Darkthrone - The Winds They Called The Dungeon Shaker Lyrics

In the depths of the underground
Through the nurseries of real metal sound
Governing the molten core
No more slavery anymore

The Winds! They Called - The Dungeon Shaker
The Winds! They Called - The Dungeon Shaker

We are older and wiser and the underground thrives
(But) posers are the same with their metal lies
In a seance of insanity with maniacal screams
Does your metal knows what metal really means?

The Winds! They Called - The Dungeon Shaker
The Winds! They Called - The Dungeon Shaker
To the Bone!

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Darkthrone The Winds They Called The Dungeon Shaker Comments
  1. ksenobite

    first copying bands like Black and Bathory and then ten albums "our metal is black your metal is weak" and some stupid garage punk metal band choruses = Darkthrone


    It all depends on wether it's done the right way or not. They do.

  2. YeshuaAlphaOmega135

    D beat masterpiece

  3. YeshuaAlphaOmega135

    Whoever thumbed down is a poser

  4. Giuseppe Cugnetto

    an asshole for the black, for the real dark throne and for their oldest listeners... It's only fucking shit

  5. Elton Araya


  6. vonsopas

    Hey darkhun thanks for this PL, fucking Spotify doesn't carry either this one nor the other crust from Darkthrone which sucks

  7. Dan Vi

    Their punk stuff is better imo

    Antonio Maslic

    your opinion sucks ass

  8. Maria de Fatima Veloso de Araújo

    ✴ Yeeaaah ✴

  9. Rolf B

    this is übernekro on so many levels.

  10. Frank Lefebvre

    Great track!

  11. Paul Blart Mall Cop

    Fenriz' vocals sound like an old Asian man xD

  12. Maggot Watchers

    The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker
    also known as
    bowel-shaking farts

  13. Ungroomed Lover

    I always have Darkthrone playing in my rape dungeon. The winds they called the rape dungeon shaker.

  14. Konstantinos Dimitriou

    "dungeon shaker moments" are epic

  15. travis bickl

    You know u should hate it.but it gets under ur skin so much. Just proper metal

    John Doe

    Why should one hate this?

  16. no elo

    awesome, but this "the dungeon shaker" moments fucking suck. still great tho.

  17. ThrashedLost

    Are you ok?

  18. Jesus Frias

    The intro is kinda has blackmetal sound and rest of the song reminds me off amebix for some reason pretty good song its a new style of darkthrone

    Antonio Maslic

    you are ignorant

  19. Andrew Anton

    ya. what you said.

  20. DagonV.Schatten

    SIMPLY GREAT!!!! always keeping the fuckin primitive essence!!!

  21. badguitar80

    does your metal know what metal really means?...classic shit fuck yes

  22. bassistdave109

    its the winds they call the dungeon shake awww you fucks the dungeon shake aww you motherfucks the dungeonnnn shake aaaaaawwwwwwwww fuckers THE WINDS...they call...the dungeoonnnn shakeee aaawwwwwww fuck off and die all of you fuck off and die!