Darkthrone - Divided We Stand Lyrics

Divided we stand
Knucklescraping pain
Unlocked and insecure
To be all open wounds

Down there I see you
No no, further
Feebly twinkling
Stellar filth
Redeemers wacked up like suicide

I'm out of my cage
No time for scars now (I'm being fed)
Brigades of contempt
Maximus Lord of Lies

Curling up
For (the) ironic residue
Feebly twinkling
Stellar filth

How many hasn't cursed the wall...
How many hasn't cursed the wall?!

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Darkthrone Divided We Stand Comments
  1. Justin Widle


  2. claudie unas 666

    thanks / m

  3. Live Fast or die

    This shit rapes your neck

  4. AeylyeA

    Not so divided he is wearing a Satyricon shirt for crying out loud?? Who is divided anyway? Maybe my brain is.

  5. Sweet Leaf_48

    What album is this from?

    Lucas Sales

    Hate them

  6. David Arriaga

    Love doing Acid and listening to BM

  7. Nicholas L

    Fuck I love the d beat drumming in this!

  8. DeadEndKing

    I've noticed lately Darkthrone have a lot of songs/titles that pair well with the current political strife going on in America....this track in particular, Hate Is The Law, Atomic Coming, Information Wants To Be Syndicated..... \m/

  9. Luisa Fernanda


  10. Eric Flavio 13

    Provoking Judas Priest kkkkk
    ( United we stand )

  11. rodolfo fraga

    Maximuuuuussss loooooord oooof lieeeesssss !!!!

  12. Noah Booth

    CANADIAN METAL was inspired by SLAUGHTER, no doubt[gwenstefaniFOAD......]

  13. Varg Laiho

    i suckcocks

    Willem Dafuck?

    We know.

    Edgardo Hermosilla

    fucking great

  14. Heidenrache

    that pink floyd reference

    Garl Gamp 237 doom

    Heidenrache together we stand divided we fall

    Diego Lobo

    It's a Roman Empire reference. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divide_and_rule


    I dont listen to PF all that much, can you tell me what the reference was?

    Uts Wem

    @PRATIK1900 the (great) song hey you

  15. The Reaper

    Great !

    Ali Jr.

    The Reaper Altars

  16. trond egil Johansen

    perfect for BLACK friday!

  17. John Lause

    666th like by me hails

  18. Romero Rebelde

    so what album does this song belong in?

    Romero Rebelde

    @***** thank you

    Azazel Acheron


  19. Mauro Rodrigues

    É do c****** muito bom

  20. Dextomus

    Lenge leve de store helter!

  21. DEAD



    Masterpieces !!!
    Cheers from Morocco 

  23. undergroundchurch yves

    guitar sound is super

  24. smokinghotgamer

    when I don't like an album on the first listen, I say it'll change later.
    Damn right!


    yeah thats true

    Aaron Blashyrkh

    Yeah Rust is one of their best songs and entire album is fucking great

  25. Agent of Chaos

    Fucking black metal punks

    Agent of Chaos

    @Night Forest Ale ja cytowałem wywiad Blasphemy dla Thrashem All. Sami tak mówili. Wzorowali sie na GBH - punkowej legendzie z UK.

    twuj miły kolega maciej

    No to git, mogli się wzorować, ale przecież ten ruch jak i Blasphemy się z punkami nienawidzą. Co do gbh to ja nawet trochę słuchałem swego czasu, nawet tam jakichś exploidetów czy innych.


    ze słów varga wynika że w pierwszej fali blacku górowało przekonanie nacjonalistyczne, nienawiść do globalizmu i obcokrajowców - np. Hellhammer chodził z naszywką whitepower. ideologicznie daleko temu do punku ale muzycznie jak najbardziej a szczególnie proste bicia perki

    Black Metal Troll

    More like Black Metal Nerds.

  26. walter ferrero

    aguante el black metal !!!!

  27. Lord Saravoth

    It's Fenriz!


    On drums, yeah.

  28. jasong428

    I reckon plenty of the other hilllbillies in these hollers prefer Transylvania Hunger and Preparing for War, but as a total album I think Hate Them is just as good and way better than all of the new "rock n roll" DT albums.

