Darkthrone - Weakling Avenger Lyrics

Weakling avenger
On grains of drain
Wielding ultimate death

Bombastic necrohell
Seeping in bitterly
Masked beast temporarily
Revealing sick fear

Templates broken
Membranes burst
Sordid spilling wound
Spineless locust embrace

Infertile foggy renderings
Sucked into the sorrowhole
Brutally avenging nothing

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Darkthrone Weakling Avenger Comments
  1. Erik the Ranga

    The clown sleeps in ths shadown of your horns all be it with witbier. Fenris is a cool radio dude though n Teddy is a bra campfire bro

  2. Strix aluco

    Underrated album!

  3. Ramiro Villalobos


  4. hambone maiximus

    ok- the intro has my rottweilers barking and growling... so this aint gonna work at 11 pm...maybe tomorrow when im welding on my custom jeep rock crawler built between shops both here in TN, and N.W. Ohio... we are, INNAPROPRE8 INJUNEARRING ... and do everything to support local bands rides and my new band...Tankard Pilot.. so ill give yer jams ago in the morn... right now its beer time !!!!and almost 11:20-lol....



    This had me Barking....

    Sciddly Boogly

    Do you realise that Darkthrone is one of the most successful if not the most successful black metal band of all time?

    Naki Value

    hambone maiximus yeah you should check out these little bands called Metallica, morbid angel, cannibal corpse,Judas priest,quiet riot,and bathory.... and one of the most small bands slipknot