Darkthrone - The Claws Of Time Lyrics

Trapped in the claws of time
Bone hard deathsane
Necrohated by angels
Beneath the crust, shredding moans

Pretenders of sorrow
Elder perseverance learns
Fakers of deathyearns
Killed by tomorrow

Mind spoiled, innards corrode
Merciless grind drone or die
Contradictions swirl (in) hysterical contortions
Resistance is futile

Pretenders of sorrow
Elder perseverance learns
Fakers of deathyearns
Killed by tomorrow

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Darkthrone The Claws Of Time Comments
  1. Longinus Pestis

    Endsieg Hail to Darkthrone Hail to Satan

  2. Premutheus

    Trapped in the claws of time with DARKTHRONE forever!

  3. Marcello Nicolini

    for me, the best song from Darkthrone

  4. Proda

    This might be my favorite song from Darkthrone

  5. Constant Disappointment


  6. Charles SWAG

    Rest in Valhalla

  7. mmancilla

    This band goes beyond what people think.DT

  8. mmancilla

    DT rules.

  9. -scumextinction Mayhem

    drone or die

  10. Tom H

    great riff

  11. manfrombritain

    Captain Picard's face emerging from the cold bleak forest is KVLT

  12. alejandro rodriguez

    very melodic as SUMMONING,

  13. As Pats

    Trapped in the Claws of Time
    Bone Hard Deathsane
    Necrohatred By Angels
    Beneath the Cruust, Shredding Moans

    Pretenders of Sorrow
    Elder Perserverance Learns
    Fakers of Deathyearns
    Killed by Tomorrow

    Mind Spoiled, Innards Corrode
    Merciless Grind Drone or Die
    Contradictions Swirl (In) Hysterical Contortions
    Resistance is Futile

    Pretenders of Sorrow
    Elder Perseverance Learns
    Fakers of Deathyearns
    Killed by Tomorrow

  14. -scumextinction Mayhem


  15. -scumextinction Mayhem

    definitely one of their best. and how I feel at the moment. awesome track

  16. Alx Rgz

    q buenos tiempotes

  17. Jean Carlos

    0:57 fucking awesome riff

  18. mac anto


  19. Heavy Metal Weatherman

    One of the coldest, deepest, most melancholy riffs starts this song....

    Ado Podrinje

    sounded more Immortal then Darkthrone....

  20. Frank Lefebvre

    Riffs are fucking amazing on this track!

  21. apollon 23

    best darkthrone sound production
    my favourite album

  22. apollon 23

    claws of time DARKTHRONE
    mountains of might IMMORTAL
    travels me into north

  23. TheTrinirocker

    I can listen this song for hours and not get bored...love it \,,/\,,/

  24. lucas sales

    Change to 240p to a bether black metal sound

  25. xPsychoxClownx

    you're adorable lol

  26. xPsychoxClownx

    if you don't like songs that last longer than 5 minutes you don't like music

  27. enágisma

    @LustForHate - Try Justin Bieber if 5+ minutes long songs are too long for you ;)

  28. Kristin Harvill

    This song is amazing

  29. Dan Ramos

    Badass Melody

  30. Vondur

    For some reason I never took Darkthrone seriously during this era. This actually isn't half bad.

  31. Ben B.

    my favourite Darkthrone song.

  32. James Cornell

    this is way better than brutal death metal dont get me wrong i still like death metal but this is 10x better


    stupid comparison.

  33. Svein-willy Solheim

    The dark art in it`s true sound!!

  34. willowthedamned

    fucking awesome tune...

  35. 666devilSatan

    what black metal should sound like


    666devilSatan kathaarian life code thats what black metal should sound like

    A Squid Eating Dough

    Kathaarian Life Code \m/