Darkthrone - Raised On Rock Lyrics

Raised on Rock

[?] propaganda mode!

You have nothing in common with me
You think old-school is 1993
Ha! I've been a thrasher since '84
And almost nothing sounds true anymore

I've made my own code
Sold my soul to Manilla Road
Modern metal I don't give a fuck
Uh! I was raised on rock

It went plastic since '94
Oh my god, you're such a bore
If you don't understand what I mean
Well fucking listen to Venom's "Acid Queen"

I've made my own code
Sold my soul to Manilla Road
Modern metal I don't give a fuck
Uh! I was raised on rock

Let the streets burn!

Raised on Rock!

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Darkthrone Raised On Rock Comments
  1. Prune Tracey


  2. rodoxxs

    Modern metal I don't give a fuck...

  3. Mihajlo Mitrović

    This was inspired by the Scorpions.

  4. Orion

    "I made made own code. Sold my soul to Manilla Road!"

    Max Rabid

    modern metal I don't give a fuck


    @Max Rabid ugh I was raised on RRRROCK

  5. Francesca Boccaccio

    Dirty street metal for true dirty rokkkkers only, god damn it!

  6. Zeke zemmer


  7. cam rock

    Hesh Law! Russell muscle!!!

  8. Secret Secretsson

    this is awful

  9. Mad Michael

    He's talking about cradle of filth isn't he? :P

  10. M. P.

    I thought they covered Scorpions.

  11. M. P.

    I understand whet they aim at, but this sounds like shit. No power behind the drums.

    Dingar Phug

    Tromm Norse just cuz the drums are that powerful doesn't mean the song is shit wtf?


    I was raised on rock!

  13. vlado94infinity

    Venom's "Acid Queen" is in the recommended videos lol.

  14. Metal United

    modern metal, i don't give a fuck....

  15. low mids

    666 likes at this moment

  16. Fenrisúlfr

    Goddammit, this is so fucking perfect.

  17. stazz316

    ffs this is so fucking good

  18. sandro carvalho

    Uh I was raised on rock!

  19. Gabriel Rearte

    Pure harsh, raw, heavy and chaotic metal

  20. Ingrid Diaz

    "You have NOTHING in common with me! "

    Diego Horta

    yes I do

    Alessandro Coppola

    "You went plastic since '94"


    Fuck you plastic Modern metal...

    Eduardo Díaz

    "You think old school is 1993!"

  21. Dante Alighieri

    Fuck the corpsepaint! Only true Norwegian copses!

  22. Hank Hill


  23. Sammi Curr

    the right to rock!!! Hail Darkthrone to the death!!!

  24. Sammi Curr

    wtf? lemmy is lemmy and fenriz is fenriz, don't say bullshit

  25. paulitanpaul4

    hesh law!!!!!

  26. Mof Buden

    i like lemmy and respect his work..but for me Fenriz is better

    Jof Mar

    Even fenriz would laugh at this

  27. Sobafreak

    More than that I guess, in no particular meaning.

  28. Tyler Farrow

    get it? raised on rock! lol

    crack kills

  29. Garrapaterorulez

    I was raised on rock... Goddammit!

  30. munsunsnight

    KEEL brought me here and it rules!

  31. SwissCheese667

    ME TOO MAN ! Hahaha thanks Fenriz !

  32. Svart Til Helvete

    WTF? No, he is the better Lemmy ;D

    Darkthrone are fucking awesome!

  33. illbelurkin

    hesh law

  34. DAOR3194

    but extract what kind of modern metal?, like shitty metalcore?... thats good

    Hellknight Mordred

    DAOR3194 and modern death metal. Fucking plastic garbage.

  35. dare wolf mc crooger

    after you dig your own grave its less scary huh? the fact that you can walk away from it is good;)

  36. csehszlovakze

    fuckin' listen to Venom's Acid Queen!

  37. George Cornwell

    man hesh law in general was a fucking gnarly video

  38. lucifer hammer

    fenriz vocal style to me shares similarities to chainsaw's vocals

  39. Dennis Grießner

    modern metal, i dont give a fuck!

