666

    whats its " F.o.a.d" ???

  9. MrZauberelefant

    @mangler2132 I especially like your judicious use of "mainstream" and "NSBM" in the sentence. Shows what sort of expert you are...

  10. Amós Melo

    me either
    fenriz and nocturno are genius

  11. peterabelard

    awesome track, but I prefer the version from NWOBHM, it sounds a bit better.