    Sygg K Nielsen

    You from the Blue Ridge?

  29. headsplode

    No such thing as black metal community. Black Metal shitstorm maybe...;)

  30. Juan Manuel

    2:55 Who is he? Where and when the photo was taken???????


    LoL Stuff its Fenriz, the photo was taken in their rehearsal place you can see it in many videos. When i have no idea.

  31. Ramos Lucas Lucas

    true norwegian cult for black metal

  32. Kade Kelly

    i couldn't agree with either of you two more

  33. wjc133

    Well said..

  34. blackpagan100

    I wouldn't call these "people" the BM community, real fans enjoy debating the music/bands. Those that write childish insults to each other seem only interested in presenting themselves as tough while remaining anonymous. To me, they completely miss the point of this music/genre. It seems more about their own ego.


    you know nowadays exists more mainstream "fans" than real..

    Austin Ennis

    "It seems more about their own ego"
    *implies that these people are actually "people" and puts them below the black metal community*
    *pretends to be tough by putting them down again with the no true scottsman argument*
    *calls the other side childish while complaining about the other side just trying to be tough*


    The original comment is true though.

  35. MrChiefcrit

    The energy, damn. Love it.

  36. Rockhardt

    I guess it's too deep and nekro for me.

  37. Svein-willy Solheim

    You dont understand it...

  38. Mof Buden

    just shut a fuck up...

  39. Wasicu

    which interview is it?

  40. LordNothing


  41. joseph bvr

    Punk bitch i would rather kill you and your family, come to Portland,OR maggot

    Sygg K Nielsen

    Lol, we got another Antifaaaaw bullfruit in hnyaw

  42. joseph bvr

    Is that a band?

  43. Rockhardt

    I'm not making fun of him, he's my favourite person in Metal probably.
    But I mean honestly... I think he's a little bit uncomfortable with playing live at least. For numbers of reasons.

    You have to agree that their three most recent albums would be perfect live music.

  44. WolfiAUT

    One does not simply make fun about Fenriz!

  45. joseph bvr

    Thanks for the references bro! I will check

  46. Rockhardt

    Cute. Maybe you should write a long text about how true and kvlt things are?

  47. Rockhardt

    Oh look. Another little angry badger Black Metal "fan."

    unnamed bear

    Olmai Algovuovdi

    Nice name, are you actually Lappish?

  48. WolfiAUT

    Idiot, go fuck yourself!

  49. Rockhardt

    Probably just stage fright. lol

  50. Rockhardt

    Their 2010 album Circle the Wagons is my favourite of all time, at least right now.
    My favourite Black Metal album by them is probably Sardonic Wrath, as with CtW... at least it is right now.

  51. Eisteufel666

    szatan szatan u hu hu hu

  52. joseph bvr

    I just cant get into darkthrone, any other band recommendation ''Black'' metal lovers?

  53. WolfiAUT

    Watch fenrizs interview!

  54. WolfiAUT

    Fenriz just don't want to be a bitch. And he's damn right.

  55. Joe Kent

    I agree 100%. Joe Kent is def an idiot. No doubt about it.

  56. kingrudiger

    From your other trolling I assume by K you mean Korn. You are an idiot. Your trolling is amusing, but you are still very much an idiot.

  57. Joe Kent

    lol…yes the people are funny. Darkthrone are awesome….but not as heavy as K…… lol

  58. Arkona 1168

    Check out Sadistic Intent - Condemned in Misery. Especially from 0:43. It sounds very similiar to this one.
    Also there is an interview with Fenriz wearing their hoodie ; )

  59. Existential Outrage

    Norse Black Metal? lol

  60. Aleere

    @kokorozz no i didnt dislike it...how could anyone dislike this? if you took a look at my page you would have known that i would not have done something like that...

  61. Bentelyon

    I'm out of my cage, No time for scones now!!!

  62. Michael Zervas

    @XxsorgxX you FUCKTARD disliked it?

  63. David M.

    @TheBloodtearz I thought emo's moshed...

  64. Aleere

    i love how there are zero dislikes for this song

  65. Josh Chivers


  66. erick91402

    Divided we stand!

  67. MusicDarkness

    yeah good song