Darkthrone - Det Svartner Nå Lyrics

Trilingual babel bastards
Hate at first sight
Cryptic blame enhancer
Onto greyer pastures

Hail Hail onward Hail

Agnostic results from Satanic wombs
Satanic results from Agnostic wombs

Det svartner nå
Lindringen slutter
Lindringen avtar
Lindringens endelikt

Blazing azid
Devoid truth
Don’t drink the water, they are rating you
Suicidal wrath on broken glass

Onward hail

Det svartner nå
Lindringen slutter
Lindringen avtar
Lindringens endelikt...

Agnostic results from Satanic wombs
Satanic results from Agnostic womb

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Darkthrone Det Svartner Nå Comments

    I'M FAN OF DARKTHRONE FROM 1995!!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  2. Osawldo ætlinger


  3. the pact

    Hate at first sight luv it

  4. Morten Bjøntegård

    Listen to your own music!! This is for Norwegians!

  5. NostalgicDays88

    The transition and back to the crust punk roots.

  6. assurdo888

    Trilingual Babel bastards, hate at first sight...WORDS TO LIVE BY! Anti-nwo from the darkside. Not all the dark side is pro-illuminati of course. Defeat the Babel tyrants. Onward hail!

  7. jumpfart666

    Bought this bitch when it was released great album

  8. Ehecatl Nineninenine


  9. Remco187

    4:13 Fenriz on fire

  10. Scott154d

    Onward to greener pastures!

  11. Stigma

    True Norwegian Black Metal! Onward hail!

  12. Antonio Fierro Dueñas

    Amazing !!!

  13. Tiger Mane

    the first track is so heavy- stay dark

  14. Tiger Mane

    this is a good slab of metal

  15. Animus Silica

    Truest of true.

  16. TheSubwayMustango

    Necrolust intro lol

  17. Jokke. K

    only true necroblack band, worhhip him and enjoy

  18. Necromancer666

    Riffs are awesome their lyrics are nothing special at all.

  19. lilith satanismybitch


  20. Brat Moj

    This is some serios shit..... Wasted minutes >.>

  21. IntoxicateDead

    Dont Like It?

  22. Pretty Normal Media

    Death, black, speed, punk, Darkthrone's done it all. Not a stinker in their whole catalogue.

  23. Renato Isufaj

    their last great BM album ( at my opinion )

  24. Schall-Rauch

    @NapalmDude13 taste's like Nutella.

    Nutella ist Krieg.

  25. Huw Perry

    Riff from about 1:40 is epic!

  26. turd

    Love this song.

  27. Imiface

    One of my favourite song from this album.

  28. NapalmDude13

    this is true black metal....
    you can almost taste the hate....

  29. The True Gambrinus

    da paura