Darkthrone - Canadian Metal Lyrics

Sex With Satan the loudest song
Sounds like a hammer from hell
Pyrokinesis and Take This Torch
Sounds that fill me with no remorse

Canadian Metal

Whimsical Uproar, Tortured Souls,
For these fuckin' sounds my angry heart calls
Canadian metal, just obey
On your weak sounds (new plastic metal) we will prey...

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Darkthrone Canadian Metal Comments
  1. Jack Brown

    I typed in Canadian metal looking for Canadian bands and this came up hahaha great song

  2. Martin Wilhelmsson

    I like Canadian Metal and Darkthrone, eh

  3. Scara McNamara

    i'm not your friend, buddy

  4. 0ktober

    0:42 sounds like a slow and evil version of Rock n' Roll Gas Station.

  5. Charles SWAG

    Fenriz loves his Canadian METAL

  6. Coldacre


    Eίναι τρελός ο Γεωργιανός


  7. Jonathan BarSela

    Canada has both the most sophisticated Thrash bands like Annihilator and Voivod and the most straightforward Speed bands like Anvil and Exciter.


    pffft i do agree that Canada has the best thrash metal band but its not amongst the ones you named because the best one is called Anonymus

  8. Count Vlad

    canadian fucking metal uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhh

  9. Broken Bone

    Sorry ehh...

  10. Kenneth Allore

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who like Crust/Speedthrone

    Cody Southwind

    Fuck off with your labeling nonsense its black metal.

    Cody Southwind

    Its black metal moron one of the original Norwegian black metal era. Some fucking hipster eh!

  11. Alexander Tuma

    im from rural Canada and the winters are Black as fuck

  12. Ra Pariah

    Razor, Sacrifice, Exciter, Deaf Dealer, Sacred Blade, Thunder Rider, Voivod, Piledriver, etc, hail Canadian Metal! The sound of True Metal runs in Canada

  13. Ramiro Villalobos


  14. Bandit Keith

    Fuck canada, we used to be hard as fuck, swearing tree cuttin beer drinkin hockey playing tough sons of bitches, now the whole country is entirely liberal assholes that are in love with welfare like "free" healthcare.


    Bandit Keith - Well you know the drill then, Sparky. Since you hate living here in Canada so much, do us all a favour & get the fuck outta here. And do most definitely let the door knock you flat on your candy ass when you (hopefully) do leave us, as well. Cheers, you panty waisted turncoat.

  15. Xolkyr


  16. ozzy13

    3:32 love that scream


    Jan Kašuka e

  17. Carlos FP

    kardashian metal!! 🤘😆

    René Héroux

    please no

  18. hitlermugabetashtwin

    Must be a fucking buzz if you're Canadian listening to this. Fucking love Canada man. Respect from Bristol.

  19. милош mladenović


  20. John Dee

    Sounds like a HAMMER FROM HELL!!!!

  21. Axel230

    Even when boasting about their metal and insulting softer genres they're polite and awesome about it
    Damn it Canadians!!!


    Except darkthrone is from Norway. Sooooooo

  22. robert neusch

    has a Dayglo Abortions feel


    surprised to not see this comment more ! i agree !

  23. Kade Shrödinger

    fuck Canada

    A Reptile Dysfunction

    +Kade Shrödinger fat.

    Trevo Studen

    without canada there would be no terrance and phillip. Think about that before you make stupid comments.

    Teemu Jaakkola

    Yeah, buddy! (I'm not your buddy, guy! ;)

    Lil Scabby Mane

    trevor maaaku

  24. Willem van Balen


  25. Aith Jawcraig




  26. ArseVomiting

    I think Darkthrone pays tribute to old school canadian bands of course. Isn´t that obvious? To Blasphemy for example.

  27. Kimmo Laine

    Please fuck off and die.

  28. invadernik

    I am Canadian, and I approve this song. X). with horns up, and a tear in the eye, I salute u Darkthrone.

  29. Trein Kaylans


  30. maxime huberto

    The title of the song should have been "Quebecers Metal" because all good bands in Canada are from Québec: Voivod, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Obliveon, Kataklysm... long live free Québec!!

