Darkthrone - Sin Origin Lyrics

Forward into this battle
That no one can win
Labyrinth trench on torn land
Sin origin, sin driven

I am of pride and contempt
A crossfire volunteer
Laughing while my world get trampled
Life is just a shadow of death

Absurd hopeless rivalry
Ubertragic trinity
The damned one, swan and sunray
Sick engine; the piston hammers away...

Unthankful future
Stands frozen in the biting winter sun
Crying as reality falls numb
Entertaining Satan on a wet electric stage

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Darkthrone Sin Origin Comments
  1. martins adins

    sin origin is serpent

  2. mmancilla

    Great!!!!!!!!!! DT RULES

  3. Arthur B.

    the best song of this great album and it's also the only one written by Nagell

    Μάριος Σίσκος

    It was written by both fenriz and ted

    Kari Rajala

    Fenriz only.

    Μάριος Σίσκος

    You are right, excuse me ;)

  4. anita b

    maybe it's just people are underestimating people's ability to estimate...or maybe just listening to those crossover nu metal little punks... underestimated? not by anybody worth mentioning!!!

  5. Alen picklerstickler

    They have so many albums out now, and every one of them is so perfect in so many different ways. THATS WHY DARKTHRONE IS THE DARKEEST PIECE OF BLASPHEMY TO EVER COME OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF NORWAY

  6. GrimRavisher

    True, and this is one of their underestimated albums, but still perfect. There is no other black metal band of such majesty.

  7. kketokommasou lae

    The whole discography of Darkthrone is a piece of ART

    Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly

    actually it's multiple pieces of art