Darkthrone - F.O.A.D. Lyrics

If you think my castle
Is built on sand
Well bring on the tides
You can fuck off and die

If you think my patience
Is ocean vast
Or river deep
You can fuck off and die

Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!!

If you think my pain
Is well preserved
Then go ahead and try
You can fuck off and die

Fuck off and die!!!

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Darkthrone F.O.A.D. Comments
  1. Rafael Gama

    Hell yeahhhh 🤟

  2. Justin Widle


  3. Trevor Philips

    Blackened Crust Punk

  4. Marcel Van Sauce

    I don''t want to like. There are 666 likes :(


    black punk metal !!!

  6. Amauri Oliveira


  7. DettMetal

    What a killer album!! Hands down for this epic vibe!! Cheers from Brazil!!

  8. James Cummings

    Fenriz rules

  9. Petr Sajdeman

    Canadian Metal!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Igor Bojceski

    R'n'R till Death...............

  11. shane lauer

    Looks like I have three more ads.

  12. shane lauer

    How does everyone like what youtube has done? Can’t even watch the videos all the way now. Feb 14 2019. See the dots as the timer goes on? Those are the bastard ads so you’ll pay for premium! Go corporate shit!

  13. shane lauer

    Has the King joined Dark Throne? Badass! I know..... He has not joined but man that would be awesome if they did some stuff with Kim Petersen from King Diamond and Mercyful Fate!

  14. Om Sadasiva

    Unholy trinity is the best

  15. J K

    Darkthrone always has the best production in metal! It's so rare to see such a long running band not fall victim to over-production. Most old bands try and get "with the times" and beef up their sound, and the intensity and soul gets lost... but with this band you know every time they release an album it's going to have that sick, razor sharp 80s underground sound, full of raw energy and atmosphere. No compromise. Love it!

    Simon Maguire

    Without repeating themselves. They are just fucking awesome


    J K 👍

  16. Fabian Pereira

    Que buen disco, saludos desde Bolivia!

  17. René Héroux


  18. Konsciousness

    17 worthlessouls of musik thumbs down so far 2 this channel i c......

  19. LeeLicious

    These ads are killing me

  20. Jan Nacif


  21. MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte

    _my insomnia_

  22. mamis999

    Shit music for shit people.These are the most poser band ever.

  23. Isaac B

    I honestly love every single Darkthrone album. This one fucking rules!

  24. Bardr Nadstadt

    yeah 2007! #awesomecover!

  25. Dhieen

    wow crust and black metal... its so cool to see darkthrone doing this!

    Lycanthropic Rex

    I always got the same vibes. I know crust punks that dig darkthrones later material, but ive always been told its referred to as "black n roll."


    Logan costello well black metal has a punk vibe

  26. Wilson Kran Junior

    This album is a exelent deram top from this kids. Its for u... enjoi

  27. Alexander Borisenko

    и эти спопсились

  28. Amauri Oliveira

    a fusão perfeita do BLACK METAL com o PUNK

  29. Charles SWAG

    Way fuckin better then the shit that play today blasphemy

  30. mmancilla


  31. Rob Con

    Very interesting to see the change in style over all their material from streaming over the past 3 days. I like it

  32. neiker234

    One of my favorite albums.

  33. belia1313 Lastes

    Hei \m/


    Hei på dei \m/

  34. MKeliminator

    Ska ikke æ være akkurat den, men dæven kor mange som kjøre med FOAD

  35. Hannes Gunnarsson


  36. starkiller_alex

    Why is this album not on Spotify


    'cause spotify can fuck off and die

    imi dan

    fucking buy the album ,fuck spotify,nerver used it never will


    when did you get you're period? can you put a cd or an lp in your phone? not i didn't think so, unless you team up with Nokia and make a phone which can play cd's you can, you guessed it Fuck Of And Die.


    'cause is Darkthrone fuckin' idiot!!!!

    Matt Unkovich

    Buy a CD an rip it to a computer and drag it on your phone. Sure it's more troublesome, but it supports the artists way more. Streaming fucks underground artists over big time since it gives them hardly any return.

  37. restauracion patrimonial

    awante darkthrone chuchetumaire

    julian suarez

    Aguante Darkthrone Hijueputa !!