    Hot Dog Storm

    +Sythaz Pantera sucks.

    generic white male

    #QuebecGenocide. #Queerbec. #FailedTwoReferendums. Quebec metal sucks cock.


    maxime huberto
    absolutely NOT it cant be named Métal Québécois because its missing the best band Mononc' Serge & Anonymus here is their latest song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB1wKy1Mu00

    charlie von arawn

    maxime huberto early katakysm* also no blasphemy is from BC

  31. Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana

    I can't believe there are people who actually think that the song is against Canadian metal. He's actually praising the old school Canuck bands like Slaguhter, Piledriver, Razor, Obliveon and Sacrifice. The lyrics mention song titles from those bands, in case some of you didn't notice.

    The line "On your weak sounds (new plastic metal) we will prey..." isn't an insult directed at Canadian metal, but lifeless modern metal in general. So it's more like "(Old school) Canadian metal will prey on your weak plastic metal sounds".

    Also, there are so many actual good metal bands from Canada and people are still mentioning crap like Woods of Ypres.

    Doug Youngman

    Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana No Blasphemy?


    meh Anonymus is far better then those old school metal because its modern metal AND its in French-Canadian here is the latest song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB1wKy1Mu00 only 2 years old

    René Héroux

    Thank you <3

    Martin MP40

    Thanks for the info, Milord



  32. Leandro Nunes

    Fucking awesome! sounds like Piledriver more than another canadian metal bands
    Listen Piledriver and see for yourself!

  33. bongowongowongo

    What... Death Angel are American not Canadian.

  34. LtSphinx

    Don't forget the great black metal bands that are from Canada as well, Blasphemy, Revenge, Conqueror...half the new black metal bands owe something to Blasphemy.

    Cody Southwind

    Spirit of the forest

    Luke Hellwalker

    Pagan Hellfire, Forteresse, Monarque!

  35. LtSphinx

    Always great to see recognition of great Canadian metal, shout out to Thy Flesh Consumed, one of my friends is the vocalist...or was RIP TFC!

  36. scoobydog

    I'm from Canada. let's face it, there is much confusion about metal in Canada. I think wings of metal fest/ the katakombes in montreal is the only one with the right idea these days. and the record store in Toronto that had the best metal section closed down. Sweden rock has a few gay bands, but not as bad as Heavy TO and Heavy MTL.

  37. Garrapaterorulez

    Hail Darkthrone... fuck all posers!!!! \m/

  38. Rex Feral

    You forgot BUNKER 66 !!!!

  39. Ray Lugo

    I dig the Anebix reference in the cover art.

  40. Garrett Strobel

    3:32 baby... 3:32

  41. Phillipe

    Hahaha I gotta look up Sack Blabbath right now.

  42. TheDoomSent

    Darkness fills my mind wen i listen to these guys i love it

  43. Astro Gnome

    Check uot metalmadeincanada dot ca

  44. Garrapaterorulez

    .....sounds like a hammer from HELL!!!!! Hail Darkthrone \m/

  45. WarsenalOfficial

    Check out Warsenal !

  46. Łucja Pecuch

    fuckin love this song

  47. 666777-JFK


  48. Daniel Barros Pinto

    Very close to the old Hellhammer and Celtic frost. Great!!!

  49. Lungorthin

    None of you seem to be mentioning Blasphemy. On of the first Black Metal bands ever and the VERY FIRST canadian Black Metal bands.

  50. kingoftheswing000

    hahaha I'm canadian and I approve this message!

  51. gemeiner neger

    the only thing canadians can do is ice hockey and speed metal.

  52. dante luquez

    raw crust/black

  53. NeutralExistence

    Its a tribute....

  54. fatos güler

    black metalde norveç öncüdür.

  55. AdEnOpAtiA666

    Celtic Frost Renewed!!

  56. daniel linfen

    Solamente cambiaron su estilo... a mi me gustan los dos :P pero entendería si ya no te gustaran, su sonido se volvió muy diferente

  57. shockofhyperbole

    Don't forget Anvil.

  58. Industrialist2015ofUk

    Random song title... i think fenriz is long gone in the head, black metal trend has made him lose the will to live!

  59. diziamonddave

    im wearing an Identify the dead shirt as i type this dont forget inepsy

  60. Taurelion

    Strapping Young Lad + Devin Townsend also.

