Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness Lyrics

Impersonal whirling clinical hate
Abrupt irritation morphed (into) anger
Pounding exploding ravishing grimness
Genes drenched in ferocious wrath

Chronic deviant mood reactions
Vindictive instincts greeted with glee
Completely born and built to loathe
A dreary hell's in store for me

Ripping cruelty the only ability
Black hole soul high on hostility
Unearthly rush of misanthropy pure
For this I'll burn in hell for sure

Chronic deviant mood reactions
Vindictive instincts greeted with glee
Completely born and built to loathe
A dreary hell's in store for me

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Darkthrone Ravishing Grimness Comments

    I'M FAN OF DARKTHRONE FROM 1995 !!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘



  3. Alex Raven

    Is it True Norwe Svartt metal?

  4. Krypt Crawler

    The Claws of Time!! 🤘😈🤘

  5. Sowilo R

    I think it's without a doubt their most underrated album, so many cuts deliver the goods. Can't wait until I own my own house in the woods and can take in this album in solitude.

  6. Informative purposes only

    BM + Doom = Bloom metal

  7. Guilherme Gatti


  8. Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    The mid period of Darkthrone is very underrated

  9. Myrkviðr Dark Forests

    The Claws of Time is my favorite track off this whole album.... And Ravishing Grimness is my second.

  10. David Little

    top notch gloom here at a very overlooked period of musical maturity for these icons

  11. Guanaco 503

    Good album

  12. ricardo vargas

    This is a great album, total death is shet

    Skul Krüsher

    Dude Total Death rules

    Kaan Cankur

    Total Death is masterpiece.

  13. Empyreal War Demon

    That riff @2:30 gives me goose bumps on thy flesh. Such a killer jam🤘🏻☠️

  14. Thiago Barbosa da silva

    Espancamento total

  15. D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    The last DARKTHRONE album which i really liked! After that i quit following them.Really obscure and raw production.

  16. Frode 788

    Painfully underrated Darkthrone album. Best albums of 1999 with Rebel Extravaganza (Satyricon) & IX Equilibrium (Emperor)

    christian chrissi

    Not to forget IMMORTAL at The Heart of Winter

    Frode 788

    Yes, it´s great album too

  17. Евгений

    Лучший их альбом!

  18. Trevor Bentley

    in my top five albums of 1999

  19. Night Audit

    The downtempo nature of this album is what makes this album one of their best imo

  20. Sean Jones

    When I first got this I was still hung up on the TNBM Darkthrone but years later I re listened to it and this is probably the last great DT album in my opinion

    Mercyful Mike

    Check out Sardonic Wrath

  21. C Ho

    Thanks to this post. Am beginning to love this album more and more. I come to the computer and put this on! Ravishing GRIMNESS is Singapore!


    One of the most random comments of the week, good job ;)

  22. Ado Podrinje

    perfect soundtrack for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT

  23. EvilHammer 03

    Eternal Masterpiece

  24. matt carter

    is that patrick stewarts face on the cover?

    Russell Mcgurn

    matt carter Methinks its Angus Grimm!

  25. DreamMasterASMR

    This ungodly gem is SO fucking underrated!! 😬💔

  26. arseripper666

    jean luc picard - Tabarnac!

  27. atomix

    Ravishing Grimness is love sond

  28. Maroš Goč

    ive never really realised the quality of the album...now i finally became an adult...this album is a beast!

    Ado Podrinje


    Worldin Pains

    A true Beast indeed

  29. Alexsandre de Lira Silva

    Very, very good. Greetings from Brazil.

    Igor Tessele

    Brazil tem bom gosto caraleo (poucos hehe )

  30. Zachary Dixon

    This is good but not as good as the new Kidz Bop record

  31. Hannes Gunnarsson

    Outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. tatonghudas

    Those kinky whips lol

    Jordan Dufault

    tatonghudas turned me on

  33. George Krutz

    Hearing this for the first time and fucking loving it................

  34. Dragon Solitaire

    Très bon pour me mettre de bonne humeur le matin

    TeenYogn Pyanee

    Dragon Solitaire et pour dormir la nuit ? 😊 comme d'habitude dans mon cas

  35. W.H.J. van Burken

    Awesome album, allthough mostly mid-tempo. ;-)


    The sweet riffs make it happen tho

  36. Bianca G. BK.

    When you listen DT and want set fire the church of your town. :)

    sassu wunnu

    You never set fire on your bbq 😝

  37. Lex Beltran

    Celtics Frost worship. DT play true Norwegian black metal!

  38. thePhantomWizard

    one of my favorites