Darkthrone - The Church Of Real Metal Lyrics

Might of mountains, free
Blowing through the trees
Rolling down the valleys
Ten thousand years

Church Of Real Metal!

The rite of being free
Setting right to be
Climb up, reality
Ten thousand years

Church Of Real Metal!

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Darkthrone The Church Of Real Metal Comments
  1. Jonathan R

    HAIL the mighty DARKTHRONE! \m/ Long may they conquer black, punk, crust or any other genre they feel like!

  2. Charles SWAG

    Always better then Kenny g

  3. Lucas Rosa Santos

    Riff reminds me Revelations - Iron Maiden.

    Niko Nattramn

    Lucas Rosa Santos 2:00

  4. Layne Giese

    Always have to laugh at the people who hate this or say its punk, the song Too Old Too Cold is about you.

  5. Arnulfo Romo

    I fuckn love DARKTHRONE!!!

    Hannes Gunnarsson

    You are a very clever man.

    The Filthy Gypsies

    Arnulfo Romo agreed

  6. Sasquach Troll

    metal church?

  7. Al Smythe

    I love Rock 'n Roll

  8. MrRocknroller1996

    0:52 slayer feels

  9. MrRocknroller1996

    0:52 slayer feels

  10. resonantfrequency7125

    I fucking like it, I do! Yeah!!

  11. Lamech

    Why do people always have to fight? I listen to BM since 15 years now. I've had all kinds of phases. From Pagan bm through nsbm, occult bm, depressive bm, death bm, thrash bm etc etc. I tell you: You can like it or not but BM has its roots in the early thrash and speed metal music which had a lot of influence of nwobhm. Every metal listener who listens to metal long enough will appreciate the early old school music. No matter how hard you're into philosophical ideals of whatever your BM shares. Darkthrone is not a good band if it comes to songwriting but they wanna make that influence clear in their new albums. They're music has punk elements like a lot of early us thrash bands had. Theres even some nwobhm influence, a bit Venom etc. So if someone states that the Song in the video is not black metal he is wrong. There was a time when thrash, black and death (and punk to a certain degree) were all a big mashup. Listen to stuff like Mutilator, first three Bathory albums, first Kreator Album and so on. It was just extreme music and we should appreciate that. We should see more clearly that musical changes built up on one another to form something new instead of saying things like "this is not bm". If you don't like it okay, neither do i like the stuff of darkthrone. But genrefights are a thing of modern poser people and i'am sure you don't want to be part of that, right? Honor the roots and enjoy the music you like.

    Christoff Linde

    Blutroth well said \m/

    Dániel Balatoni

    Whats the matter with senseless fighting? You are a great BM fan who just wants people to get along :] hahahaha....

    James Baphomet

    While you made valid points,you forgot to mention Darkthrone's earliest works that were released at similar times ( and some demos ) much earlier than Satyricons ( also a band who's music I truly love) . Forget the stigma, ego, and debate. Darkthrone's music grew as did Satyricon's and Opeth's and the like. One doesn't stay stagnant on purpose. They didn't . For any elitist fans out there.F.O.A.D ,find Mother North and eat her with a Transylvanian Hunger before challenging a seat at the Shadowthrone

  12. HuginAndMunin

    this is more black metal than pretty much all of the modern super-fast-wannabe-satanic-blastbeat bullshit.


    +z0ttel89 agree.....fucking agree.
    to those who say "shitty punk" and shit like this.... FOAD!

  13. Görkem Göker


  14. Devill104

    indie ads on this like youtube pick a better audience

  15. ιχωρ υπανση

    Czral – guitar solo on "Church of Real Metal", backing vocals on "Wisdom of the Dead"

  16. UnsilentStorms

    Much to learn? there's nothing to learn, you fucking idiot...

  17. Anathematic667

    Shut up kiddo, you have much to learn

  18. UnsilentStorms

    This almost sounds like AC/DC meets punk. Makes me wonder why they'd make a punk song about real metal.

    Anyway, their latest album Underground resistance is much better than pretty much all their releases after most of their black metal. Definitely an improvement in their direction and musicianship.

  19. Bigglesworthicus

    This riff man
    This fucking riff

  20. Filipe El

    Their 5 albums were awsome, this is just good.

  21. Peddler

    i press the play button on this song flip to my other window and this bullshit jazz music starts playing im like wtf did darkthrone go smooth jazz or something then i flip back over to the tube and its a fucking ad

  22. Tibor Hétfejű


    Mr. Struggle Snuggle

    That's you

  23. Nathan Howard

    To be honest, I think this and Black Flags are even more old school than a lot of Second Wave stuff, this reminds me an awful lot of First Wave bands like Hellhammer.

  24. Camille Michelle

    I dig this so damn much.

  25. Garrapaterorulez

    and don't forget now "The Underground Resistance" Feb 2013... .. "to the real metallllll" \m/

  26. ~o~

    Good singer

  27. giantbeerburper


  28. Hordes Of Nebulah

    just got this cd today, i fucking love it!

  29. Adriano Wotan

    Amazing music from Darkthrone \m/

  30. Bigglesworthicus

    I don't see how fans of the older, more "kvlt" Darkthrone could have a problem with this song. The riff at 0:52 is pure Black Metal.

  31. Bleach Drinker

    Yeah and besides, you can't really sell out by incorporating elements of crust punk. Black metal itself isn't very popular to begin with, and punk is even less popular. Especially crust punk. Like you said, this is the opposite of selling out. They did what they wanted to do. Instead of conforming to the black metal status quo, they decided to try something a little different, so good for them.

  32. texasB666

    Thank you for saying that baby :-) Hope all is wel! KISS

  33. texasB666

    Along with Eyehategod, Darkthrone is the most honest metal band in the world. They really don't give a fuck what people think. They play what they want and they give us what we need, not what we want. That is art in a nutshell.

  34. ltb


  35. brian archambeault

    now this is the kind of church i can get down with!!!!

  36. thychaos

    why the fuck is there a Fred advertisement before THIS video? as if anyone who listens to this is going to be interested in that shit.

  37. johnbad1000

    darkthrone: obviously the best black metal band out there
    fenriz: god level OVER 9000


    Darkthrone just got tired of every black metal band ripping off their sound, why the fuck wouldn't they change?

  39. Pretty Normal Media

    Probably my favorite metal band of all time.

  40. Mitchfynde

    I dont think anybody gets how fucking black metal Darkthrone still is. It's just that now they're playing more first wave style instead of the Norwegian second wave style.

    Layne Giese

    Of course the guy with the King Diamond pic gets it!

  41. Iorveth

    @UnFathaMabLe black metal with a crust punk twist dude

  42. Francesca Russo

    Oh, the wonderfull thing's the guitar sound <3

  43. trydownloadingthis

    Darkthrone CDs should come with a spare pair of ears.

  44. mario64PKmetalhead

    Love all Darkthrone albums

  45. OldBoyPhilosopher

    i think its really important that one can laught at himself, but with some (not all) of their newer stuff, darkthrone just expose themself to ridicule

  46. herbstleyd19

    this song is just fucking AMWESOME!!!!

  47. HellVomit09

    @VoidOfVoid I sort of like this stuff too.

  48. FONEternal

    If you don't like this, then you have no respect for a musician doing what makes them happy. Fuck anyone who throws that 'true' shit around.

  49. D Carter

    HAIL Darkthrone

  50. Robert Blanck

    I am a member of this congregation.

  51. ronfuckinjeremy

    this album sucks idk wtf happend to darkthrone but now their newest stuff sucks