  61. Azael Mandingo

    BLASPHEMY fuckin assholes.

  62. Andrew Anton

    Hail Canada and Darkthrone \m/

  63. Peter Thom

    You do realise that the title of this album (FOAD - fuck off and die) is aimed at people like you who can't accept anything except kvlt 90's 2nd wave black metal,

  64. Natgeopatrick

    How bout' Rush?

    Jonathan BarSela

    Aren't Metal, but what about Annihilator?

    Cody Southwind

    Its progressive rock turned radio rock

    Brandon Hodder

    They indeed had a lot of metal influences

  65. misanthropic generation

    it kinda sounds like crust

  66. deathronerone


  67. Sigrune BlackMetal


  68. mynickisalreadytaken

    -.- yeah, exactly.....

  69. Santiago

    yeah Canada have many good bands (thrash,death,progressive)

  70. fenrisxiksisigma

    what kind of pussies dared to dislike?

  71. Agz_Skitvarld_77not666

    Take the joke lads to many people offended here! Which is also very funny too!!!

  72. Wesley

    Esoteric Doctrine is from Canada!

  73. Emil Skjold

    Fenriz scream at 3:32 cracks me up hahaha!!!!


    hail Darkthrone

  74. Dave L.

    So Hellhammer. So cool.

  75. Renato Isufaj

    (This is ) Still fucking underground !!!

  76. joethecabdriver


  77. Josemar Soares

    D-Beathrone is better than Darkthrone.

  78. Legate Damar

    Kataklysm, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Voivod, Anvil, Annihilator

  79. jinj0mafia

    @InfiniteObscurity Raventhrone and Godless North are 2 of my favorite canadian bands, and this band "The Dead Musician" who is French but associated with canada

  80. Pretty Normal Media

    @oplopanux, although they aren't really metal anymore...

  81. degentrified

    @shastamcnasta666 Bastardator,Nuclear hammer,Skullfist,Hellacaust,Absolute Grief,Agressor,,Death Angel,Annihilator,Piledriver,Anvil,,Bison,WolvenAncestry,Warmachine,Cephalectomy,Crackwhore,Crypotopsy,Nartok,Fuck the facts,Sargent Slaughter,Ghoulunatics,Gorguts,Mesrine,XplicitNoize,Putresence,Joe Thrasher,Kataklysm,TraumaTism,Neuraxis,Riotor,Sack Blabbath,Sacrifice,Synastry,Striker,THreat Signal,Thy Flesh Consumed,Abuse,Aggression,Angel Grinder,Voivod just to name a couple

  82. shastamcnasta666

    Aggressor, Annihilator, Razor, Cauldron, Goathorn, Skagos, 3 inches of Blood, Exciter, pretty much everyone mentioned these once.

  83. CelestialEnchantments 432

    @Imptheshrimp yer welcome. They're a very kickass band too. I think Darkthrone made them seem less overlooked

  84. Imptheshrimp

    @MetalAttack1986 Thanks for bringing that up. I would never have caught it otherwise, and never learned about Deathhammer.

  85. CelestialEnchantments 432

    hahaha. Deathhammer logo on the dude's jacket!

  86. metalmankeith


  87. bassistdave109

    pyrokinesis n take this torcchhh sounds that fill me with no remooohhhrssseee owwww

  88. Julien Lecroq

    STOooo, on fait du bon boulooooot...C'est ce que Wauquiez réserve aux chômeurs (sans trop exagérer). Idée qu'il a pompé au Royaume-Uni, d'ailleurs.

  89. charvis dean

    good song good song but that hair metal scream or what ever its called fucked it up hahahaha but a good song

  90. CRVZS

    @Dtinva1 Kataklysm, Quo Vadis, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Annihilator... and more...
    Canada has great bands!

  91. Imptheshrimp

    @Dtinva1 There's a shit ton of great canadian metal bands, but Darkthrone's from Norway. However, with all due respect, if you don't even know of Darkthrone, I doubt you're exactly an expert on where good metal is. Also, every country has good metal, every country has shitty metal. That's just how music works.

  92. Kill Your T.V.


  93. develion666

    @Dtinva1 Well it says canadian metal but they're from Norway...But there's still awesome canadian metal bands!