  40. BloodySabbath84

    Thanks to Fenriz and this song I loved Darkthrone and discovered Manilla Road... Listen to "Necropolis" by Manilla Road... SO FUCKING EPIC!

  41. MelinusMargos

    fuckin' manilla road! gods of all metal

  42. Brad Nailling

    These lyrics basically say everything that needs to be said about modern metal. For darkthrone though, ill bet its a statement to the the second wave of bm copycats with no heart for it that have plagued the genre for years. haha.

  43. Thee Trashman

    i agrno need for thatee with you, except for the drugs, no need for that bullshit! vodka all the way! :)

  44. Sal O


  45. K. Piklas

    Αληθινό μέταλ γαμώ!

  46. morticiancorpse666

    the next thing i did after this song was venom's acid queen now i know what he mean....

  47. svoboda73

    @MayhemOnMars pity man there are thousands: Behind Enemy Lines, After the Bombs, Wolfpack, Atoritar, Amebix, His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Insuciety, Warcollapse, Sanctum, Pisschrist, Terrorizer, and thousands amazing more bands......more punk or metal or crust but all great just put some on u tube or myspace u ll find many more

  48. svoboda73

    @00speedfreak i do not agree on the gay issue as am anti racist and long term punk listener. for the rest u re right. groups are famous and suck as shit. punk hard core crust metal that is what i grown up with

  49. Vondur

    @madthrasher1 MTV hasn't shown many music videos for at least 15 years ......

  50. paulitanpaul4

    bridge law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. ThorgalsWalhalla

    this song makes my dick "raise like a rock"!

  52. SupremeBlasphemer666

    @00speedfreak It seems he's a Nargaroth fan dude, so don't bother on replying to him ahahaha

  53. seuchomat

    Darkthrone makes me raise my fist up into the air.

  54. C.Nocturnospoko


  55. crowbarftw

    @Ronositi I can't believe your mother thinks anything about you is good whatsoever.

  56. Varun Shenoy

    I Feel sad for people who does not understand Manilla Road for which Darkthrone made their own code!!

  57. Ziya Aypar

    Punk = Sex Pistols, Killing Joke, Exploited, Anti-Nowhere League and Chaos UK, feel free to add more from the same era.

    Beams From Daath Sun

    Ziya Aypar GBH and Uproar are fucking killer shit. Dont forget GG Allin.

  58. LordNothing

    @00speedfreak damn, what a good post! the sad thing is that if you say punk, kiddies and ignorant masses think of blink 182, green day and that shit instead of discharge, amebix , gbh, misfits, etc. (not a big fan of punk though, but i definitely agree with you, the attitude and aggression on early punk music is primordial to metal).

  59. Ronositi

    I can't believe people think anything about this is good whatsoever.

  60. texasB666

    Darkthrone makes me smile :) I'm 25 and i'm an all school son of a bitch. I'd take Sabbath, Frost, Zappa, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Crass, Beefheart and fuckin' Darkthrone over all the plastic shit-scene. I can't stand music like Avanged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Nickelback, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, and all the metalcore Pantera-rip off shit. FOAD!

  61. MrZauberelefant

    @bassistdave109 went straight from the world´s most hated band to the world´s most FOAD Band

  62. bassistdave109

    @poorsod3 k this is a band no one can critique sorry man these guys are fucking veterans they know exactly what they are doing with their writing there is no improving for a band like this

  63. Neraxia

    "I've made my own code
    sold my soul to Manilla Road"
    Pretty much sums it up.

  64. Michael Zervas

    guys.. the Title of this Song SAYS EVERYTHING... Darkthrone is the most true band ever made. I support them alot

  65. csehszlovakze

    @666deathghost If I remember correctly, the 1st wave (Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Tormentor etc.) didn't have any special goal just to sound more extreme than the predecessors (and they still were great btw).

  66. thenewaeon

    I'm glad people are crying because the last few albums aren't fucking Transylvanian Hunger. I'm glad that you hate this. That's the fucking point. Darkthrone has the balls to go in an unpopular direction and play whatever they want.

  67. kketokommasou lae

    look the soldier has a death-lock hairstyle!!!

  68. Moonblood3530

    Creature hesh law baby

  69. brutalictesku

    This isn't even good punk either black metal. Sucks

  70. Varun Shenoy

    If you still don't understand what I mean ??
    Then Fuckin' listen to Venom's "Acid Queen"
    haha gotta llove Fenriz !!

  71. Queen Elizabeth

    i'm not a big fan of norwegian extreme metal bands.,, but this one really rocks!!!!

  72. SophusAnimo

    We sold our souls to Manilla Road

  73. Translucent Nick

    this is heavy metal as I grew to like it - production with personallity, originality and guts - maybe I'm a little bit of old for stuff like Distrubed and new Metal like this - but after all, every generation has it's own heroes - when I was yougher, we had Saxon, Maiden, Metallica, Manowar etc., and the older (hard rock/classic rock) guys would tell us that we are listening to shit:D
    the cult is alive \m/

  74. bassistdave109

    oooouuuuu I was raised on FUCKING ROOOCCCKKKKhhh!

  75. Oscar Lopez

    @deusfistofeles thanks

  76. deusfistofeles

    @LilReaper608 F.O.A.D.

  77. Oscar Lopez

    what album is this from?

    Damon Noble


  78. Rare Pepe

    Acid Queen in the suggestions bar. Fenriz is influencing the people of Youtube.

  79. 1sky1


  80. Casper Leijen

    @1Sky1 Punk? Are you a goddamn idiot? This is blacknroll dude, black metal and rock n roll.

  81. bassistdave109

    everytime someone i know asks if i want to go to a fuckin children of bodom show or a band similar to them the first thing that pops into my head is.. oooouu!! at exactly 2:01

  82. PeterSteelePowerINC

    No corpsepaint, NO FUCKING BULLSHIT

  83. 1sky1

    Punk + Black Metal? Eww! Gross!

  84. MalinowyChrusniak

    @dandarata You're Right !!! only MR and V

  85. MalinowyChrusniak

    Manilla Road !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Avatar Korra

    Song makes no sense, but its good. I never really liked Darkthrone, then again, I always prefered Death Metal over Black Metal.

  87. JayTheHelmetGuy

    Creature Hesh Law

  88. bassistdave109

    man these guys know how to put a comical twist into the shit they make right onn fucking rights

  89. NitziSkullkrusher

    @satansprick13 you think you are the birth of wisdom huh? 28 years old (at least you claim it) and still behaving like an infant! Don't you realize that all the bands that you consider as "true" black metal got their roots in bands like mercyful fate and venom among many others?! Your comments are a perfect example of a big-mouthed guy full of arrogance and a total lack of brain. You do not know shit about your scene, and by the way, "fatass" götz from RH-Magazine, as you called him, owns you!!!

  90. csehszlovakze

    fucking listen to Venom's Acid Queen! \m/

  91. Pablo García

    Darkthrone are the perfect example of "I play whatever I want and still ruling".

  92. sikkerhetsnaal

    @satansprick13 u care 2 much

  93. aporia82

    well we already had misfits, the horror punks. now we also have darkthrone.

  94. GorillionDollarExtreme

    @mangler2132 lol, nice comparison. And you can go listen to cradle of filth now.

  95. Tyler Kurtz

    lol why is that warewolf wearing armor


  96. Francisco Javier

    @moremoxi not "metal", "modern metal"

  97. SwissCheese667

    "Let the streets burn!!!"

  98. Anton Mezmerist

    killer, killer, killer!!!
    Fenriz never disapoints me, every time he shows us that he is a true rocker with so many good musical tastes.
    Up the metal punks!!

  99. MockEmpire


    I almost got baker acted last week listening to GISM on headphones while drunk in public. rode a bike around my town, stopped in front of the SHELL station, put my bike in the turn in lane and just started flicking everyone off who drove past, it was fucking awesome, some cops came and sat me down and just let me go.. cool